Sunday, May 27, 2007

Calaguas Island

Golden heritage
By Dexter R. Matilla

Last updated 00:45am (Mla time)
MANILA, Philippines -

Camarines Norte has billed itself as the "Land of Gold and Golden Opportunities," perhaps winking at its reputation for having gold resources.

But the gold could lie elsewhere. It could lie, for example, in the natural and cultural riches of the province.

The province's potential is seen on Calaguas Island, which has a beach that's boasted as better than Boracay's.

Artist Joaquin Palencia, who hails from Camarines Norte, pointed to the fine white sand of Calaguas. It is a rare virgin island worth the two-hour boat ride from the capital city of Daet.

Calaguas may look surreal at first glimpse. The main beach is called "Mahabang Buhangin," referring to the island's extremely long beach length.

The crystal-clear water stretches offshore and the waves are perfect for surfing. There are no resorts to be found but there are a few friendly locals willing to help guests set up camp.
A day is obviously not enough to enjoy Calaguas, but it is not the only attraction offered by Camarines Norte.

Tourists can visit Vinzons Catholic Church, said to be one of the oldest in the country. It contains a replica of the Black Nazarene, which is honored during the Capalonga fiesta.

For those who don't like the idea of going on a two-hour boat ride to Calaguas, there is the Bagasbas beach, about five kilometers from downtown Daet. The white-sand beach passed the international surfing standard of the Department of Tourism. It is an exceptional place for swimming and picnic.

Camarines Norte also produces some of the sweetest queen pineapples in the country. This must have been the inspiration behind the Pineapple Island resort, a one-of-a-kind waterpark in Bicol suited to family getaways.

During a courtesy call of the media, Gov. Jesus Typoco and Rep. Renato Unico Jr. expressed their optimism about the potential of Camarines Norte to become a top tourist destination in the country.

Considered as the gateway to the Bicol region, the province has a lot to offer especially to those who are looking for something new and are seeking adventure, tired of the overcrowded summer beach destinations.

Friday, May 04, 2007
For more pictures, go to:

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello and Thanks for the Blog

I was sooo excited to check the blog site upon its emergence. And just like most of you, I have not posted any comments as I was overwhelmed with the organization and chronology of it all. As a matter of fact, up to writing time, I still have not finished reading them all. They were so fascinating, entertaining, amusing and everything one needs to be connected and updated. Sobra na ang bilib ko sa ating cyber/super hero na si Toti! Galingan mo pa Toti baka lalong humanga ako at baka ma-in love tuloy! Sige ka! (He-he-he. Joke lang po. Toti, wag mapikon ha?) Seriously, my deepest gratitude to you for the tremendous effort and time you put in this in order for us to get connected. You are awesome! Thank you. Pls. don 't give up on this, ok?

In case you have not noticed, I had been silent on-line recently but remained very busy checking your emails daily. Honestly, I just couldn't put myself into the right mood to make responses. I was a bbit under the weather due to a flare up of gout. Iba na ang tumatanda. Maraming ng dumarating sa buhay. Sana lalaki na lang, ok pa! (he--he!) I'm a bit better now and maybe I can go back to work soon. My other major hurdle in not being able to reply is I am having my house remodeled and my focus is on the construction and the inconveniences it is causing me. I have no funtional kitchen right now so I have to content myself with frozen tv dinners for meals or go out to fast food places. Sira tuloy ang aking diet regimen. My car too had to be parked outside of the garage and it is always dusty. Hay nako!!!! I can't wait for it to get completed hopefully in early August.

Rudy-were are you now? Have not heard from you.... Pls. let the US based members know your next schedule to SF so we can plan our next CA reunion.

Violeta and Danny- did you receive the parcels I sent you? Hope you're enjoying them now.

Ed-you certainly had become a giant amongst us! International figure ka na! Congratulations and we are very proud of you. We feel your successes too. Great job!

Men-nasan na ang lawyer na reto mo? Lanta na ang beauty ko! I'm waitingggg. Ha-ha-ha! (Joke po uli!).

Marybeth and Willy-are you recovered from your tropical Hawaiian holiday now? Any big plans this coming Memorial weekend? Me? I would have gone to Cache Creek Casino if I am not doing this expensive remodeling. I think I'll just go to nearby beaches or maybe to Monterey. Baka nasa dagat ang kapalaran ko. Ay naku! Tsokoy pala! Ha-ha-ha!

I will be gooing to Bohol, Phil again on June 2 to 9 for another medical mission work. Hopefully, I can squeeze a visit to Daet during this short trip and meet our classmates there again. I'll send photos if it happens. So stay in touch.

This is getting very lenghty now so I'll save more updates for the next posting.

My best to all of you and stay healthy always.


