Thursday, March 29, 2007

Unraveling the Mystery of Tess

March 29, 2007

Dear Classmates,

I've added Tess to our egroup. Rudy gave us her cellphone number. I have contacted her and she sent me her email address a while ago. Let's all welcome her.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. World: Our International Development Expert

This is an article quoting Ed Canela's views about Indonesia/Indonesians published in an Indonesian Newspaper.

March 27

Dear Ed,

You've gone a long way Eddie! You probably have the most intellectually challenging job among us all, and indeed challenging because you have the potential of influencing the development directions of these countries. I'm confident that you're doing your best to help eradicate global poverty.

I remember you as the science whiz kid, who's a conductor of electricity, lighting up the fluorescent bulb you were holding in your hand, to our bewilderment. Ms. Bermillo must have had a difficult time trying to act smarter than you!

I'm sorry to hear that your mother has passed away. She knew me very well. She always greeted me whenever I passed by your shop along J. Lukban Street. That was more than 40 years ago.

You look very well, very "prosperous" in your picture with Angel Racoma. Hope to see you in person. Yesterday, we just had a mini-reunion with Rudy Surla as the center of the get-together, not having seen him for the past 40 years. The group included Susan, Alot, Nemia/ Baby, Bert Padrigon, Roderic Serra, and Rudy's wife. Rudy treated us to lunch. Maybe, next time, you can be the sponsor, huh?

Best regards,


Hi Toti and DPS 67

Many thanks for the fotos...I was in the US last year and had a chance to chat with Joe Sales, Myrna and Marybeth. Wonderful feelings I tell you...talagang iba pag maraming taon na ang nakaraan. I have been blessed, very blessed indeed. I have already visited more than 75 countries and still travelling. I am still working as consultant to countries (governments) and donor agencies (World Bank, ADB, AID, United Nations, etc.) on matters pertaining to economy, development, employment, etc. despite the fact that am an engineer by profession...ang layo talaga. Heto nga. Most of my work are outside the country and I really avoid doing business here except when I was with the Department of Trade and Industry (during Vicente Paterno and GMA's time). I still could not commit (despite my urgent wanting) to see you all in April, I am committed to two difficult clients: Governments of Palestine and Montenegro. In my previous visits to Daet, I have met many people; Imelda and Yolanda attended my Mother's funeral. Ramona helped me with parent's bank accounts. Have met also Anggi Racoma (hope you still remember him) and he gave me the tel number of Edgar Tamayo, a pilot and Glianila\'s younger Brother. I have once visited Arce here in Manila before when she had cancer. Rudy Surla looked very fine and prosperous...he, he, he. I will also send you fotos when I can. Perhaps we can now load some of these fotos to the site, ha???? Hugsssss to all.

Ed Canela

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

California Reunion

March 18

Men- I am so excited about our forth coming CA reunion. I have just talked to Herminia and we'll be going there to Rudy's hotel together. What time shall we meet? Is it still 2pm accdg. to Joe S? I'm sure there will be lots of catching up to do. Sooooooooo looking forward to 3/22.

Danny de la Fuente- it will be nice if you can join us. How about a quick visit to your classmates here in CA?

Guys- we'll share you pics and "things" soon as we have them.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Beating the IT Challenge

March 16, 2007


Could you let me know ASAP if this message reaches you? I am able to get to the group email, but I don't think you received my message. If this works, I would like to join the chit chat.


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

1967 Model (Parochialite of the Year)

March 10, 2007

greetings everyone!

this is Bob Padrigon. signing-up to this exciting egroup.

first of all, since after college, friends and colleagues had been calling me "Bert". so with your kind patience and consideration , this has been my "name of endearment" ever since.

due to a lot of things, it's been hard for me to find time to sit down and catch up on replying to mails, but today is sat. pm.,,a quiet afternoon, and over a cup of cafe mocha, i thought i would do what i've been postponing to do.

over the past two or three weeks i have read the email messages and interactions and the pictures. i can feel the nostalgia, also the enthusiasm, warmth and anticipation among long "lost" friends/ classmates. the excitement seems building up.

i'm mighty excited too, i must say. for instance, I really wonder where my buddy, efren mago, is now, and i wanna touch-base with the ever naughty edmundo rios and felino jacobo whom we sometimes fondly call "fely jacobs".

definitely rudy del valle would be a must -see, and hope someone can find him. i'm most glad to know my idol, rudy surla is coming - he who is always at Vimar or Mansy everytime there's a new movie showing but still get perfect scores on quizzes the next day!

it was good to hear from our version of "spice boys" then : danny d.l.fuente and rory serra - hi guys..! and i hope joe sales will complete the cast in april. i'm also excited to hear if teddy ong still plays the drums..and if joe chavez still croons.

and to all the others, what a mighty memorable day it would be to meet all of you guys again .

when we all meet, there's a whole lifetime of updates to be done by all of us. so except to say that i've been just basically within Manila over these years, I would rather leave the details of "what have been" when we get to attend the gathering in April.

a few words of thanks to mendy, and of course to her core group (susan, toti, alot, men, dr. yoly, etc..) who are working on this big event. Mendy, without your initial sms and subsequent e-mail invitation, i would not have noticed that 40 years had whissd by. when i heard that number, i was kinda jolted, and my immediate reaction was, "Jeeez, forty bloody years..! i guess it's time to attend this reunion.!"

i mean 40 years is 40 years, man... it also means that, since all of us are now in our "golden years" (as toti's email add. would attest..) we 're setting onto the next chapter. but before we do that, it's time to look back for awhile. So by all means let's gather and shake hands or tap shoulders and say, man good to see you , how have you been all these years?

for the rest of you out there whether in Daet, Basud, Manila, the U.S.A., Canada., the Middle East,Europe, or planet Uranus, pls give this reunion your utmost attention.

