Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ningas cogon - a Filipino idiomatic expression which literally means “grass flash fire”, referring to cogon grass that when set afire blaze furiously only to die down quickly .

It is also a term used to refer to a Filipino trait characterized by "starting out projects with full vigor and interest only to abruptly die down, leaving things unfinished."

Is this what is happening to our group? Right before and immediately after the 40th Year Reunion, there was so much eagerness to find where the others are, how they look, and what they have been doing. There was so much enthusiasm to maintain communications or to regularly see each other. The inbox was filled with many messages, pictures, jokes, inspirational messages, etc. There was a suggestion to put up a blogsite, and so we did. Messages and postings were eagerly awaited. This was so for several weeks, and then ......

Just like in many other projects, sustainability is a problem.

Perhaps, in our case, we have outgrown each other. It's been so many years since we were all together in school. Many things have changed. Maybe we don't share the same interests, the same values, the same convictions or advocacies now? Hence, the flurry of communications has already addressed our desire to know how each has been doing. So, what else is there to relate? Maybe, there are developments in one's family or career that need our time and attention and we're not really that close to each other to feel the need to share this with the rest. Maybe the present work load is too much. Maybe, but we don't really know because majority have chosen to remain silent.

Socialists say that Filipinos are generally passive and lacking in initiative. One waits to be told what has to be done. There is a strong reliance on others. Is this also the reason why we do not know what to do with the small amount of money that was left from the contributions given for the reunion? Bahala na sina Mendy, Yoly, Susan, Remo, and the rest of the Daet group to decide. Because we don't really know what each one wants. Is there any advocacy, or a cause that we want to push or at least to contribute a little, a very tiny part of our resources? ...... Wala lang. Long live the Society of the Causeless* Ones!

* may ganon bang term?

Sori po but a blog is a venue for expressing one's opinion, isn't it? So you're free to react! Sige maturog nguna ako, baka pag-mata ko after one week, ogwa ng sarong reaction ano?

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