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Funny Photos, Cartoons


These are 7 pictures of (European) semi-trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing and the products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back.

The first one is of a bottle of beer and looks so real, like it is coming out the side of the trailer.

The second is of canvas tote bag.

The third is of Pepsi cases and they are all stacked on the ceiling, and the bottom of the trailer is empty.

The fourth is of another truck with the windshield facing the back and there has been a driver painted in the driver's seat looking back over his shoulder to appear like he is driving backwards.

The fifth one is of an aquarium with fish swimming in it.

The sixth one is of a bookshelf with books lined up in it and a post-it-note with an advertisement on it, probably for the company that sells the books. (Again, in a foreign language)

The last one is for Pringles-Hot & Spicy. The "inside" of the trailer has the appearance of having been through a fire.

Chinese Proverb: "When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others."

Senior Dress Code - A Joke

Many of YOU "Old Folks" (those over 50, WAY over 50, or hovering near 50) are quite confused about how YOU should present yourselves. YOU are unsure about the kind of image you are projecting and whether or not you are correct as you try to conform to current fashions. Despite what you may have seen on the streets, the following combinations DO NOT go together and should be avoided:

1. A nose ring and bifocals
2. Spiked hair and bald spots
3. A pierced tongue and dentures
4. Miniskirts and support hose
5. Ankle bracelets and corn pads
6. Speedo's and cellulite
7. A belly button ring and a gall bladder surgery scar
8. Unbuttoned disco shirts and a heart monitor
9. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge
10. Bikinis and liver spots
11. Short shorts and varicose veins
12. Inline skates and a walker
13. Thongs and Depends

By Terri from NV

May 24, 2007

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What should we be remembering today?

If you want other important dates to be included, please send them to our egroup. Thanks.

For your information Yoyoy Villame (novelty song-writer/singer (Mag-exercise tayo tuwing umaga, Magellan, Hayop na Kombo) and Kuya Cesar (famous radio announcer nung panahon ninyo) died last week.


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Monday, May 21, 2007

TODAY's Message - Emerging Political Maturity of Filipino Voters?

First of all, Welcome to our newly opened DPS Class 67 Blog Site! I hope this addresses to some extent the request of Ed Canela and Danny de la Fuente.

As much as possible, I tried to collect all messages posted in our e-group, classified them, arranged them chronologically and transferred them into this Blog Site. I took the liberty of putting titles into each group of postings. Some are outright corny, some I expect would raise their protest, hopefully not violent. A good example is the title "Our Link to the Past". I thought of this title because Men has always been referred to as the Class ARchivist who has a vast collection of class memorabilia, from pictures to programs and invitations. However, the title seems to suggest that Men is the oldest in the group, at malupit pa, sounds like she belongs to a different era! I had a more naughty title for Bert Padrigon but on second thought, I decided on a very tame, and in fact too dull a title. How about Alot, will she be offended by the Pinay (Big) Sister title? Baka may suggestions kayo? Everyone is enjoined to suggest titles to replace the existing ones. Of course, as the moderator, I have the final say. hahaha!

Now on a more serious note, there is something positive in the recently held elections in the Philippines.

1. Many of the big celebrities did not win. Manny Pacquiao is the biggest casualty. Others were Richard Gomez, Cesar Montano, Christopher de Leon. There were many other movie stars who ran and lost, although a handful still won.

2. The biggest star to win - Vilma SAntos, has more than being a movie star as credential. She has served as Lipa City Mayor for three terms (equivalent to nine years), and she was never involved in any anomaly and her record in governance is quite good. Galing mo Ate Vi! Sayang si Ate Guy.

3. Fr. Ed Panlilio, a catholic priest won the gubernatorial race in Pampanga, the President's bailiwick, albiet by a very small margin (less than 2,000 votes). He bested the wife of a jueteng lord, and the incumbent corrupt and non-performing governor, movie-star mark lapid, son of Lito Lapid. He was supported by the masses and by big business and the church. Mukhang sa wakas, napuno na ang salop sa Pampanga. The people really got fed up. But Fr. Ed will need a lot of support to succeed. Pwede pa siyang isabotahe.

4. Two balimbings, lost - comedian Tito Sotto and Tessie Aquino-Oreta who were in FPJ's camp in 2004 but who ran under Gloria Arroyo's Team Unity in the last election.

5. Several political clans also lost heavily. In Masbate, all the Espinosas who ran, lost!

6. The opposition is winning in the senatorial race, although in the congressional, as well as the local polls, administration candidates are still expected to win majority of the seats. Entrenched na talaga ang power ni GMA sa local politics due to years of political patronage.

Still, many of the worse side of Phil politics continues. - vote buying, political killings, etc. How many more years will we be able to overcome these kaya?


