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Video Clips of Makati Get-together last Feb 23

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Slide Show Presented during Sor Victorina's 100th Birthday

This is the slide show which DPS Class 67 presented during the program in celebration of Sor Victorina/Sis Vicky's Centennial Birthday (or 99 yrs based on official records.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010







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Thank you from Chi-Chi

To All My Classmates From DPS '67:

There are no words best to say except that I was very happy to know that most of you still remember me as I was in Elementary and High School years. I really enjoyed the company ,the laughter, the memories and of course, the Authentic Filipino Foods that I miss so much. Thank you for the welcome and despedida party you all gave us in Daet and Makati Greenbelt as well. I will treasure it as long as I live.
If anyone noticed that my pictures from High School are not included, can I ask someone who still have a copy of the yearbook? So that my face will appear in the 1967 and 2010 individual pictures. As you see, even some pictures of those who passed away were included. I will really appreciate that if anyone can give it to Toti. If I have the time to look for some old photos, I will send some to Toti. Although, it will take a while, pardon me, I honestly do not know where to find them.
Last 1987, I saw very few of you, if I am not mistaken, I think they were Yoly, Anabelle, Mendy and Estring. I also went back to the Philippines last 2000, when my mother turned 80 years old. Then it was followed in 2005 and 2006, when I took care of my dying mom. Then I saw some of you in my mom's funeral. I did not have the chance to thank you all who expressed their sympathy who came personally and thanks once again for the flowers that the DPS Class '67 sent. I also want to express my deepest sympathy to Men's husband Rene, Tiong Digoy, the brother in law of Toti, and to the husband of Anabelle, and the recent death of Jose Mari Chavez. May God bless their souls. I am not very sure if I can still travel, as my Diabetes complications are getting out of control. All my vital organs are already affected. Insulins like Humalog and Lantus Glargine do not affect that much anymore because I developed a resistance to insulin. If God permits me to see you all again, then it is a blessing. I love you all deep from my heart with sincerity......



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Monday, March 15, 2010

Centenary Birthday Celebration of Sor Victorina

Bert, here are the pictures of the Birthday Celebration of Sor Victorina aka Sister Vicky aka Sister Naning.

Above is the invitation we prepared for the occasion.

Take note of what's written, "From LCC-DPS-Daet Batch 1967

The event was held on a Wednesday afternoon. Only the four of us - Ate Marynat, Alot, Lina and myself plus of course, Sis. Tere were able to make it. Only Lina was able to catch portion of the mass which was supposed to have started at 3:30 pm. I was late but I already told Sis Tere that I couldn't attend the mass because I would be coming from the office in Quezon City.

I was still in the office when Ate Marynat called and let Sis Tere speak with me. She wanted me to come pronto because I will present the slide show of Sister Vicky. I arrived before 6 pm. The hall was filled with people. Our batch was seated in the table in front, near the sound system, screen, and other museum-appropriate LCD and CD player. So I had to walk pass the other tables as Sis Tere was announcing that this is "___ " from batch 67, he is still SINGLE until now! Of all the things that could be said ........ she was able to elicit laughter, at my expense. In all the visits that we had, this madre never fails to ask, "why aren't you married, let's talk about that". Malapit ng "mapuno ang salop, gaya ng sabi ni FPJ" at baka "maghalo na ang balat sa tinalupan". Joke lang, the madre means no harm, kasalanan ni Bert yan, di niya nabigyan ng regalo, kaya kulang sa coconut.

Sori po, let's get back to the celebration. Aside from batch 67, there was also a delegation from Batch 60, which is having their Golden Jubilee. I don't know anyone of them and we did not have a chance to talk because their table was several tables away from us.

Ate Marynat delivered a message on behalf of our class. After several attempts to show the slideshow using my laptop (to no avail), we finally succeeded using the antique CD player (good thing I already copied the slideslow in Rudy's DVD).

