Friday, February 29, 2008

Communal Action to Oust Gloria Arroyo, the President Evil: February 29 Interfaith Rally in Makati

My apologies to our Muslim brothers and the Bishops of other Christian denominations whose pictures I failed to take.

Among those who led in the prayers whose pictures appear in this blog are Bishop Ted Bacani, Mr. Bertie Lim (Pres. of the Makati Business Club), Sr. Mary John Manansan (Co-Chair of the Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Phils, St. Scholastica's College), Bro. Eddie Villanueva of the Jesus is Lord Movement, and Archbishop Oscar Cruz of Pangasinan. Other religious leaders in the pictures are Bro. Armin Luistro of De La Salle, Bishop Yniguez of Caloocan, and Fr. Robert Reyes.

It seems like the fight for truth, justice and peace will take a while. Let us be relentless in our action to drive the forces of evil from Malacanang.

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Let's Join the InterFaith Prayer Rally TODAY!

Labanan ang Katiwalian at Kasinungalian.

Itaguyod ang Katotohanan.

It is time to be COUNTED!

Join us at the Friday Inter-Faith Prayer Rally

Ayala cor. Paseo de Roxas – 5:00 to 8:00 PM

Where President Cory Aquino and Jun Lozada will join other speakers
to deliver messages of hope and calls for truth and accountability.

Black and White Movement, together with Hyatt 10/La Salle 60, Makati Businessmen's Club, Management Association of the Philippines, Financial Executives (Finex), Manindigan,
and other professional and church groups will assemble at the
AIM Parking lot at 3:00 PM.

Please join us.

Sa Totoo Tayo. Now Na!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

22nd Anniversary of EDSA I


When will the lies end? GMA said in a radio interview last Saturday, that she learned that the agreement was "flawed" on the eve of the signing. Take note that she did not say that she learned that it was "anomalous", merely "flawed". And she purposely omitted clarifying what she meant by it. So, instead of clarifying the issue, she has muddled it.

GMA and her allies must have spent a fortune mobilizing people at Liwasang Bonifacio, Caloocan and Cavite. Pero mukhang, katakot-takot na malas ang inabot. At EDSA flag raising, which GMA did not attend, the flag got entangled while Veep Noli and FVR tried to raise it. The sound system failed while Renz Verano was singing Pilipinas Kong Mahal, iyong confetti bumagsak ng kumpol, iyong rally mobilized by Mikey and DAto at Liwasang Bonifacio, inulan.

GMA critics and those seeking for truth and accountability held different mass actions nationwide. Meron sa Baclaran Church, EDSA Shrine, Mendiola, and in key cities in Visayas and Mindanao. But there's no critical mass yet. The Church has no unified stand and there's no military component.

I wouldn't want a coup and a military takeover also. It's likely that GMA will be able to complete her term until 2010. But this shouldn't stop us from taking an active part in the current protests against corruption and lies. At least, these will keep GMA on her toes and prevent her group from further stealing billions of pesos from the people.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 2008 Class Reunion Pictures

The complete set of 339 photos taken by Willy have been uploaded to our Photo Gallery.

Just click the link below to view the pictures.

Happy Viewing.

To Ed,

Since the time we opened this blogsite, we tried to re-post/transfer beautiful messages sent to the egroup into this blogsite. So, if you want to reminisce, you can check the archives. You can read Bert's wonderful messages there.

Visit the photo gallery too, if you want to see individual or group pictures, family pictures, vintage photos as well as the recent ones. There are two slide shows there too: - How we looked like before - individual high school graduation photos, and How we look now - Year 2007 individual photos.

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Memoirs: Grand 2008 Reunion in Daet

The Journey

The supposed four-car caravan was trimmed to a two-car convoy, exactly the way it was last year. But it was okay. No fun lost. Smooth, free and easy, the trip was only interrupted twice: (1) by lunch at Gumaca’s seaside where a meal of sinigang na fresh tuna, fried tanguige and ‘tinomok’ was delicious and unbelievably cheap! (2) And as we approached Sta. Elena, we noticed dalanghitas (native oranges) are in season, so we stopped again to buy a few kilos.

Everytime I travel to Camarines Norte in all these years, it never fails to rain. As we approached the “Welcome to Camarines Norte” arch, it wasn’t a surprise anymore when a big downpour greeted us. Well, it wasn’t bad at all. Aside from washing-off the cars’ city dust, it gets the humidity down, and you feel as if you enter the province ‘cleansed’ and shower-blessed.

Welcome Reception

We arrived well in time to get a few hours’ rest at the BelAir resort hotel. When we got in to Louise’s, the downpour was still on. Scores of smiling faces were waiting. I didn’t know which hand to shake first, which gorgeous lady to hug and which questions to answer. Excitement was all around.

There were the usual endless hi’s and hello’s, and eventually it was time to attack the sumptuous dinner buffet.