Do you know that Dato Arroyo (son of Pres. Arroyo) is now a congressman of the first district of Camarines Sur? Sinong mag-aakala na magre-represent ng mga Bicolano ang anak ng kapampangang pangulo?


Camarines Norte Elections

Daet Mayor - Tito Sarion, oppositionist
Vice Mayor - Serafin Avila Raymundo (Maning's brother Felix Abogado lost by 56 votes. Felix ran under KAMPI, an administration party)

Governor - incumbent Gov Typoco is winning but incumbent opposition Vice Governor Tallado of Labo has filed a protest

Congressperson - Liwayway Vinzons Chato


Maraming positive, marami ding negative, which means hindi pa hopeless and political situation ng Pinas.


Who will be the first to open the Blog Site? Guess who?

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've got all my life to live. I have survived!!


I did not get to talk to you on the phone. At least with us, it's only been 10 years. Still.. I miss not seeing you again. Heard about your mild stroke, but from what I see in the pictures, you look great. You have a great looking family too. Stay healthy, we have more reunions to come.

God bless,


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Pang-Showbiz: Blind Item ni Boy C at Iba Pang Rebelasyon

Hello Toti,

I love the vignettes that you shared with all of us…kaya lang after meeting some people regarding post-reunion chikas, I found that some old flings have been re-ignited..….

do you have some vignettes along these lines? These will make the internet lines burn…he, he, he…

Hugssss to all our Daet group. They’re my heroes!

Boy Canela minus Kris Anino

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From Daet and to Daet With Love


Apr 19, 2007

This morning, Boboy texted me and asked me to buy, SAKSI, a tabloid and to read the sports section, because there was an article about his good performance as head coach of the Bicol's Best in the ongoing Asian Universities Basketball Championship Tournament. I don't know much about the details, because I no longer found a copy of the tabloid in the newstand when I went home this pm. Lolokohin ko sana si Boboy, kung sa Abante Tonite sa column ni Xerex sya na-feature. (This is the column which writes about sexual fantasies. But, I can feel his sense of pride in his achievement). As Mendy would say, “He has found his niche.” - hindi po iyan nitso ha!)

I advised him to keep the article and to ask Mendy to scan it and post it in the egroup so everyone will get to read it. Boboy is now with the Department of Education, teaching Good Manners and Right Conduct. Joke lang! He's handling sports. Before this, he worked with the Department of Agriculture. So, he's been a civil servant for quite a long time.

Congratulations Boboy!


What's the Asian University Basketball Championship?
Taken from an article written by RB Manlangit

The Asian University Basketball Championship (AUBC) Unity Cup which is the 5th this year was held in Camarines Norte. The AUBC unity cup aims to promote the sport and foster unity and cooperation between Asian countries.

The AUBC was established in 1998 by six people who have shown unwavering support to their respective countries. They are: Dr. Carl Menky Ching of China-Hongkong, Dr. Ekedjatmiko Sukarso of Indonesia, Mr. Shin Deng Pa of Korea, Mr. Lu Lian Jie of China and Mr. Park Hyun Mo of Korea.

The first AUBC games were held in Manila in 1998 hosted by the University of Manila. St. Francis College of Assisi of the Philippines won two successive AUBC games in 2001 and 2003, both held in Manila. The 4th AUBC games were held in Dumaguete City in 2005 with Myong Ji University of Korea emerging champion.

The AUBC unity cup staging in Camarines Norte this year was made possible through the support of Governor Jesus Typoco, Jr. and Congressman Renato Jojo Unico to the efforts of Dr. Abundio G. Palencia Jr., Provincial Sports Consultant of Camarines Norte, BAP regional director and 5th AUBC organizing committee chairman.

The participants in the 5th AUBC include: Hua Qiao University and Ji Mei University of China, Putra Riau University of Indonesia, Sungmo University of South Korea, the Bicol Selection, and Emilio Aguinaldo College, Rizal Technical University, University of Baguio, and University of Perpetual Help all of the Philippines.

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DPS Outstanding Alumni

May 19

Hello, Men,

I almost forgot that I still owe you some lines about this topic.. so when I remembered, I instantly jumped from hibernation..
but don't worry, this subject is for next year yet... plenty of time...
besides our batch is a group of achievers, therefore, we will not suffer from dearth of nominees.

