Sunday, February 17, 2008

DPS Daet Reunion Photos

These photos were taken by Joe Sales. He asked me to help him post them for him. There are lots and lots more in (note: you may click the site or even the Title to view the other fotos) that you can view at any time. I was not in Daet then, but judging from the fotos...talagang nag-enjoy sila.... You've got to see them, reminisce the good old days. Please share with us your impressions, interesting stories, memorable blasts from the past, gifts of happiness, jokes, tsismis, people you would have wanted to be present, heroic efforts to find lost souls, frustrations (if any), iyakan and all other emotions that made the event so colurful and fun. Oh sige, sulat na!

Enjoy! Lots of huggggssssss....

Ed Canela

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