Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Reposting Ed Canela's Message

Ed wrote this message sometime in May.

" really have started a blog...wonderful. Ok yan Toti...Maybe when I retire I will help you write our small but nonetheless interesting "saga". Our e-group is still at its "Happiness" period, e.g., sharing of the happy moments we have in the past...but the real story of our saga will consist of Happiness and Sadness...Success and Failures. I do not believe that our group suffered the same stereotypical sadness that the babyboomers in the US had...I am sure we are very different! Let us wait till the happiness moment is over and then we will see the darker side...and if we get over this hump, then our group is on forever. I am with you all the way for the blogs, tell me if I could be of help (albeit from a distance). HUgssssss for now."
Ed Canela


I hope we, or rather "I" have gotten over the hump!


I'm in Biliran now attending an assessment workshop of a local NGO-member of our network. The local NGO members are having a workshop now, so I had the chance to post this. I was surprised to find my wireless broadband working here. I may not have the time though to work on something to post tonight.

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Dan dela Fuente said...

Hi Ed,
I don't know when you posted this one. I think I missed it the first time you posted this comment. I wanted to ask you, what do you mean by streotypical sadness that babyboomers in the US is experiencing or had experienced. Can you enlighten an inquiring mind about the similarity or difference of what you termed streotypical sadness that you feel will not happen to our egroup. As far as I know, some of us might not be able to post omments as regular as others may be, but to be sad about our having a blogsite, that I can't understand.
I can't also see what dark side we may expect to happen... please enlighten me, Mr. Ed.

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