Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's New Today - July 18, 2007

Thank you Doc Danny for discussing what we can expect as we grow older, or maybe it's not just 'expecting' but giving us the explanation why we feel or look this way now that we're in our golden years. This morning, as I looked in the mirrow while drying my hair after taking a shower, I noticed, malapit na rin pala akong gumaya sa iyo doc danny. Manipis na rin ang buhok sa toktok. Buti na lang okey ang angle ng ulo ko sa mga pics that's why it's not very noticeable yet.

Ed's pictures of Metro Manila in the 70s bring nostalgia and again reminds us how old we have become. I clearly remember the Makati in those pictures. That was how Makati looked like when I worked with Bank of America from 1973 to 1979, first at the Dona Narcisa Bldg, then at the BA-Lepanto Bldg. There were still many vacant lots then. Gelarmi Apartment along Ayala Avenue didn't look like a dwarf yet as it is now that it stands among high-rise buildings.

But while reminiscing about the past and being reminded of how much we've aged, the same does not seem to apply to our classmate Glen. She doesn't seem to have aged much as shown in her pictures. She still looks beautiful just like our high school days.

I'm glad that we now have a regular contributor to our blogsite. Thanks Danny boy.

I have the time to work on our blogsite while waiting for my flight back to Manila, which is still at 8:30 pm. Ang tagal pa. Weather is fine now but it wasn't so good yesterday. But I'm already used to riding pump boats and ferries. I don't see life vests in the pump boats . What resembles a life vest is the one in the photos on the left. Mukhang ito na nga iyon, at may styrofoam naman kaya pwedeng lumutang sa tubig.

See you on Friday Manila group, at least most of us can make it.

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Men Venida-Abot said...

Insan, Thank you for sharing this with us. Like they said, "iba na ang tumatanda or should I say, nagkakaedad". We have to face it but we have to accept it gracefully, instead of dwelling on it, let's make the most of it and enjoy every minute while it lasts, di ba? Anyway, thank you.

Toti, I can't believe it, when you were at BoA,I was working at SGV, then Swire & Maclaine at Pacific Bank Bldg., during that time, neighbors pala tayo hindi man lang tayo nagkita, sayang! Ed's pictures of the 70s really brings back memories. Thank you Ed for sharing.

Yong bang vests sa pictures mo eh makaka-save ba naman? Hehehe


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