On the contrary, the selection process might be a delightfully challenging one because if we were a basketball team, we have a very deep bench!
let's look at our mythical "team" :
On Center--
I imagine capt rudy, or leo the aviator, to be the center and capt. ball. Tall, fit and trim - in his prime he was at the cream of the Phil. Air Force circa 1980's ---ready to answer the call of duty, to defend the country against invaders, insurgents, destabilizers and coup plotters. Of course in recent years he's been into commercial airline industry but still, he devoted a good number of his younger, more aggressive years for the service, specifically, defense of the nation.
on forwards, who are in the forefront of public service - up to this time. Foremost is the indefatigueable (did i spell it right? or shud i use "tireless" na lang?) Toti who discarded working in a multinational company in favor of service oriented govt offices or jobs. Whether at DAR or any of those NGOs and even up to now as private consultant, he's into projects for the public good and welfare. These projects have direct impact to the needy. The amazing and always mobile Ed Canela is also in private consultancy, and has a regional / global scope. Just the same, a good rating in service for the betterment of human kind, especially in the developing world.
At the grassroot level we have the likes of Elmer Auro, who's been teaching in the past 36 years. Stationed presently in the remote town of Tinambac in Camarines Sur, he and his students walk many kilometers to and from school. Through sun and rain, typhoons and drought, mud and dust, he treks to school with a sense of mission and dedication. Hardships, mixed with modest / often delayed salaries are not enough to weaken his resolve. Nothing would stall the ready smile on his face, signs of a happy man in his chosen career. We have also the likes of Efren Mago and Amelita Adem, quiet and low-key barangay/community service persons, in agriculture and general rural service.
What about guards? We can think of the spiritual guardians, the likes of Father Efren and Sister Teresita - dedicated servants of God and man. ( I leave it to Toti if we will include bro. Ed Rios in this group..he..he.)

Also, the guardians of health: nurses and doctors like Dra. Yoly, who to her credit, had opted to practice her career in Daet and give back something to the community, to her beloved Daet and adjoining towns. Our nurses abroad, (hello, Fechie, hello Marybeth..!) have spent their lives in this noble profession, with the same hard work and dedication; and over the years have progressed into higher, sensitive positions, earning the respect and esteem of their colleagues and superiors.
The bench-
The rest of us- who preferred to stay in private business, big or small, or private employment,- whether retired or still "digging the salt mines" - who have worked quietly, diligently, and with equal sense of moral fortitude, are the "substitutes" or the cheerers or the "mascots" or waterboys/girls in the team. the support group. We are of course relatively low in direct public impact, but in the sensethat we help the economy moving, pay our share of taxes, and do our duties to build good families and guide our children to become good, honest citizens with fear of God and love of country... are contributions towards public good as well.
The obvious question is who will be our "MVP" - the nominee from the numerous achievers above? Anyone above can be winners. but if there should only be one nominee – our small selection committee, probably to be co-chaired by Men and Mendy, would probably coordinate with the DPS on the criteria or guides in due time, and I'm sure they will be able to pick the "cream of the crop" but probably with just a very narrow margin from the rest.
and well, ahemmm, as for the team's muse, let's leave it to the keen and sharp eyes of boboy ong and dorset to make the suggestions..!
besos y abrasos, and happy weekend to all!

May 19

Hi Bert and Men,

Am again in the Singapore Airlines lounge here in Manila for the Central Java mission.

Regarding the awards, naku…please wag na lang akong isali sa ganito. So sorry I was not able to follow this thread since I was out in Aceh. I would rather be the prize giver this time. I can donate a prize for an Award to individual/s that will meet some specific criteria, I have too much psych awards already…Most Outstanding LCCI Alumni (2001?) together with the then BIR chairperson Chato Vinzons. Also got the MIT Outstanding Alumni already (twice in a row). I would rather be the awarder this time……I would agree with Bob that those who are in Daet deserve more than we who are already too much blessed being able to stay in Manila or the elsewhere. Oh, ayan me prize na! Hugsssssss

Ed Canela
May 5, 2007

Next year, DPS has a major celebration (I forgot how many years' anniversary.) Estring Asis is requesting our class to nominate an outstanding alumnus/alumna.

30% - diction
30% - musicality
20% - stage presence
20% - overall impact

Mali! Hindi pala ito Pinoy Pop Superstar!Seriously, I don't know the criteria. While verifying the criteria from Estring, why don't we come up with our own. Then let's look at who would fit into it. I would suppose he/she would be someone who has a successful personal/family life, successful career, and has made significant contributions to the community (local or global), and since it's DPS, someone who has adhered to the christian values. These are just random thoughts.

Oopss, I forgot to ask, are we interested in selecting and submitting our nominees?


