Monday, March 1, 2010


Thanks for the short messages Senyor Joe. It's heartening to know that you still find the time to scribble some notes even when you're dead-tired (oops.... bad words).... when you're exhausted.

I didn't find the time to write posts for the blog and the facebook this weekend. I'll do it within the week. Find out .... WHY WE MISSED SENYOR JOE SO MUCH DURING THE MAKATI GET-TOGETHER..... more than we missed Danny and the rest......

PREMATURE E.... and other X-rated anecdotes of the not-so-wholesome Boboy (not for GP).

Last night, Efren Mago and Felino J (is he a relative of Fely J?) called me up. The boys were having a get-together in Maning's place (read as TOMAAN). Boboy was also there. They said (apart from Boboy) that they wished they were present in the Makati-get-together. By the way, they came from JoeC's wake. Joe (his ashes) will be buried today.

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