Other groups presented numbers - songs and dances to entertain Sis Vicky and the guests. With prodding from the caregiver, Sis Vicky/Sor Victorina managed to do "Nobody, nobody but you!" with her hands.

Most of the sisters had "lobos" on their head. Mukhang mahilig sila sa mga lobo..... Careful, ayaw ng CBCP niyan!

Sor Victorina's youngest sister, the woman wearing red printed dress in the pictures in the gallery, talked about her life with Sor Victorina and thanked the guests and the nuns for showing their love for her sister.

The head of the Augustinian sisters also spoke and gave honor to Sis Vicky and thanked the guests.

Several of the sisters were like Sor Victorina, were already old and weak and were sitted in wheelchairs. They were laughing and were truly enjoying the presentations. It was a happy occasion, but honestly, I felt sad looking at the old sisters. It made me once again tell myself or tell God, I don't want to reach that age. But until what age I want to reach,.... I don't know.

It was past 7 pm when the happy/sad occasion ended. We (Alot, Lina, and I) all took a ride with Ate Marynat (We took Ate Marynat for a ride!). Alot got off at Robinson's galeria. Magpapa-pick up siya (kay Ric). Lina and I got off at Shaw Blvd.

For the complete set of pictures, go to the link below:

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pictures of the Send-off Dinner for Marybeth & Willy and Welcome Party for Chi-Chi

I can't write an account of these two events since I have already left for Manila when they happened.

For the complete set of pictures, go to the link below:

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Complete set of pictures of the Welcome Dinner - February 5, 2010

Ano sa tingin ninyo mga pare ko, manalo na kaya ako sa lotto? Pagnanalo, di lang dito ang reunion natin, mag-A-Asian Cruise tayo! - efren
Pag-dai, sagkod Mangcruz lang kita kaiyan - fely j
Ay di maghagad kitang tip kay mading susan, ta maswerte ito sa bingo! - elmer

Yan ang tamang ngirit, simple lang, matipid.

Ma-antipara nguna ako ta baka madugi kan barbecue, mahidap na.

Ano ta napagdidiskitahan ni Maning si Estring?

Hawak ko sa aking kamay ang aking kinabukasan - Maning.

For the complete set of pictures, visit the link below

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Complete set of pictures of the Class Outing, Feb 6, 2010

At Bagasbas Beach, with the kite boarders in the background. Beautiful!

Mukhasssiimmmmm talaga! maharang pa!

Boboy is not leading a serious focus group discussion. This is actually story-telling ... a lie.

For the complete set of pictures, visit

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Party Tonight (February 6, 2010)

DPS Class 67 Socials, February 6, 2010

At the compound of Dorset's residence in
Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte

Go, go, go Girls!

Nagpundo na ako pag-inom nin beer. Inaamoy ko lang saka hinihiling ko kung pareho pa ang lasa!

Ano mga padi, okay man ang stolen shot sako?

If you want to see the complete set of pictures during the socials, click the link below:

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Monday, March 1, 2010


On March 10, Sor Victorina will be celebrating her 99th Birthday (not 100 as everyone including the Congregation, earlier thought so... They checked the birth records of Sor Victorina and found out, she'll just be 99 this coming Wednesday ("just" doesn't seem to be the appropriate word). Nonetheless, the Augustinians will give her a big celebration as they are not sure if she'll still be around next year. She has grown much weaker now, compared to last year when she celebrated her "first" 99th birthday.


IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE CELEBRATION (Tentatively to start at 4 pm with a mass at the La Consolacion Convent in Santolan Road, Pinaglabanan, San Juan City), and you want to bring some food, gifts, or some cash donation, please contact Sis. Teresita Azanes at 09213119618.

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Thanks for the short messages Senyor Joe. It's heartening to know that you still find the time to scribble some notes even when you're dead-tired (oops.... bad words).... when you're exhausted.