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Photo Gallery: Updates and Comments

Dra. Yoly with a tarsier in Bohol, with her family, and inside the OR.
Next set of photos are those of Boboy Ong - taken at the Palarong Pambansa in Bacolod City, with his 'youngest' daughter (I don't know if at the time this picture was taken) Mai-Mai, the Ms. Little Princess, and his wife.
Go to the photo gallery to see all the albums.

for more photos

Message from toti:

I know you're very eager to see the pictures. So, here they are, more than 800 posted in my photo gallery. By the way, you may wonder why Rudy and wife Evelyn have lots of pictures during the socials at the Music Theater. Well, the very nice camera used in the photo shoots is owned by Rudy, and to make sure that he'll be in the pictures, he brought along a photographer - his son, Ryan. O di ba, fair lang naman na idocument iyong pagiging Dancing King ni Rudy and Dancing Queen ni Evelyn. Thanks Rudy.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Post Reunion Chikahan: Plans, Activities & Everything

Apr 5, 2007

Hi Rudy,

Wow, we are in real time. Where are you? It's 8:03 am here in Orlando. Dallas is still far from Orlando but in case, let me know in advance so I can drive there or meet with you. I won't be able to make it this time, but how about asking our classmates to do another one next year for the sake of those who won't be able to attend this year? Not as elaborate as this year, but just the same a reunion. Siguro with ample time of notice, those that didn't make it this year will be there next year or next two years. How's that? Regards.


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Monday, May 14, 2007

DPS Class 67 Roster

DPS CLASS 1967 ROSTER(Updated: 07/04/07)

To post to this group, send email to To unsubscribe from this group, send email to For more options, visit this group at

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reconnecting with Violeta

Welcome to my 25th Birthday!

You don't believe me? Ok who between the two of us is in the 20s? (1920s?)
Sige na nga, it's my daughter Vanessa's 25th Birthday.

With our special guests, mega and kiko!

With Vanessa, bro and his wife

Visit our photo gallery for more pictures:

Feb 24

Hello classmates,

Fechie, thanks for reconnecting with your old classmates. If you remember me, I am Violeta Fermo Heraldo, got married in 74 and blessed with 2 children, a boy and a girl plus a grandson from my son. I worked with Toronto Dominion Bank for 32 years. I was offered an early retirement with a good package which I took, but right now i am back working w/ them as contractual, my manager won't let me go.
Last year my husband and I went home too and saw some of our classmates. We saw Yoly, Remo, Dorset, Ramona and others.
It would have been nice to see you all again but I can't promise that I can attend because of commitments. But I will try my best and see if I could have a vacation even for just two weeks.

It was nice hearing from you and I hope others from this list will take time to reconnect with me too.
I've been in Canada for 33 years now, can you imagine that? I've been here longer than in Philippines, how time flies eh? pero sexy pa rin..kahit grandma na he he ..I attached a picture of me and my hubby...pareho kaming sira ulo kaya okey lang..Enjoy life na lang while we are still young .di ba?
We would like to retire in Daet so much that we bought a couple of lots in Calasgasan from Happy Homes subdivision. we plan to build a house in the near future.

Anyway, thanks again and please keep in touch. Our phone # is 905-567-8221 and my address is
5639 Rivergrove Ave.
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5M 3V8
Your classmate,

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Manila Group Get-Togethers and Other Activities

March 2

Hi classmates,this is Toti/Joe Grageda. Yesterday, Susan, Alot, Baby/Nemia, Bert Padrigon, Roderic Serra and I had a grand time reminiscing the good old days over lunch at Via Mare in Greenbelt, Makati. Baby and Alot brought old pictures, while I showed them a video CD (still work in progress) showing the old pictures from my laptop. Let's open an egroup and I'll post the pictures that I have so far. Hopefully, before the Reunion, we can have as many as we can. I'll take digital pictures of them and put them together in a video. We saw Fe's picture. Wow, sexy pa rin! This is not to say that the other's are not... sabi nga ni Bert, just a difference of two pounds (ah... two pounds +++ ...!! joke lang). Attached are two pictures of our mini-reunion yesterday. I still have to go to work. More updates tonight or over the weekend. Regards to all.


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This Made Me Laugh - Jokes, Funny Anecdotes

March 2, 2007

Posted by Toti

Si Bebeng

Registered nurse si Bebeng sa L.A. Kasama niya ang kanyang ina na nagpagamot doon. Namatay ang ina nito. Dahil sa kamahalan ng pamasahe pabalik sa Pilipinas, nagtipid si Bebeng. Pinauwi na lang niya ang kabaong ng kanyang ina na mag-isa.Pagdating ng kabaong, napansin ng mga kapamilya niya na nakadikit ang mukha ng ina sa salamin ng ataul. Nagkomento tuloy ang isang anak,"Ay, naku! Tingnan mo 'yan... hindi sila marunong mag-ayos ng bangkaysa Amerika! Nakudrado tuloy ang mukha ng inay." Upang ayusin ang itsura ng bangkay, binuksan ang kabaong. Aba! Maysulat na-nakastaple sa dibdib ng ina. Kinuha nila ito at binasa. Ang nilalaman ng liham na mula kay Bebeng:

Mahal kong tatay at mga kapatid: Pasensya na kayo at hindi ko nasamahan ang nanay sa pag-uwi riyan sa Pilipinas dahil napakamahal ng pamasahe. "Ang gastos ko pa lang sa kanya ay mahigit $10,000 na. Ayoko nang isipin pa ang eksaktong halaga. Anyway, ipinadala ko kasama ni nanay ang mga sumusunod...

