Monday, May 21, 2007

TODAY's Message - Emerging Political Maturity of Filipino Voters?

First of all, Welcome to our newly opened DPS Class 67 Blog Site! I hope this addresses to some extent the request of Ed Canela and Danny de la Fuente.

As much as possible, I tried to collect all messages posted in our e-group, classified them, arranged them chronologically and transferred them into this Blog Site. I took the liberty of putting titles into each group of postings. Some are outright corny, some I expect would raise their protest, hopefully not violent. A good example is the title "Our Link to the Past". I thought of this title because Men has always been referred to as the Class ARchivist who has a vast collection of class memorabilia, from pictures to programs and invitations. However, the title seems to suggest that Men is the oldest in the group, at malupit pa, sounds like she belongs to a different era! I had a more naughty title for Bert Padrigon but on second thought, I decided on a very tame, and in fact too dull a title. How about Alot, will she be offended by the Pinay (Big) Sister title? Baka may suggestions kayo? Everyone is enjoined to suggest titles to replace the existing ones. Of course, as the moderator, I have the final say. hahaha!

Now on a more serious note, there is something positive in the recently held elections in the Philippines.

1. Many of the big celebrities did not win. Manny Pacquiao is the biggest casualty. Others were Richard Gomez, Cesar Montano, Christopher de Leon. There were many other movie stars who ran and lost, although a handful still won.

2. The biggest star to win - Vilma SAntos, has more than being a movie star as credential. She has served as Lipa City Mayor for three terms (equivalent to nine years), and she was never involved in any anomaly and her record in governance is quite good. Galing mo Ate Vi! Sayang si Ate Guy.

3. Fr. Ed Panlilio, a catholic priest won the gubernatorial race in Pampanga, the President's bailiwick, albiet by a very small margin (less than 2,000 votes). He bested the wife of a jueteng lord, and the incumbent corrupt and non-performing governor, movie-star mark lapid, son of Lito Lapid. He was supported by the masses and by big business and the church. Mukhang sa wakas, napuno na ang salop sa Pampanga. The people really got fed up. But Fr. Ed will need a lot of support to succeed. Pwede pa siyang isabotahe.

4. Two balimbings, lost - comedian Tito Sotto and Tessie Aquino-Oreta who were in FPJ's camp in 2004 but who ran under Gloria Arroyo's Team Unity in the last election.

5. Several political clans also lost heavily. In Masbate, all the Espinosas who ran, lost!

6. The opposition is winning in the senatorial race, although in the congressional, as well as the local polls, administration candidates are still expected to win majority of the seats. Entrenched na talaga ang power ni GMA sa local politics due to years of political patronage.

Still, many of the worse side of Phil politics continues. - vote buying, political killings, etc. How many more years will we be able to overcome these kaya?


Do you know that Dato Arroyo (son of Pres. Arroyo) is now a congressman of the first district of Camarines Sur? Sinong mag-aakala na magre-represent ng mga Bicolano ang anak ng kapampangang pangulo?


Camarines Norte Elections

Daet Mayor - Tito Sarion, oppositionist
Vice Mayor - Serafin Avila Raymundo (Maning's brother Felix Abogado lost by 56 votes. Felix ran under KAMPI, an administration party)

Governor - incumbent Gov Typoco is winning but incumbent opposition Vice Governor Tallado of Labo has filed a protest

Congressperson - Liwayway Vinzons Chato


Maraming positive, marami ding negative, which means hindi pa hopeless and political situation ng Pinas.


Who will be the first to open the Blog Site? Guess who?


Dan dela Fuente said...

DPS Class '67 is really proving to be a "batch of achievers". Look at this blogsite- who can imagine that a group of 55+ ish except for one who up to now is only 49, will have this kind of medium to communicate with one another? I know that this high tech way of communication is very much in use by our youngsters who are savy and very much at home in their use of computers. But look at us, "modernong moderno". Di blog pa ngayon, wa say ninyo! Thanks Toti


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Men is the real one who does not belong to the 55+ish group. She's only 53!


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