I didn't find the time to write posts for the blog and the facebook this weekend. I'll do it within the week. Find out .... WHY WE MISSED SENYOR JOE SO MUCH DURING THE MAKATI GET-TOGETHER..... more than we missed Danny and the rest......

PREMATURE E.... and other X-rated anecdotes of the not-so-wholesome Boboy (not for GP).

Last night, Efren Mago and Felino J (is he a relative of Fely J?) called me up. The boys were having a get-together in Maning's place (read as TOMAAN). Boboy was also there. They said (apart from Boboy) that they wished they were present in the Makati-get-together. By the way, they came from JoeC's wake. Joe (his ashes) will be buried today.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lyn~

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures of the Makati Get-Together

Ate Marynat wanted to see the pictures of the Makati get-together so much that she was finally able to open her email to check if these were already posted. That’s what we call “atat-na-atat”. And so she was disappointed to find out that they weren’t there yet.

I found the time this early morning to do some resizing and cropping of the pictures. By the way, all the shots were taken by our adopted classmate Willy, the self-designated documentor-official photographer. As a result, he himself is not in any of the photos taken during the Makati get-together. I brought my camera, but it was again a disaster. I still am not used to it. My old Samsung digital camera, which conked out after 6 years of use and abuse was much easier to manipulate. I promise that by next year, I would have mastered the art of taking pictures using this camera. That is, unless, it doesn’t get lost before the next occasion.

So finally, Ate Marynat, you can view the photos by ‘clicking’ the link below. If there are problems, visit our website and go to the photo gallery, or open a facebook account. Paalala lang, "pag-gustong-gusto mo daw yong picture mo, hindi mo yon kamukha. Pag-ayaw mo nung kuha sayo, yun ang kamukha mo!" Joke lang po!

Would you like to see Sis Tere being kissed by Boboy Ong, not once but twice? Madre mia! Que horror! Ma-eskandalo si Sor Victorina!

Actually you won’t. But that shouldn’t disappoint you. What’s in it anyway? A kiss is just a kiss. There are many more exciting pictures than that. Aside from what's posted here, there are many, many more still for posting - those taken at K-Sarap, at Marybeth's residence in Daet, and pictures of the Feb 5-6 Reunion. In due time..... dahan-dahan lang, mahina ang kalaban.


February 23, 2010
Fely J's and Merck's
Greenbelt 5, Makati City

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Latest on Joe Chavez's untimely death

Mendy and Emily have gone to Joe's wake and Mendy relayed this news.

Joe was bitten by a dog last November. Apparently, few people knew about it and he did not seek any medical treatment for it. So, it was not a case of having eaten dog meat for "pollutant".

The rabies virus had a long incubation period. Probably at the time of our reunion, the virus that was traveling along Joe's nerves was already nearing his central nervous system. At least, it took its time and allowed Joe to see us and enjoy his last class reunion.

I mentioned in my account of the welcome dinner that I noticed the "spirituality" in JoeC. He said that before he goes to sleep he prays to "Bro" (that's how the child actor in the very popular teleserye, "May Bukas Pa", called Christ/God) and leaves to Bro everything that could happen to him while asleep. Then, upon waking up, he thanks "Bro" for giving him another day. I hope he continued with this practice until the very last.

We really don't know when our time will also come. Only Bro knows. So we have to be prepared. Una-una lang, but eventually, we will have full attendance in our class reunion somewhere. I'm not too eager to have that yet, though. I'm satisfied with having annual reunion in Daet or Metro Manila with even just 50% or less attendance.

Again, we are one in praying that Joe will find his peace and joy and final home in God's kingdom.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watch Out

Soon to be uploaded at Picasa photo gallery and Facebook are all the pictures taken by Willy of the February 5 and 6 Class Reunion, Send-off Dinner at K Sarap, Welcome party for Chi-Chi and the Get Together in Manila yesterday. Full account of yesterday's event will also be posted soon.