Nasa likod ni nanay ang dalawampu't apat na karne norte at isang dosenang spam. Ang adidas na suot ni nanay ay para kay tatay. Ang limang pares ng de-goma ay nasa loob ng dalawang asul na Jansport na backpack na inuunan ni nanay. Tig-iisa kayo. Ang iba't-ibang klase ng tsokolate at candy ay nasa puwetan ni nanay. Para sa mga bata ito. Bahala na kayong magparte-parte. Sana'y hindi natunaw. Ang pokemon stuffed toy na yapos-yapos ni nanay ay para sa bunso ni ate. Gift Ko sa first birthday ng bata. Ang itim na Esprit bag ay para kay Nene. Ate, nasa loob ng bag ang pictures ni inay, japanese version ng pokemon trading cards at stickers. "Suot ni nanay ang tatlong Ralph Lauren, apat na Gap at dalawang Old Navy t-shirts. Ang isa ay para kay Kuya at tig-iisa ang mga pamangkin ko. Maisusuot ninyo ang mga iyan sa fiesta. Suot din ni inay ang anim na panty hose at tatlong warmer para sa mga dalaga kong pamangkin. Isuot nyo sa party. May isang dosenang NBA caps sa may paanan ni nanay. Para sa inyo, itay, kuya, dikong, Tiyo Romy. Bigyan nyo na rin ng tig-isa 'yung mga pamangkin ko at 'yong isa ay kay Pareng Tulume. Ang tigdadalawang pares ng Nike wristband at knee caps na suot-suot din ni nanay ay para sa mga anak mo, diko, na nagbabasketball. Tigdadalawang ream ng Marlboro lights at Winston red ang nasa pagitan ng mga hita ni nanay. Apat na jar ng Skippy Peanut Butter, dalawang dish washing liquid, isang Kiwi glass cleaner at tig-aanim na Colgate at Aqua Fresh ang nakasiksik sa kilikili ni nanay. Hati-hati na kayo, huwag mag-aagawan. Isang dosenang Wonder bra (Victoria's Secret ata ang tatak) gustong-gusto ni Tiya Iskang society natin, suot-suot din ni nanay. Alam kong inaasam-asam nyo 'yan, tiya. Anim na lipstick lang ang kasya sa bra. Ang Rolex na bilin-bilin mo tatay, suot-suot ni nanay. Nakatakip sa Nike na wristband. Kunin mo agad, Itay. May isinisik akong zip-loc sa bunganga ni Inay na naglalaman ng $759 dollars. Hindi na ako nakatakbo sa ATM. Puede na siguro sa libing iyon. Iyong tong na makokolekta, i-time deposit niyo Kuya para pag namatay si Tatay may pambili na ng ataul. Ang hikaw, singsing at kuwintas (na may nakakabit pang anim na nail cutters) na gustong-gusto mo, ditse, ay suot- suot din ni nanay. Kunin mo na rin agad, ditse. Ibigay mo ang isang nail cutter kay Jay bakla sa kanto. Tanggalin niyo ang bulak sa ilong ng inay, may isiniksik ako 3 diyamante sa bawat butas. Ibangon niyo lang si inay at tiyak na malalaglag na ang mga iyon. Konting alog lang siguro ng ulo. Marami pa sana akong ipaglalalagay kaya lang, baka mag-excess at si nanay pa ang maiwan. Basta parte-parte kayo, tatay, kuya, ate, dikong, ditse. Para sa inyo lahat ito. Bahala na kayo kay nanay. Pamimisahan ko na lang siya rito. Balitaan ninyo na lang ako pagkatapos ng libing. Alam ni ate ang email ko. Paki-double check ang lista kung walang nawala sa mga ipinadala ko.



March 14
Posted by Toti

I am married to a man who cheats on me consistently. He has so many
women that I am not even sure if the baby I am carrying is his.

A woman confronted her husband and accused him of infidelity. He
denied it strongly and said it would never happen again.

A devout Catholic mother said, "My son informs me that he is taking
Judo. Why would a boy raised in a good Christian home turn against
his own faith"?

My 40-year old son has been paying a psychiatrist P2,500 a week for
the last three years. I think he must be crazy.