After the meal, I joined Willy (this year’s indefatigable photographer) for a beer, with him gamely uncorking the bottle using another bottle (which I am never able to do!) Shortly after, videoke began. Boy Rios took the first few numbers with his standard songs. Sometimes he didn’t even have to look at the screen, which made someone remark “beterano sa videoke”! Boboy of course rendered his familiar Beatles and Dave Clark numbers. And so did JoeS with his favorites. Then came Ramona de Jesus with a rather whatchmacallit ‘classical-sounding’ number. As she approached the high note, I was fearful she was about to be derailed. It felt like she was at the edge of the cliff with one only foot clinging, ready to crash. Fortunately she survived. Later on she would render the safer, less complicated songs. Which came one after the other. Meantime, there was a long line of happily frustrated singers!.

Marybeth sort of calmed everyone down with her smoothly rendered “Downtown”. Fechie pitched in with a soulful number, so did Men and a few others. But the big surpise, again, came from Tess. She sang Didit Reyes’ “Bakit Ako Mahihiya” while gyrating like a Pilita. Later on she would tell us this was the new outlook she wanted to project this year, he..he..

Then it was time for Felino’s number, after an endless wait. His “Kawawang Cowboy” was hilarious, a fitting finale to a crazy evening!

Adjourning at around 10:30pm, we would learn the next day that the boys still had a late-night adventure in a couple of joints. But it was all hush-hush I have no clear idea what transpired. So I will reserve this for JoeS or FAJ to tell, he..he..

Sat. Outing

The simple, almost hidden resort at Mamburog was set under coconut trees. At that particular weekend the owners were kiln-drying some coconuts (to be made into copra). So it was a welcome sight for those who wanted to see how it’s done. The picnic huts, made of concrete to withstand Bicol typhoons, were situated near the river. Strong, clear waters were flowing downstream. This must have enticed an unlikely siren, este..estring asis to come out of nowhere and venture to swim in two-piece! She discarded her t-shirt, revealing a stunning attire, an upper whatchamacallit and Bermuda shorts. She bent and was poised to make a dive, to our horror, because there were big boulders around! yun pala mag-hihilamos lang, to our relief. FAJ and a few kids would later join the swimming team under cold waters..

Teddy Ong and Boy Rios presided over the chit-chats in one hut while everyone was tasting assorted breakfast stuff: puto, angko, suman, etc..etc.. Every now and then we would hear the ladies erupting with laughter. We in the other hut had to prepare the charcoal grill, while waiting for Manny Abogado to bring the fresh liempo’s. We didn’t wait too long. Soon the grill was ablaze, and the liempos and fresh tuna’s came and went while the many cooks were also the food tasters, bottles of beer in hand. Then Dorset and Remo arrived, with the rest of the food and drinks. They were all there, sugpo / hipon, lots of crabs, the immortal ‘tinomok’, even the sinantol! Wow, what a feast! As they always say “galit-galit muna” to focus on the superb meal in the meantime. Nobody seemed to be in diet mode.
Fresh buko, newly harvested starapples were also brought in. Sweet Daet pineapples completed the lunch.

While disgesting lunch Boy Rios impressed Mrs. Lunario with his various recitations. Definitions and declarations and historical facts and all. Which made Boboy Ong remarked, siguro nag review ka ng sarong semana bago mag reunion! The result was that there was a clamor to retrieve the various class medals given last 67, and be handed to Rios!

Meantime, rains poured again. A signal for all to start packing up and head back to Daet.

Saturday Night Live

In my earlier e-mail, I mentioned that this affair was full of surprises from beginning to end.

Here’s why:

1) Our former teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Maderazo, together with Mr. Manuel Alarcon ( Fechie’s brother) graced the party.

2) Estring Asis didnt leave early. She stayed well into the night.

3) FAJ turned out to be the class D.I. Whether it means dance instructor, or dance interruptor, is debatable, he.he..

4) Marybeth and Willy had surprise give-aways for all : from t-shirts, to California wines and JW Blacks, to chocolates and nuts - which made everyone alive and full of ‘spirit’. Which also made Efren Mago ask: can we have reunion every 6 months??

5) Susan was able to organize a raffle, with instant notable give-aways.

6) The musical numbers. Four groups, chosen at random by drawing lots, were able to render superb on the spot renditions. Each one can stand on their own versions. The verdict of the judges : a four-way tie! Face-off again in 2010 to see who’s really who !

7) The girls are gifted. They can do on-the-spot back-up dance numbers, with instant choreography.

8) Surprise song numbers from Ningning’s beloved, Edwin, and of course from the persevering Mona de Jesus, completed the solo renditions.

Dr. Yoly contracted and sponsored the same band as last year, million thanks to her, and this made sure the trip down to memory lane was well accompanied. Everyone had the energy to dance the night, or sing their blues away.

And when the time came to hear some feedbacks, Boboy Ong made a good job in asking almost everyone to speak up. There was longing for those who missed attending the reunion, who definitely would have made the affair even more memorable. But almost everyone’s message is that - coming from far or near, being back to where we came from, seeing dear old familiar faces and enjoying everyone’s company while we all still can, was worth the effort. Every minute was enjoyable. After all, such a chance to experience the yesteryears once again doesn’t come too often.