For the information of our foreign-based classmates, we had more than a hundred percent attendance of those targeted. All 17 who were invited came to the get-together and in addition, there were two guests brought in by Ebo when we transfered to Merck's ( a music lounge) after dinner. They were Carlos Grecia and Mita Llanes. For many, it was their first time in a long, long while to see Chi-Chi and Sister Tere and Marynat (in the case of Boboy Ong).

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In Memory of Joe Chavez

JOSE CHAVEZ - March 19 - February 21, 2010

photos of Joe smiling, but his eyes look sad.

We received the sad news that Joe Chavez died last Sunday, Feb 21, 2010 in Cavite. Reports relayed to us mentions the cause of death as rabies caused by Joe's eating dog meat (obviously the dog must have rabies). It's not clear, however, when this happened since the effect would not have been instantaneous.

His body will be cremated in Cavite and his ashes will be brought to Daet. No specific dates announced yet.

Let's all offer prayers for the eternal repose of his soul. We hope that he'll finally find peace and a true home in the Kingdom of God.

Below are pictures of joe with classmates during the February 5 and 6, 2010
Class Reunion in Daet, Camarines Norte.

both solo pictures of Joe and the class reunion pictures were taken by Willy Bautista

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

43rd Year Class Reunion Socials - Feb 6, 2010

The group attended the anticipated mass at St. Joseph’s Chapel in Lag-on at 6:30 pm. (I noticed on the way to the Chapel, just a few hundred meters away, there was a store or a shop with the signboard “Lehman Bros”. Wow, big time na an Daet). After the mass, we headed back to Dorset’s residence in Bagasbas. Ebo, Willy, Felino, Mendy and Remo brought their vehicles and those were enough to transport the members. Boboy rode his motorcycle.

When we reached Dorset’s place, the band was still busy setting up their instruments in a covered portion outside the house. Remo brought the tables and chairs and we helped set them up on the grounds outside Dorset’s house. In a little while the class members were already sitted and bottles of ice-cold san-mig lights were passed around. Willy and Marybeth brought the “stateside” drinks. The band led by Felix Abano (Anabelle’s brother) started singing 60s and 70s tunes. Maning’s lechon came. There was enough crispy balat for everyone who wanted to stay young. We had plenty of cholesterol for pollutants. Food from Kingfisher’s arrived and Mendy was again busy setting them up on the bigger table. I can no longer recall what the food consisted of (senior moments or i’m just not too particular about the food).

Estring Asis and Tita (Teresita Quinones-Cadag) were no longer able to attend the socials, while Adonis Bertillo who was not around in the other activities due to an appointment in Bagacay, Camarines Sur was able to make it. Adonis - (beautiful name, kung sa babae, pareho man kan “Lovely” - dai gabos binabagayan ka iyan - maray na lang ta si Adonis ta pogi man, problema kun naging kalalawgon ni Max o Martin – Alvarado/Marfil, tapos aapudon mo, hi Adonis!). Estring couldn’t make it because she was not allowed by her strict mother to go out unchaperoned, joke lang. It was her turn to take care of her 80+ or is it 90+ yr old mother since the caregiver took the day off. Tita had to take care of her apo.

In a little while, the ladies were dancing maski pops on the grounds, may mga duot-duot pa, garo pabayle ni kapitan sa barrio, pero enjoy! Maray ta mga babaeng cowboys man si mga girls ta. But it would be hard to imagine Nemia/Baby nagti-twist sa daga na may duot. Among the guys, HATAW si Felino! He did not only sing, he danced ala-DI, mayong panama si John Travolta. Pati attire niyang all black – DI na DI ang dating.

Remo was the first to sing. Adonis did several duets with Felino, Boy Rios sang solo while Boboy jammed with the band.