"Doctor, I have an inferiority complex over my tiny penis." "Oh, don't
let a small thing like that bother you."

A policeman approached me and angrily said, "Hindi mo ba nakita yung
No Parking sign?" And I said, "Nakita ko ho, kayo ho ang hindi ko

"I make it a point to be healthy. If I'm not in bed by 9 p.m., I go

"I used to kiss my girl on the lips, but it's all over now".

"There is no difference between a politician and a sperm. Only one in
a thousand works."

"Old golfers do not die. They just lose their balls."

Sa Ateneo mahirap ang mga subjects. Sa La Salle mahirap ang parking -
Gary Lising.

This one is true according to my colleagues who graduated from the Ateneo de Manila, They had a terror Jesuit priest for teacher and he asked Gary Lising a question in class but Gary gave a wrong answer. the Jesuit asked him, "Where were you when God distributed the brains?", without batting an eyelash, Gary answered, "I was with you Father!"


BOY : May I hold your hand?
GIRL : No thanks, it isn't heavy.

GIRL : Say you love me! Say you love me!
BOY : You love me...

GIRL : If we become engaged will you give me a ring??
BOY : Sure, what's your phone number??

GIRL : I think the poorest people are the happiest.
BOY : Then marry me and we'll be the happiest couple

BOY : I love you and I could die for you!
GIRL : How soon??

BOY : I would go to the end of the world for you!
GIRL : Yes, but would you stay there??

SHARON : Have you ever had a hot passionate, burning kiss??
TRACY : I did once. He'd forgotten to take the cigarette out of his mouth.

WOMAN : You remind me of the sea.
MAN : Because I'm wild, romantic and exciting?
WOMAN : NO, because you make me sick.

WIFE : You tell a man something, it goes in one ear and comes out of the other.
HUSBAND : You tell a woman something: It goes in both ears and comes out of the mouth.

MARY : John says I'm pretty. Andy says I'm ugly.What do u think, Peter?
PETER : A bit of both. I think you're pretty ugly.

Girlfriend : "...And are you sure you love me and no one else ?"
Boyfriend : "Dead Sure! I checked the whole list again yesterday".

Teacher : "Which is more important to us, the sun or the moon?"
Pupil : "The moon".
Teacher : "Why?"
Pupil : "The moon gives us light at night when we need it but the sun gives us light only in the day time when we don't need it".

Teacher : "What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?"
Pupil : "A teacher".

Waiter : "Would you like your coffee black?"
Customer : "What other colors do you have?"

My father is so old that when he was in school, history was called current affairs.

Teacher : "Sam, you talk a lot !"
Sam : "It's a family tradition".
Teacher : "What do you mean?"
Sam : "Sir, my grandpa was a street hawker, my father is a teacher".
Teacher : "What about your mother?"
Sam : "She's a woman".


Do you still recall our Philippine History under Mr. Rabinder Idnani? To get high grades in the exams, we had to memorize dates, places, persons, and events. Every major exam, nagpapataya pa siya. The student who gets the highest score, gets the entire ante. Si Erlinda Ferrrer yata ang madalas highest noon.

Some prepared reviewers - question and answer; fill in the blanks, etc.

Try answering this:
Question: Magellan died in ___________.
See answer at the end of this message.

Tom : "How should I convey the news to my father that I've failed?"
David: "You just send a telegram: Result declared, past year's performance repeated".

Teacher : "Now, children, if I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him, what virtue would I be showing?"
Student : "Brotherly love".

Teacher : "Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?"
Sam : "No sir, I don't have to, my mom is a good cook".

Patient : "What are the chances of my recovering, doctor?"
Doctor : "One hundred percent. Medical records show that nine out of ten people die of the disease you have. Yours is the tenth case I've treated. The others all died".

Teacher : " Can anybody give an example of COINCIDENCE?"
One Student : "Sir, my Mother and Father got married on the same day and at the same time."

Teacher : " George Washington not only chopped down his father's Cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Now do you know why his father didn't punish him ?"
One Student: " Because George still had the axe in is hand."

Answer to the Puzzle:

"action", (Magellan died in action). may ganun kasing nakasulat sa
libro ni Gregorio F. Zaide!

A Few More Laughs

There were two nuns...

One of them was known as Sister Mathematical (SM), and the other one was known as Sister Logical(SL).

It is getting dark and they are still far away from the convent.

SM: Have you noticed that a man has been following us for the past thirty-eight and a half minutes? I wonder what he wants.

SL:It's logical. He wants to rape us.

SM: Oh, no! At this rate he will reach us in 15 minutes at the most! What can we do?

SL:The only logical thing to do of course is to walk faster.

SM:It's not working.

SL:Of course it's not working. The man did the only logical thing. He started to walk faster, too.!

