Friday, June 29, 2007

What's New Today - June 29, 2007

Finally, the sleeping beauties woke up, (but the beasts haven't yet! joke, joke, joke)

All of a sudden, the egroup is once again active. But still, we still wonder what the reason is for the deep slumber of marybeth and captain rudy. We also await with anticipation the next posting of fely jacobs. So with bert, tess, rori (after his dagohoy posting), and ning-ning. We hope ed stays safe in jerusalem (wag mong gayahin iyong pres. ng israel who pleaded guilty to sex crimes and resigned).

As Nannette (Rose Cabusas-Yatco) promised, she sent me copies of the scanned pictures from our Yearbook. Now we were able to complete the graduation solo pictures of our batch, thanks to Nannette. She also sent me a copy of her beautiful sketch of the old DPS facade (electronic copy lang, not the real one). She's an artist masquerading as a dentist! (She's a dentist by profession.)

for the rest of the solo pictures, go to:

I also saw the collection of pictures of Camarines Norte by Job Elizes, one of the administrators of the If you want to see them, you can visit this site:

As to the recent events here, I think Vinzons celebrated its town fiesta, isn't it Alot? Today is also the installation of Msgr. Garcera as Bishop of Daet. On the political scene, tomorrow marks the end of the term of incumbent elected officials, that's why many of the newly elected ones are having their oath taking. But until now, one and a half months after the election, we still do not know who will be the 12th winning senator. Ang sarap pata_ in ng Commission on Election officials, lalo na iyong provincial election officer of the province of Maguindanao (na sobrang garapal ang pandaraya). Hay, while the citizens became more vigilant, mas naging garapal naman ang pandaraya!

Good morning! Welcome to the blog Ate Marynat. Finally, nakita mo na rin iyong blog! I hope you’ll visit this site regularly now and post your comments, too. You just have to register. You will be guided once you try posting your comments. Madali lang, mas mahirap iyong pag-piano, di ba piano virtuoso ka?

Today’s features come from an e-group which I recently joined – Our guest article today was written by Ms. Nanette Rose Cabusas-Yatco who also studied in Daet Parochial School, but graduated from the Camarines Norte High School. Her email to me will further bring back collective memories of our DPS’ past.

I am also posting an email from a member of the e-group who observed the disrespect for our flag and country by the Philippine Embassy itself in Washington, DC. I hope that you’ll also bring to the attention of authorities concerned similar such incidents in your places.

On a lighter mood, I’m also posting some quotations for the husbands (although, these may also apply to the wives, just change the gender of some of the words) taken from the same e-group.

On advocacy issues, after breast-feeding which is also being strongly supported by Danny, I would also like to promote two Filipino products/companies. This is not a paid advertisement, but for the Philippine-based members, I am strongly endorsing Hapee toothpaste. I’ve been using this for around two years now. This was mainly because I wanted to patronize quality pinoy products (cheaper pa in price, not quality). Hapeely, its Filipino producer (Lamoiyan Co) has survived and seems to be able to compete with the leading brands, like Colgate and CloseUp which closed their plants in the Phils and transferred to other Asian countries. Now, I found out that there’s another reason for patronizing it – it’s vision, mission and values. The company maintains a school for the hearing impaired and has a program for hiring the deaf as employees. It also provides housing facilities for its employees. Another company, I’m endorsing is Hen Lin, a food chain serving Chinese noodles and dimsum. This is also a Filipino firm which helps street children. Instead of ChowKing, try Hen Lin! Meron sa SM Mega Mall.

The Bienvenida and Despedida get together for Beth Perez pushed through yesterday, but without Beth. We waited for her call, just as she told me last Saturday evening that she'll contact us as soon as she gets to Manila (from Daet). Anyway, since we've already planned it (nabuyo nabaga), Ate Marynat was insistent (just like in our past get-togethers) that the Manila group see each other. It was a "big" group (almost)composed of Ate Marynat, Alot, and me. See the picture, and find out why it was a "big" group. It was Ate Marynat's treat. Nag-aagawan pa sila ni Alot, because Alot revealted that she just turned 48 (younger than danny) last June 10, so it was also a belated birthday celebration. So maski na in-IDNANI kami ni Beth, nag-enjoy pa din kami.

Danny, both Alot and Ate Marynat 'claim' that they have been religiously reading all the emails and are very disappointed whenever there is no new posting at all! Ha? Alot has a reason - this June, she's been back to Vinzons twice, first was when her aunt got seriously ill, and the following week, when her aunt died. Si Ate Marynat, e .... nagbabasa naman daw siya, tinatamad lang magsulat. Kukunin na lang daw niya akong PRO. Wow, hebi-gat!

So, the mysteries that have to be solved by Danny are why Marybeth has totally stopped communicating after their honeymoon in Hawaii, and why Captain Rudy has remained silent for more than a month now. What about Men, she's been silent these past few days, paki-kumusta na lang sa skype Danny, baka may sakit siya or a member of her family (hopefully, not!).

For more pictures of the get-together of alot, marynat and toti, visit:


Dan dela Fuente said...

Mr. PRO,
OK, tell both Alot and Ate Marynat that I absolved them for now. But you can tell them as well that this absolution is being given to them just for a short period of time. By the way Toti, please extend to Alot my sympathy on the death of her Aunt. Did Ate Marynat mention to you that she reads our e-mail exchanges but tinatamad lang siyang magsulat, kaya ikaw na lang? Puede ba iyon, Sir?
I will forward to Men your concern. Regards.

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Pwidi pu!

Dan dela Fuente said...

Hi Toti,
I visited the gallery of the pictures taken by Elizes' and I can't help but feel a bit nostalgic and proud at the same time because 2 of the pictures are those of the markers dedicated to the martyrs of Camarines Norte and both our family names were listed there. So, galing pala tayo sa lahi ng mga 'katipunero'. I printed the pictures to show to my son and daughter. Kaya pala Toti, ganyan na lang ang pagmamahal mo Lupang Sinilangan. Regards and take care.

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

oo nga, ngayon ko din lang nalaman. I also sent a copy to Didoy.


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