Then there was clamor for Marybeth to sing “Downtown”. She must have sang this in the 2008 reunion, kaya tumatak na sa mga fans. This time, it wasn’t downtown that she first sang. Instead it was a sentimental song – “Crazy” ..... i’m crazy for feeling so lonely....... crazy for feeling so blue .... “ sang ala-Barbra Streissand, naks! But far from feeling or looking lonely or blue, Marybeth should be giving seminars on the Art of aging gracefully. She looks radiant and regal. Maybe it’s in the genes (I saw her Mommy Beth in Daet, and like Marybeth, she looked much younger than her age). But it must have something to do not just with the body but with the mind and spirit..... having inner peace.... She should start writing about this.

I heard the band say that somebody requested for “Bikining Itim”. ..... but nobody knew the lyrics.... I wasn’t the one who requested the song. But it became my sort of favorite novelty song when I heard a “band” as in bandang pang-parada play it in Naga City..... the tune is playful and the lyrics naughty ..... “ang iniingat-ingatan ko, kaisa-isang bikini mo, na tinatago-tago ko pa at katabi sa pagtulog ko...ako’y dumadalangin na kahit manawari, huwag sanang sungkitin bikini mong itim na alay mo sa ‘kin”.

Another sentimental songstress, Mona, belted out the song “Twilight Time” – heavenly shades of night are falling, it’s twilight time..... out of the mist your voice is calling..... I was able to catch a portion of that song on video. Just listen to the voice because for the most part, all you’ll see are dark shots.... i was trying to adjust my camera but forgot how.....

Yoly and Fechie were the dancing queens of the night. Emily and Mona, danced too. Several of the guys did not loosen up and hesitated to ask the ladies, “May I dance over you”. Kwento-kwento na lang while drinking. Maray ta nag-sunod man kay Mommy Dioneysia na nagsabi sa Ginebra commercial – MANNY! Dapat.... may polotan!

In between songs, Boboy was able to make a few privilege speeches, thanking several persons but almost always forgetting until reminded to thank Dorset, the host of the day’s activities. I also heard him thank me for being the “nerve center” (the NERVE!...... he, he, joke lang Boboy! I don’t know what it really means. I’m just a messenger who delivers and facilitates communication among the members).

Around 12 midnight, the band played their last song, and we started clearing up the place – putting empty bottles of beer back to their cases, folding up the tables, stacking up the mono-block chairs, picking up the litters, “balotizing” the left-overs, etc. Masupog man kay Dorset na basta bayaan si mga kalat.

I rode with Ebo together with the brothers Alito and Pepe. Boy Rios, Adonis, and I’m not sure which other guys rode with Felino, who I could hear was shouting, asking me to join them. Bitin pa and I’m sure may lakaw pa ang mga ito. Boy was leaving for Manila at 6 am, so he could stay awake the rest of the night (or early morning) and just sleep in the bus. I was already in the hospital (bantay sa brod ko) when I received Felino’s text asking for Boboy’s contact number. Hmmmm..... mahagad nin tip kun sain marhay magduman.......

It was truly an enjoyable night, again thanks to the Daet core group – Mendy, Remo, Dra. Yoly, (by the way tulo na ang doctor ta sa klase!), Boboy, Maning, and our host Dorset.


There was a send-off dinner for Marybeth and Willy at K-Sarap on Wed evening, then another gathering the following night for Chi-Chi Venida at Marybeth’s place. Manila group will be hosting a dinner on Tuesday, Feb 23 in Makati.

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Image by kKimpel from the Digital Photography School

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43rd Year Class Reunion Socials - Feb 6, 2010

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and HAPPY VALENTINES

This first message is still about the re-union. Madrama pala ang mga macho gwapito nating classmates.

"Kay sarap gunitain masayang reunion natin, ngayo'y alaala na lamang ang naiwan ng isang masiglang pagdiriwang. Sana'y bigyan pa tayo ng mahabang buhay ng Diyos na sa atin ay pumapatnubay, upang paggalang at pagmamahal natin sa isa't isa ay pagbukluring muli ng isang re-uniong pagsasama-sama." - Boy Rios

Cheesy! Grabe, ibang level na..... magGreenwich muna tayo mga pre!