SM: So, what shall we do? At this rate he will reach us in one minute.

SL:The only logical thing we can do is split. You go that way and I'll go this way. He cannot follow us both.

So the man decided to follow Sister Logical.

Sister Mathematical arrives at the convent and is worried about what has happened to Sister Logical.

Then Sister Logical arrives.

SM:Sister Logical! Thank God you are here! Tell me what happened!

SL: The only logical thing happened. The man couldn't follow us both,so he followed me

SM: Yes, yes! But what happened ! then?

SL: The only logical thing happened. I started to run as fast as I could and he started to run as fast as he could.

SM: And?

SL: The only logical thing happened. He reached me

SM: Oh, dear! What did you do?

SL: The only logical thing to do. I lifted my dress up.

SM: Oh, Sister! What did the man do?

SL: The only logical thing to do. He pulled down his pants.

SM:Oh, no! What happened then?

SL: Isn't it logical, Sister? A nun with her dress up can run faster than man with his pants down.

And for those of you who thought it would be dirty, say two Hail Marys!


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Thursday, May 10, 2007


May 10, 2007
From men Venida-Abot


1) I'm sure many of you watched the recent taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show where her guest was Tommy Hilfiger. On the show, she asked him if the statements about race he was accused of saying were true. Statements like'...'If I'd known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish and Asians would buy my clothes, I WOULD NOT have made them so nice. I wish these people would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white people.'

His answer to Oprah was a simple 'YES'. Where after she immediately asked him to leave her show.

My suggestion? Don't buy your next shirt or perfume from Tommy Hilfiger. Let's give him what he asked for. Let's not buy his clothes, let's put him in a financial state where he himself will not be able to afford the ridiculous prices he puts on his clothes.

BOYCOTT. PLEASE SEND THIS MESSAGE TO ANYONE YOU KNOW. Then send it to the whole community that's not white people and see the result. We have to see the result of unity.

Let's find out if Non-whites really play such a small part in\u003cbr\>the world. Stop buying any range of their product, perfume, cosmetics, clothes, bags, etc.,

2) Scene took place on a British Airways flight between Johannesburg and London .
A White woman, about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air Hostess. 'Madam, what is the matter,' the hostess asked. 'You obviously do not see it then?' she responded. 'You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat.' 'Be calm please,' the hostess replied. 'Almost all the places on this",1]

the hostess asked. 'You obviously do not see it then?' sheresponded. 'You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat.' 'Be calm please,' the hostess replied. 'Almost all the places on this
Flight is taken. I will go to see if another place is available.' The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. 'Madam, Just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is a seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in the first class.' Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued: 'It is not Usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it would be scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting.' She turned to the black guy, and said, "'Therefore, Sir, if you would like to, please collect your hand luggage, a seat awaits you in first class.'

At that moment, the other passengers who were shocked by what they had just witnessed stood up and applauded.

Both the above are true stories. If You are against racism, please send this message to all your friends; 'please do not Delete it without sending it to at least one person'.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


May 9

Hi Guys,

Would like to share this with you. Take care.




As you got up this morning, I watched you and hope you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words, asking my opinion or thanking me for something good that happened in your life yesterday and I noticed you were busy trying to find the right outfit to put on and wear to work.

I waited again. When you ran around the house getting ready, I knew there would be a few minutes for you to stop and say hello, but you were too busy. At one point you had to wait fifteen minutes nothing to do except sit in chair. Then I saw you spring to your feet. I thought you wanted to talk to me but you ran to the phone and called a friend to get the latest gossip.

I watched as you went to work and I waited patiently all day long. With all your activities I guess you were too busy to say anything to me.

I noticed that before lunch you looked around, maybe you felt embarassed to talk to me, that is why you didn't bow your head. You glanced three or four tables over and noticed some of your friends talking to me briefly before they ate, but you didn't. That's okay.

There is still more time left, and I have hope that you will talk to me, yet you went home and it seems as if you had lots of things to do. After a few of them were done you turned on the TV, I don't know if you like TV or not, just about anything goes there and you spent a lot of time each day in front of it, not thinking about anything - just enjoying the show.

I waited patiently again as you watched the TV and ate your meal but again you didn't talk to me. Bedtime...I guess you felt too tired.

After you said goodnight to your family you plopped into and fell asleep in no time. That's okay because you may not realize that I am always there for you. I've got patience more than you will ever know. I even want to teach you how to be patient with others as well.

I love you so much that I wait everyday for a nod, prayer or thought or a thankful part of your heart. It is hard to have a one-sided conversation. Well you are getting up again and once again, I will wait with nothing but love for you hoping that today you will give me some time. Have a nice day!

Your friend,


P.S. Do you have enough time to send this to another person?

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