Monday, February 18, 2008

A Reunion in Sacramento, CA

When we were dining in the Buddha restu, Willy B whispered to me his concern for the absence of a group photo during the Reunion in Daet. There are many reasons for such a sin of omission. But one that immediately came to my mind was perhpas we have unconsciously took the gender segregation of your days in DPS too seriously. And carried the subtle instruction into our adulthood. This could be a subject of another Blog.

Anywhow, I had a little bit of time this am so I decided to try and solve the problem using Photoshop. So Willy and Maryneth, here's what I came up with. First, I rummage through the foto collection given to me by Joe Sales. There was a foto of the ladies..lahat they were before. Another photo of the gentlemen...ang gugwapo pa rin... Then a photo of Joe Sales' house in Sacramento. Can I combine them? Hhhhmmmm, that will be cool prospect. We can use it later to create a poster for the next Reunion.... Careful, because Danny and Lyn would certainly want to have it in Orlando! Anyway, taking the three together and processing them a bit in Photoshop gave me the last foto (in our Blosite). Can you imagine a DPS Reunion in Sacramento CA? Not a bad thought!

Lots of huggggssssss....
Ed Canela

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