As a "Swahili" saying goes- - "if one really likes (to do it), he'll find a way. But if he really doesnt want, he'll find excuses.."

Life may be short, life may be long. whatever, let's just do it !.

See you guys.

Warm rgds

Bert Padrigon

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Making the Connection

March 9, 2007

I am very happy, too, renewing ties with all of you after all theseyears. Only Bert padrigon and I were together until college because we both studied in Ateneo de Naga. Si Felino din yata, but maybe he took a different course, I can't remember now. Most of you studied in Manila, and even on vacations, we hardly got together after a while. I'm glad to hear again from Rudy (I remember we were able to talk by phone and set a schedule for a meeting, but I think EDSA I happened and that meeting didn't push through, and eventually we lost contact with each other. That was a long time ago.) It seems Marybeth is the most "productive" with three childen, five grandchildren and another soon to come.

I hope the others with email addresses here, will also post their messages - Joe Sales, Eddie Canela - paramdaman naman dyan. I again posted more "oldies but goodies" pictures from Men in the Files Folder. You will really enjoy these, pabata-nang-pabata -elementary days pa!


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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oh Captain, our Captain: The acknowledged leader of our Class

March 8

Hello Classmates,

Last Tuesday, I've talked with Men Venida on the phone and Joe Sales, afterwards. It was a very nice feeling to hear their voices after a very long time. I hope both of them can make it to our reunion so they can share their stories to the rest of you, guys. I was planning to call Marybeth Regalario and Fechie Alarcon that same day but it was already too late in the evening and I did not want to spoil their beauty sleep.

Mendy, thank you. You've started this all for me through the letter you've sent me. I get to learn more about our classmates now through their emails.

Toti, you've always been the MAN. This is a very good thing you've been doing for the class............... I've been doing just fine, thank you.

Rory, always keep in touch but preferably with skype or yahoo messenger with voice and please produce a mic, next time. We both hate typing anyway.

Danny, I did separate from the Air Force in 1986 to join PAL, but now I am with EVA AIRWAYS..........I've been also wondering about your whereabouts. Alot, I am sorry that I missed the luncheon meeting with Danny but next time I'll be there. I hate to disappoint you again.

Manny Abogado, my kumpadre and the only classmate I get to see everytime I go home to Daet............... I can attend this reunion this time, pare.

To the rest of you, my classmates, I love you and I hope to see you all on the 14th and 15th of April.



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Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Wonders of Cyberworld - egroup, blog, skype

March 3

Hi Toti, Glad to be able to sign up with your egroup. Loved the pictures and looking forward to more in the near future. Thank you for making the effort to create one. It sure makes me feel connected despite distance. Soon as I figure out how to send pics in this web page, I'll send some taken during my visit last month in Daet with few of our classmates.


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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Our Link to the Past

March 1, 2007

Hi Guys,

This is Myrna "Men" Venida-Abot, one of your former DPS classmates, now married to Rene Abot, Jr., since 1977, has 3 kids (2 boys, 1 girl)- IJ III 29, Myrene 27, and JV 20. Presently, residing in the USA since 1991. Worked as Legal Assistant for 4 years in New York, moved to California - worked for Washington Mutual Bank for 10 years and now connected with the Dept. of Justice- working as Tagalog Interpreter. Normally go back to Daet every 2 years until 2003. When my Mom had a stroke in 2005 I make sure to go home twice a year. I met with some of our classmates in 2005/2006, like Mendy, Yoly, Remo, Ramona, Susan, Estrella Asis, Joe Zano, Boying Pajarillo, Fr. Sanchez, Milagros, Echano,Manny Abogado and Boboy( whom I see almost everytime I go home). They've been planning this reunion since then and Mendy had been very busy trying to make this occasion a success - I really appreciate all her efforts. I want to see all of you guys and enjoy everyone's company one more time. I sure hope to get a time off from work to be with all of you. I talk to Joe Sales almost every week, Ed Canela emails me every now and then. I hope to hear from all of you soon.

My address: 5469 Gearny DriveSacramento, CA 95823Home (916) 429-2992Cell (916) 475-3239

Myrna "Men" Venida-Abot

March 2, 2007

Men-sorry to hear about your mother. I saw her a few years back still very active and into ballroom. She is in a better place now just like my mom too. How's Joe Sales? I haven't heard from him for the longest time. Can you share me his phone # or email? And also Ed Canela's?Thanks and best regards to all. Pls. keep these emails coming.


March 2, 2007

Dear Fechie,

Thank you for your condolence. Actually, I lost 3 loved ones last year (my Mom's youngest sister who lived with us, brother Adolfo "Puto" and Mama). I am really sad but glad that they are not in pain anymore. You said your brother is very sick - which brother is it? I know 4 of them, the priest, Manuel, Jovencio and Joaquin. Please let me know so I can pray for him. Please take care.


March 21, 2007

Hi Men,

You continue to amaze me! Not only do you have the pictures of yesteryears but you also have the list of our classmates. This is fantastic! I know you were one of the class officers but I did not know that you were designated archives of DPS too. Great job!


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Photographs and Memories

March 1

wow!!!look at us 40 years ago ....


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Sor Victorina de la Providencia, Mother Superior of Daet Parochial School

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