Boboy says he is not endorsing presidentiable you know who. This picture was taken two years ago, before the 2010 election season started. His message for today's Valentine's Day:

"It's Nice To Be With You", a song popularized by the monkees during our heydays. It's Valentine's Day and allow me to greet you my dear classmates a Happy Valentine's Day. May you always feel young at heart, regards and God Bless You always." - Boboy

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Post-Reunion Messages

While completing the final chapter of the DPS Class 67 43rd Yr Reunion write-up, I'd like to share text messages sent by some of our classmates:

Please extend my thanks to all. I enjoyed the reunion. God Bless. - Dra. Yoly

Being with all of you is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'll be missing you, good luck, good health, God bless you. I love you all. - Boy Rios

I always look forward to our reunions and cherish each moment of it after, till our next one. Take care and God bless dear friends. - Marybeth

I'm still awaiting the send-off messages of manny (abogado), feli-noynoy (jacobo), bro. eddie C, gibong zano and the rest.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

DPS Class 67 - 43rd Year Class Reunion - Outing

For those without Facebook account, see some pictures of the outing by clicking the link below: (the more beautiful pictures taken by Willy will be posted later).

It was a fine Saturday morning for the Class outing. The sun was up, the skies were clear. The heat was still bearable. Initially, Little Tagaytay located in the direction of Basud was the venue of the outing. The Daet working group decided to change it to Bagasbas, when they found out that the road leading to the place was bad. Mendy requested Dorset to be the host, and luckily he agreed. Food would be brought in from Louie’s (the same Louie’s of our high school days). An added attraction would be the ongoing International Kite Boarding Festival (although the actual competition day was on Sunday).

Everyone was supposed to just go directly to Dorset’s residence at nine thirty am. But since it was just a time for tsikahan, with no specific agenda or schedule of activities, people initially came in trickles. Remo and Joe Chavez (again) were the earliest to come. Remo brought the sticky hinalo. Toti (that’s me) came next. Hmm, good track record so far. Estring, Millet Mila and Emily were also among the early birds. I showed them class pictures from my laptop, including the Nobody, nobody video, and Sor Victorina’s pictures taken on her 99th birthday. Aliw na aliw si Estring.

Several came wearing the “Oragon pa ini”, 2008 T-shirt courtesy of Fechie, (just as some did during the welcome dinner). I failed to bring mine. Elmer and Anabelle couldn’t make it anymore on the second day of the reunion. They had previous commitments so they had to leave early. Elmer went home to Nabua, Camarines Sur (do you know that his wife is a relative of Ate Guy?) while Anabelle went back to Penaranda, Nueva Ecija for her early Sunday morning commitment in the church. How nice of them to have travelled far even just for the welcome dinner!

Alito Yadao who was absent the previous evening arrived. He said he wasn’t notified about the welcome dinner. Tita Quinones-Cadag, also missing in the welcome dinner, came with a granddaughter in tow.

Mendy came just to drop the other ladies but had to go back to Louie’s to get the food. Boboy came straight from the awarding ceremonies of the Palarong Bikol. He received the award wearing the DPS Class 67 Oragon pa Ini T-shirt. (I will be posting his picture and news clipping on the Cam Norte victory).

Ebo Lukban came with his elder brother, Miguel, a good friend of Dorset. Miguel is still recovering from a stroke.

Felino came with a bottle of his home-made sawsawan of suka and siling labuyo (mayo pa itong spicy pili nut candies). Others such as Marybeth and Willy, Fechie, Dra. Yoly, Mona, Boy Rios, Joe Yadao, and other Vinzonians Jebong and Efren were accounted for. Of course, Dorset, as the gracious host was there. Willy continued with his self-assigned task as documentor of the activity.

