Saturday, March 10, 2007

1967 Model (Parochialite of the Year)

March 10, 2007

greetings everyone!

this is Bob Padrigon. signing-up to this exciting egroup.

first of all, since after college, friends and colleagues had been calling me "Bert". so with your kind patience and consideration , this has been my "name of endearment" ever since.

due to a lot of things, it's been hard for me to find time to sit down and catch up on replying to mails, but today is sat. pm.,,a quiet afternoon, and over a cup of cafe mocha, i thought i would do what i've been postponing to do.

over the past two or three weeks i have read the email messages and interactions and the pictures. i can feel the nostalgia, also the enthusiasm, warmth and anticipation among long "lost" friends/ classmates. the excitement seems building up.

i'm mighty excited too, i must say. for instance, I really wonder where my buddy, efren mago, is now, and i wanna touch-base with the ever naughty edmundo rios and felino jacobo whom we sometimes fondly call "fely jacobs".

definitely rudy del valle would be a must -see, and hope someone can find him. i'm most glad to know my idol, rudy surla is coming - he who is always at Vimar or Mansy everytime there's a new movie showing but still get perfect scores on quizzes the next day!

it was good to hear from our version of "spice boys" then : danny d.l.fuente and rory serra - hi guys..! and i hope joe sales will complete the cast in april. i'm also excited to hear if teddy ong still plays the drums..and if joe chavez still croons.

and to all the others, what a mighty memorable day it would be to meet all of you guys again .

when we all meet, there's a whole lifetime of updates to be done by all of us. so except to say that i've been just basically within Manila over these years, I would rather leave the details of "what have been" when we get to attend the gathering in April.

a few words of thanks to mendy, and of course to her core group (susan, toti, alot, men, dr. yoly, etc..) who are working on this big event. Mendy, without your initial sms and subsequent e-mail invitation, i would not have noticed that 40 years had whissd by. when i heard that number, i was kinda jolted, and my immediate reaction was, "Jeeez, forty bloody years..! i guess it's time to attend this reunion.!"

i mean 40 years is 40 years, man... it also means that, since all of us are now in our "golden years" (as toti's email add. would attest..) we 're setting onto the next chapter. but before we do that, it's time to look back for awhile. So by all means let's gather and shake hands or tap shoulders and say, man good to see you , how have you been all these years?

for the rest of you out there whether in Daet, Basud, Manila, the U.S.A., Canada., the Middle East,Europe, or planet Uranus, pls give this reunion your utmost attention.

As a "Swahili" saying goes- - "if one really likes (to do it), he'll find a way. But if he really doesnt want, he'll find excuses.."

Life may be short, life may be long. whatever, let's just do it !.

See you guys.

Warm rgds

Bert Padrigon


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

March 12, 2007


If I could give an award for the most evocative and well written piece, BERT gets it, hands down! Even without any picture, one could vividly recall some funny anecdotes, happy moments or otherwise, with one of the names he mentioned. I had a hearty laugh, remembering some events myself. Yes, Rudy del Valle is a "must see"!

Forty years have passed! Parang ang bilis, at hindi na puwedeng mag-rewind. It would really be good to look back and reminisce the good old days. Although, there is also some fear that in seeing what others have become, one would look at oneself and perhaps doubt whether he has made the right decisions or whether he has not done enough. Thus, instead of being inspired by the success of others, one would feel sorry for himself. There were times I felt that way. But I'm okay now. So, I will attend. Iyong tagalog noong quotation ni Bert e - "Kapag gusto, may paraan; kung ayaw, may dahilan."

So see you guys!


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

April 7

Calling on Bert,

You should take the cudgels for DPS. Parochialite of the Year ka pala! I forgot about this already. (until Men produced a copy of the Graduation Programme). You were the biggest awardee in our class. While the Valedictorian gets the honors for academics, the Parochialite of the Year means excellence in both academics and co-curricular/extra-curricular as well. Congrats Bert! (pero talo kita sa character, ha ha!)


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Apr 25

Hi Bert,

I never had the chance to address you personally. There was too much exchanges going back and forth among you internet wiz, for me to make singit. But I had a blast reading them, especially yours. I must have missed this side of you...funny and very eloquent. I remember you as the smart guy,but shy and quiet, so I'm really glad to get to know this side of you after 40 years. Baby mentioned that you live close to each other and have been friends. Could you convince her to join the group email so we can stay in touch? If I can do it, anybody can.

Bert, you have a lovely wife. I would like to meet the rest of the family even in pictures. Can't wait to see the the VCD.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Apr 27

Hello, Marybeth,

I was away again for awhile but just now back into the "e-groove"..

Thank you for the compliments! I'm sure my wife, Marie, will insist to treat you to Razon's special halo-halo the moment you next set foot in Manila.

How have you been? Kumusta and buhay sa Amerika? Our relatives or friends there always say "masarap na mahirap". Is this true? At least I hope dominant yong "masarap"..
I've seen your family pics and it shows you have one big lovely and happy family ! Congratulations!

Marie has conveyed to Nemia (Baby) our common desire to see her in the e-group. She seems to be thinking hard about it, very slowly though, and with much hesitation..

Paging Toti and Ed Canela..any suggestions on how to transform the computer-shy ladies into computer vixens..?

warm regards,

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Apr 30

Hi Bert,

It's not hard to picture Baby taking her sweet time and thinking hard. Some things don't change. She always took her time with everything and I blamed it to her bad eyesight. I noticed she was not wearing eye glasses in the pictures. Did she get laser surgery? Well Bert, keep working at it so she can get her messages and answer back.

Life here in the US has it's rewards,but you have to work for it. For me, I feel fulfilled in my profession. Nurses are not treated like glorified maids here. My opinion counts in the care of patients and respected by doctors. That is important to me that's why I chose to stay. The payoff is being far from home, relatives and friends. I guess we can't have the best of both worlds.

Tell Marie I'll take a rain check on the halo-halo. I'll definitely collect on my next visit.


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