Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Clips of Makati Get-together last Feb 23

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Slide Show Presented during Sor Victorina's 100th Birthday

This is the slide show which DPS Class 67 presented during the program in celebration of Sor Victorina/Sis Vicky's Centennial Birthday (or 99 yrs based on official records.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010







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Thank you from Chi-Chi

To All My Classmates From DPS '67:

There are no words best to say except that I was very happy to know that most of you still remember me as I was in Elementary and High School years. I really enjoyed the company ,the laughter, the memories and of course, the Authentic Filipino Foods that I miss so much. Thank you for the welcome and despedida party you all gave us in Daet and Makati Greenbelt as well. I will treasure it as long as I live.
If anyone noticed that my pictures from High School are not included, can I ask someone who still have a copy of the yearbook? So that my face will appear in the 1967 and 2010 individual pictures. As you see, even some pictures of those who passed away were included. I will really appreciate that if anyone can give it to Toti. If I have the time to look for some old photos, I will send some to Toti. Although, it will take a while, pardon me, I honestly do not know where to find them.
Last 1987, I saw very few of you, if I am not mistaken, I think they were Yoly, Anabelle, Mendy and Estring. I also went back to the Philippines last 2000, when my mother turned 80 years old. Then it was followed in 2005 and 2006, when I took care of my dying mom. Then I saw some of you in my mom's funeral. I did not have the chance to thank you all who expressed their sympathy who came personally and thanks once again for the flowers that the DPS Class '67 sent. I also want to express my deepest sympathy to Men's husband Rene, Tiong Digoy, the brother in law of Toti, and to the husband of Anabelle, and the recent death of Jose Mari Chavez. May God bless their souls. I am not very sure if I can still travel, as my Diabetes complications are getting out of control. All my vital organs are already affected. Insulins like Humalog and Lantus Glargine do not affect that much anymore because I developed a resistance to insulin. If God permits me to see you all again, then it is a blessing. I love you all deep from my heart with sincerity......



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Monday, March 15, 2010

Centenary Birthday Celebration of Sor Victorina

Bert, here are the pictures of the Birthday Celebration of Sor Victorina aka Sister Vicky aka Sister Naning.

Above is the invitation we prepared for the occasion.

Take note of what's written, "From LCC-DPS-Daet Batch 1967

The event was held on a Wednesday afternoon. Only the four of us - Ate Marynat, Alot, Lina and myself plus of course, Sis. Tere were able to make it. Only Lina was able to catch portion of the mass which was supposed to have started at 3:30 pm. I was late but I already told Sis Tere that I couldn't attend the mass because I would be coming from the office in Quezon City.

I was still in the office when Ate Marynat called and let Sis Tere speak with me. She wanted me to come pronto because I will present the slide show of Sister Vicky. I arrived before 6 pm. The hall was filled with people. Our batch was seated in the table in front, near the sound system, screen, and other museum-appropriate LCD and CD player. So I had to walk pass the other tables as Sis Tere was announcing that this is "___ " from batch 67, he is still SINGLE until now! Of all the things that could be said ........ she was able to elicit laughter, at my expense. In all the visits that we had, this madre never fails to ask, "why aren't you married, let's talk about that". Malapit ng "mapuno ang salop, gaya ng sabi ni FPJ" at baka "maghalo na ang balat sa tinalupan". Joke lang, the madre means no harm, kasalanan ni Bert yan, di niya nabigyan ng regalo, kaya kulang sa coconut.

Sori po, let's get back to the celebration. Aside from batch 67, there was also a delegation from Batch 60, which is having their Golden Jubilee. I don't know anyone of them and we did not have a chance to talk because their table was several tables away from us.

Ate Marynat delivered a message on behalf of our class. After several attempts to show the slideshow using my laptop (to no avail), we finally succeeded using the antique CD player (good thing I already copied the slideslow in Rudy's DVD).

Other groups presented numbers - songs and dances to entertain Sis Vicky and the guests. With prodding from the caregiver, Sis Vicky/Sor Victorina managed to do "Nobody, nobody but you!" with her hands.

Most of the sisters had "lobos" on their head. Mukhang mahilig sila sa mga lobo..... Careful, ayaw ng CBCP niyan!

Sor Victorina's youngest sister, the woman wearing red printed dress in the pictures in the gallery, talked about her life with Sor Victorina and thanked the guests and the nuns for showing their love for her sister.

The head of the Augustinian sisters also spoke and gave honor to Sis Vicky and thanked the guests.

Several of the sisters were like Sor Victorina, were already old and weak and were sitted in wheelchairs. They were laughing and were truly enjoying the presentations. It was a happy occasion, but honestly, I felt sad looking at the old sisters. It made me once again tell myself or tell God, I don't want to reach that age. But until what age I want to reach,.... I don't know.

It was past 7 pm when the happy/sad occasion ended. We (Alot, Lina, and I) all took a ride with Ate Marynat (We took Ate Marynat for a ride!). Alot got off at Robinson's galeria. Magpapa-pick up siya (kay Ric). Lina and I got off at Shaw Blvd.

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