Sing, dance, chat, tease, like youngsters we all once were, 40 or more years ago. As we all linked arms in a circle while singing the night’s concluding songs (“I’ll See You In September” and thereafter “I’ll be Seeing You”) there were tears swelling from almost everyone’s eyes. No doubt the closeness was there. It was a bond which we now realize never vanished in the first place. Maybe temporarily laid-aside by the years, yes, but now definitely awakened and revived !



Every successful affair has certain individuals or groups behind it to thank for.
Dps Class 67 is fortunate to the have a core group of individuals whose untiring efforts and dedication make every event a big success and memorable.

First and foremost, the Daet group.

To the core group – Mendy, Susan, Manny A., Dorset, Dr. Yoly, Estring Asis, etc. whose planning and admin made the events smooth-flowing;

Remo for taking care of logistics and most of the food arrangements;

To Boboy and Dr. Yoly for their perseverance in locating long lost classmates and for making this a continuing effort until ALL have been accounted for.

To the Manila –based group :
Alot and Toti, Tess, Lina, Marynat for pre-reunion planning and coordination;

And of course- a perpetual Thank you is due Toti for establishing the e-group and the blogsite which allow us to contact and keep track of one another; a medium by which data, photographs, memoirs, news, developments, insights, opinions and activities can be posted for everyone’s info and perusal;

To Ed C – although a no-show at Daet, adequately made up for it in the Manila-leg of the Reunion; also to your continuing contributions to the e-group and the blogsite;

To Evelyn and Rudy for the pabaon’s for the foreign-based classmates;

And to Baby and Caloy for hosting a nice send-off dinner Sunday evening.

To the foreign-based classmates –

A very special thank you to all of you who flew the thousand miles, left your families for a few weeks, your jobs and devoted precious time and funds
just to be able to attend;

Also to those who were not able to fly home but contributed in other ways and have been in contact with us.

Marybeth, Willy, Men, JoeS, Ningning, Edwin thanks again for your attendance, gifts, assistance and give-aways,
Fechie – special thanks for the surprise t-shirts which became this year’s Reunion uniform! Galing mo! Like magic, wham! We had an instant uniform!


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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Reunion in Sacramento, CA

When we were dining in the Buddha restu, Willy B whispered to me his concern for the absence of a group photo during the Reunion in Daet. There are many reasons for such a sin of omission. But one that immediately came to my mind was perhpas we have unconsciously took the gender segregation of your days in DPS too seriously. And carried the subtle instruction into our adulthood. This could be a subject of another Blog.

Anywhow, I had a little bit of time this am so I decided to try and solve the problem using Photoshop. So Willy and Maryneth, here's what I came up with. First, I rummage through the foto collection given to me by Joe Sales. There was a foto of the ladies..lahat they were before. Another photo of the gentlemen...ang gugwapo pa rin... Then a photo of Joe Sales' house in Sacramento. Can I combine them? Hhhhmmmm, that will be cool prospect. We can use it later to create a poster for the next Reunion.... Careful, because Danny and Lyn would certainly want to have it in Orlando! Anyway, taking the three together and processing them a bit in Photoshop gave me the last foto (in our Blosite). Can you imagine a DPS Reunion in Sacramento CA? Not a bad thought!

Lots of huggggssssss....
Ed Canela

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An Mga Mauurag

Thanks to Ed for posting some pictures and uploading a video of the get together in Manila in the You Tube .

I'm now posting a few of the hundreds of pictures taken by the Official "Kodaker" Willy Bautista. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Willy. I'll resize all of them and upload them, hopefully tonight in our photo gallery. Ed, Willy left the USB containing all the pictures to me. Next time we meet, I'll bring it so you'll get the complete set.

I hope the others, too, who took pictures will upload their pix in the photo gallery so we can have the full collection of Reunion pictures. Paging Men, Ningning, Marynat, etc.

My sincere apologies to our classmates, especially the balikbayan classmates who travelled far just to attend this reunion. I really am embarrassed for my failure to attend the Reunion. I really never thought that I would be absent. I was one hundred percent sure of coming ..... until the day of the event. Again, I'd like to quote Marybeth - "Nakakasida talaga sa barkada ining trabaho." I really couldn't leave because of the write up we were finishing.

Talk about right timing, after submitting the report today, I don't have much work. We will wait for the comments of the agency then hold Consultations on march 7. It would be after that date when I would be busy again to meet the next deadline on March 15. Tinapat lang talaga itong reunion!

To the balikbayans, HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY TRIP. I hope you all enjoyed your stay. Again my apologies. Sa Susunod ulit na paghirilingan, MGA URAGON PA DIN KITA!

By the way, I already relayed the news to Mendy and Boboy that Rudy was able to catch the despedida tendered by Baby and Caloy for the balikbayans. Mendy already knew about it though. Marybeth called her up, earlier.

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Sor Victorina de la Providencia, Mother Superior of Daet Parochial School

HS Solo Graduation Pictures

DPS Class67 HS Graduates, 40 Years After

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