Thursday, February 25, 2010

Latest on Joe Chavez's untimely death

Mendy and Emily have gone to Joe's wake and Mendy relayed this news.

Joe was bitten by a dog last November. Apparently, few people knew about it and he did not seek any medical treatment for it. So, it was not a case of having eaten dog meat for "pollutant".

The rabies virus had a long incubation period. Probably at the time of our reunion, the virus that was traveling along Joe's nerves was already nearing his central nervous system. At least, it took its time and allowed Joe to see us and enjoy his last class reunion.

I mentioned in my account of the welcome dinner that I noticed the "spirituality" in JoeC. He said that before he goes to sleep he prays to "Bro" (that's how the child actor in the very popular teleserye, "May Bukas Pa", called Christ/God) and leaves to Bro everything that could happen to him while asleep. Then, upon waking up, he thanks "Bro" for giving him another day. I hope he continued with this practice until the very last.

We really don't know when our time will also come. Only Bro knows. So we have to be prepared. Una-una lang, but eventually, we will have full attendance in our class reunion somewhere. I'm not too eager to have that yet, though. I'm satisfied with having annual reunion in Daet or Metro Manila with even just 50% or less attendance.

Again, we are one in praying that Joe will find his peace and joy and final home in God's kingdom.

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