Monday, February 18, 2008

An Mga Mauurag

Thanks to Ed for posting some pictures and uploading a video of the get together in Manila in the You Tube .

I'm now posting a few of the hundreds of pictures taken by the Official "Kodaker" Willy Bautista. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Willy. I'll resize all of them and upload them, hopefully tonight in our photo gallery. Ed, Willy left the USB containing all the pictures to me. Next time we meet, I'll bring it so you'll get the complete set.

I hope the others, too, who took pictures will upload their pix in the photo gallery so we can have the full collection of Reunion pictures. Paging Men, Ningning, Marynat, etc.

My sincere apologies to our classmates, especially the balikbayan classmates who travelled far just to attend this reunion. I really am embarrassed for my failure to attend the Reunion. I really never thought that I would be absent. I was one hundred percent sure of coming ..... until the day of the event. Again, I'd like to quote Marybeth - "Nakakasida talaga sa barkada ining trabaho." I really couldn't leave because of the write up we were finishing.

Talk about right timing, after submitting the report today, I don't have much work. We will wait for the comments of the agency then hold Consultations on march 7. It would be after that date when I would be busy again to meet the next deadline on March 15. Tinapat lang talaga itong reunion!

To the balikbayans, HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY TRIP. I hope you all enjoyed your stay. Again my apologies. Sa Susunod ulit na paghirilingan, MGA URAGON PA DIN KITA!

By the way, I already relayed the news to Mendy and Boboy that Rudy was able to catch the despedida tendered by Baby and Caloy for the balikbayans. Mendy already knew about it though. Marybeth called her up, earlier.

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