Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello and Thanks for the Blog

I was sooo excited to check the blog site upon its emergence. And just like most of you, I have not posted any comments as I was overwhelmed with the organization and chronology of it all. As a matter of fact, up to writing time, I still have not finished reading them all. They were so fascinating, entertaining, amusing and everything one needs to be connected and updated. Sobra na ang bilib ko sa ating cyber/super hero na si Toti! Galingan mo pa Toti baka lalong humanga ako at baka ma-in love tuloy! Sige ka! (He-he-he. Joke lang po. Toti, wag mapikon ha?) Seriously, my deepest gratitude to you for the tremendous effort and time you put in this in order for us to get connected. You are awesome! Thank you. Pls. don 't give up on this, ok?

In case you have not noticed, I had been silent on-line recently but remained very busy checking your emails daily. Honestly, I just couldn't put myself into the right mood to make responses. I was a bbit under the weather due to a flare up of gout. Iba na ang tumatanda. Maraming ng dumarating sa buhay. Sana lalaki na lang, ok pa! (he--he!) I'm a bit better now and maybe I can go back to work soon. My other major hurdle in not being able to reply is I am having my house remodeled and my focus is on the construction and the inconveniences it is causing me. I have no funtional kitchen right now so I have to content myself with frozen tv dinners for meals or go out to fast food places. Sira tuloy ang aking diet regimen. My car too had to be parked outside of the garage and it is always dusty. Hay nako!!!! I can't wait for it to get completed hopefully in early August.

Rudy-were are you now? Have not heard from you.... Pls. let the US based members know your next schedule to SF so we can plan our next CA reunion.

Violeta and Danny- did you receive the parcels I sent you? Hope you're enjoying them now.

Ed-you certainly had become a giant amongst us! International figure ka na! Congratulations and we are very proud of you. We feel your successes too. Great job!

Men-nasan na ang lawyer na reto mo? Lanta na ang beauty ko! I'm waitingggg. Ha-ha-ha! (Joke po uli!).

Marybeth and Willy-are you recovered from your tropical Hawaiian holiday now? Any big plans this coming Memorial weekend? Me? I would have gone to Cache Creek Casino if I am not doing this expensive remodeling. I think I'll just go to nearby beaches or maybe to Monterey. Baka nasa dagat ang kapalaran ko. Ay naku! Tsokoy pala! Ha-ha-ha!

I will be gooing to Bohol, Phil again on June 2 to 9 for another medical mission work. Hopefully, I can squeeze a visit to Daet during this short trip and meet our classmates there again. I'll send photos if it happens. So stay in touch.

This is getting very lenghty now so I'll save more updates for the next posting.

My best to all of you and stay healthy always.



Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi, Fechie,

thank you for the kind and encouraging comments.
it must be mainly because the people around us exude so much inspiration.. !

hope the pain is gone from that gout..effect lang siguro ng mga crabs and prawns last April...he..he..

we might be in san diego by mid aug, ihahatid na namin si bruce (waaaah!) ..
we might visit my sis in-law at san pablo, ca.. (if have time we may drop by s.f. to see your brand new kitchen! he..he..)

take care, fech..


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

thanks fechie. i'm enjoying this too. thinking of what new things to add each day has become a challenge.


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