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Manila Group Get-Togethers and Other Activities

March 2

Hi classmates,this is Toti/Joe Grageda. Yesterday, Susan, Alot, Baby/Nemia, Bert Padrigon, Roderic Serra and I had a grand time reminiscing the good old days over lunch at Via Mare in Greenbelt, Makati. Baby and Alot brought old pictures, while I showed them a video CD (still work in progress) showing the old pictures from my laptop. Let's open an egroup and I'll post the pictures that I have so far. Hopefully, before the Reunion, we can have as many as we can. I'll take digital pictures of them and put them together in a video. We saw Fe's picture. Wow, sexy pa rin! This is not to say that the other's are not... sabi nga ni Bert, just a difference of two pounds (ah... two pounds +++ ...!! joke lang). Attached are two pictures of our mini-reunion yesterday. I still have to go to work. More updates tonight or over the weekend. Regards to all.



Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

March 2, 2007

Hi Toti,

How could you be so young looking after all these times? Mga gwapo and gwapa pa rin!
Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures of all of you! You all look wonderfuI and youthful! Maybe just a little bit healthier, he-he-he (joke only)! 'm jealous! Wish I was there to be reunited.

It would have been almost impossible to do this without the e-world. Thanks to the cyberspace. I just need to be a little bit more techno-savvy. I'd like to be able to help out with your video project for the reunion but unfortunately I don't have pictures from ages ago. I don't know where they are now. If you need recent pics maybe I can send you some.

I salute to the hard working core group there in the Phil who are untiringly putting these special event (Ruby Reunion) together and be a huge success. I wish not to miss it but we'll see. Regardless, I'll assure you of my help ways that I can.

Take care and keep this mails coming. I am enjoying reading them and look forward to it every time I open my pc.

Fe( now Fechie-mas sexy pakinggan! He-he-he)

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

March 2, 2007

wow !!! you all look terrific....kailangan ko sigurong mag diet before reunion. I have to lose that 2 lbs.......


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

MARCH 5, 2007

March 5

Dear Classmates,

Less than a week after the get together with susan, baby/nemia, alot, bert padrigon, and rory serra, we were back in Greenbelt, Makati. This time with Danny (who's going back to the US tomorrow morning). I posted two pictures of this event in the Files folder. Bert and Rory were not able to make it. The sumptuous lunch of Chinese dishes was through the courtesy of Danny while it was Bob's treat last week. Me, I treated all of them with courtesy! Today's lunch was also a belated birthday blow-out of Danny (Feb. 15 yata yong bday niya). Towards the end of our luncheon get-together, Raul Luzarraga arrived (remember him?).

It was a good opportunity to get updated on each other. I think everyone present (on both dates) are happily married with kids, and one is already a beautiful, doting Lola (who do you think of the threeladies - Alot, Baby, and Susan). Both Susan and Danny have lawyer kids. Pwera pala ako, it seems that I lie outside the normal bell curve of the marital status distribution. I'm not sure whether there is also a strong correlation between marital status and sexual activity. (Positive or negative correlation? he he.)

Di ko alam, aktibista pala si Danny sa San Beda College. Sumisigaw pala siya noong - Marcos, Hitler, diktador, tuta! sa mendiola. Pero ngayon nasa land of milk and honey na rin siya! Ako naging aktibista when I was already working... and at Bank ofAmerica at that time. Another aberration, ata! Ngayon sosyal pa rin..... I'm into social development work. I work as a free lance consultant. Now, I'm a consultant of the Department of Social Welfare and Development for an anti-povery program funded by the World Bank. Previous to consultancy work, I worked for ten years with the Department of Agrarian Reform. Enough said, we'll have time for this sort of stories later. If you also want to share anything or just want to say hello to everyone, do drop some lines in the egroup!


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

March 5

Gosh, I am dying to see the pilot of the class! Balita ko ladykiller daw ang dating nang ating piloto. Wow!

Love to see you all at the reunion. Hopefully, I can make it. I hate to miss this one of a lifetime event.

That was another great picture of you guys in Makati with Danny. It would have been wonderful if our visits coincided with everyone. But with different and hectic schedules that is almost impossible.

So, Toti-do i get it right that you opted to stay in single blessedness? Sayang naman, you can't share your ass(ets) to someone close to your heart. I mean your intelligence, looks, character and etc. Those who are thinking otherwise, take your mind out of the gutter! By the way, are you still looking? Would I pass your screening and requirements? He-he-he, just kidding!

I always look forward to new files, pictures and messages from our egroup. Thank you again for putting this together.

Take care and best regards to all.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Dear Danny,

Got your message and again thanks to Toti, I saw your reunion with him, Susan, Alot and Nemia. You look the same only healthier. I sure miss you guys and hope to see you in April. I will really try to take time off to be with everybody.

Rudy called me up yesterday and we (Joe S and me) will try to see him in SFO come March 22. We are trying to organize a mini reunion in California. Will let you know what happens.


Men Venida-Abot

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

March 22

Hello Danny,

how's life in florida? been fine here,thanks, trust you have been doing well too.

i really ws supposed to join you in that lunch at greeenbelt last month but i just didnt find the chance to stand-up and leave the lunch meeting. we were just in greenbelt 3 with my guests while you were in greenbelt 1! anyway, really hope you can make it to the reunion.

video clips is a good alternative, and i guess retrieving video clip attached to emails should be feasible, but let's try to hear directly from the expert..
toti, what say ..?

best rgds

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Apr 30

dear classmates,

dra. yoly and bert did the coordination work to be able to gather a sizeable number this afternoon for a despedida for fechie. Venue was Good Earth Restaurant at the Mall of Asia. The following were present:

bert and wife marie
evelyn (rudy's wife)
lina (angeles) and daughter princess
baby (nemia banaria-trinidad)
tess with only child
rori (serra)
dra. yoly (of course)

Marynat was not able to join us. She and Alot, though, met last Thursday. I guess no one from among the girls can beat Marynat's feat. She has five children in three childbirths. She has two sets of twins!

I didn't catch the chikahan because I was more than two hours late. I had a valid excuse though - I had to finish burning the CDs to be brought by fechie. I showed them the contents of the CDs from my computer. I hope you'll enjoy watching them. I'll post another file in the photo gallery in a little while. I'll inform you as soon as it's uploaded.

Fechie left around 7 pm to catch her 9 pm flight. Yoly, on the other hand, will be attending the annual convention of anesthesiologists in Pangasinan starting tomorrow. A safe trip to all the travelers.



Thanks to Rudy and Men for the kind words. I read them a few days ago but was busy finishing the CD, I just browsed through the emails and didn't reply.

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