Maning Abogado came bringing his ‘aphrodisiacally’ delicious soup No. 5. The matador was lucky that day, so that was the bull’s balls and b_ _ o , and not his. For a while, the topic turned to aphrodisiacs. Iba-ibang kwento about other concoctions. Willy said that there was one which was really, really effective. It can make you real hard, as hard as you can possibly get. But the liquid formula came from makahiya essence. So the partner can feast her eyes as long as she wanted but shouldn’t make the mistake of touching it. Else, just like the makahiya leaves............ ayayayyyyy!

There was plenty of food...... inihaw na baboy, sugpo, tinumok, frankly I cannot recall the others. May hinalo, angko, and tipong for snacks. I realized that I didn’t take any picture of the food. Perhaps my sub-conscious was just taking a health advice more seriously – that in gatherings, there should be less emphasis on the food. Enjoy the food, take it slowly and savour more the company and the conversations.

Drinking started much earlier than the eating. There was beer, but the imported hard drinks from Dorset’s bar were the main fare – I also had several shots although I still didn’t know whether it was a scotch or a whisky, what's the difference anyway? I’m sure it wasn’t gin or vodka. (Willy’s wine and liquor were reserved for the socials.) Some of the ladies were worried that most of the guys would already be drunk when they attend the 6:30 pm mass.

After lunch, drinking continued at the back of Dorset’s house where the food and drinks were laid. Majority were however, sitted on the grounds outside (garo baga ma-focus group discussion) reminiscing about the past. Natural bangka for this bolahan are boboy ong and boy rios. Ed C wasn’t there, but he was remembered for the Tagas escapade after the graduation. It was Ed C whom the Vinzonians saw on their way home entering the cabaret. (by the way, mayo nang Tagas ngunyan, malumoy na daa.)

Felino was turning out to be makulit. He said he hadn’t lost hope that there would be classmates who would end up with each other. Aram ko na ang tinutumbok ni Felino, I just kept on smiling, which made Felino say na hilam man daa ang ngirit ko. He continued with his pangangantiyaw, maluya kaya daa ang manok ninda, still no reaction, just smiled and smiled until he had to move on to another topic.

Most of the recollections were about the kalokohan in high school days – like the different ways of cheating successfully – using the feet to open the book, which was laid on the floor, preparing a codigo ala-lastilyas sa jueteng and putting it inside the shirt pocket. The late Rabinder Idnani was also recalled for catching students cutting classes to watch movies.

There were many other funny anecdotes I couldn’t now recall that kept everyone laughing. There was no serious discussion or sharing about what one is currently busy with. That was done in side conversations but not shared with the bigger group.

Unavoidable as years pass by is counting the number of those who have passed away ahead of us. This directed the talks to the need for more frequent class reunions. After some discussion, the group arrived at the consensus to hold a yearly class reunion, a simple gathering without the big preparations. Those who are available, whether coming from Manila or abroad, will gather in Daet every first Saturday of February (mayong maghapot ha kung anong aldaw yan – pirmi ng Sabado iyan mapatak, baka arog kan iba, mahapot pa kung anong aldaw mapatak ang Good Friday, delikado pag Martes!). Though simple, this will still need a core group that would remind the class of the agreed schedule, determine the number of attendees, select the venue, make the reservation, and pay the deposit.

Earlier, a decision was also made to hold the socials also in Dorset’s place, instead of the Kingfisher, which they said was too small, since we would be having a live band (courtesy of Dra. Yoly) and people would be dancing. It was actually a big hassle for Dorset who had to contact electricians who would set up connections for the lights and sound system at the roof deck. (When the band arrived, however, in the evening, they requested that these be put on the grounds, instead. Since the deck didn’t have any cover (no roof, no walls), they were afraid that they would lose their voices or catch pneumonia.)

Around 4 pm, the group decided to disperse

The group attended the anticipated mass at the St. Joseph’s chapel in Lag-on celebrated by Fr. Villania at 6:30 pm. From the Chapel, the group proceed to Dorset's residence in Bagasbas.

Coming Up next ..... The Socials

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