Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's New Today - June 24, 2007

HAPPY FIESTA fellow Daetenos!

Last night I had the chance to talk with Boboy Ong and Beth Perez. The Daet group is in Beth's house for another get together/reunion cum bienvenida for elizabeth. At the time I called up, those who were already there aside from Boboy were Dorset, Maning, Jibong Zano, Efren Mago, Mendy and Yoly. Mendy will send us the photos (I hope she can just upload them in our e-group, instead of sending hard copies. By the way, I still have the pictures intended for Bert, Rori, Felino, Rudy and Ed.)

I still didn't get the info on Beth's work in Japan. Her vacation is very short. She's going back to Japan on Tuesday. If Manila group wants to meet her, the only opportunity is on Monday. Tess already informed that she would not be available, she's leaving for Naga. Bert will also be out of town. Marynat and Alot, are however, available. I'll follow up Rori and request Alot to call up Baby/Nemia (may atraso ako dun, I did not attend her party for May).

I'm posting the History of Daet, Camarines Norte for those who are interested, like Danny who's fond of museums..... and churches!!

Aside from Daet, other places also celebrating their fiesta today are the City of Manila, City of San Juan (yes, San Juan, Rizal is now a city), Calamba City, Camalig, Albay and Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

Good Morning.

I received a text message from Boboy Ong, informing me that Beth Perez is in town. She's inviting them/us (class 67) to their house today, the eve of Daet's town fiesta. How he wished that those of us in Manila could come for the get-together with Elizabeth, and for the town fiesta. I hope, they will not forget to have photo 'ops'/kodakan so we'll see how Beth is now. Ano kaya ang ginawa niya sa Japan? (My communication with Boboy and even Mendy was cut-off last night because I lost my cellphone - for the nth time - on my way home. To think that while on board the tricycle, I suddenly remembered that I was wearing casual pants (pang-opisina) and not maong pants, where it would be easy for the cellphone to slide out of the pocket. This already happened to me several times. Yet, when I got off, I forgot about it, because I was carrying four grocery bags. I realized that I lost my cellphone again after I have put the groceries in the cabinet and ref. I couldn't recall the face of the tricycle driver, nor the tricycle. Welcome alzh...!)

We also received an email from Ed Canela together with his photos in Montenegro. I am posting some of the pictures here, but the complete set is posted in our photo gallery.

I'm also reposting the inspirational article sent by Ed yesterday.

Tomorrow, in honor of the feast day of St. John the Baptist, and Daet's town fiesta, I'll be posting the history of Daet.

June 21, 2007

I find this headline of a tabloid very amusing, catchy, and descriptive of the event being reported. This refers to the rally in front of the Supreme Court by breast-feeding advocates, where ten of them bared their breasts to catch the attention of the public. Yesterday was the oral argument of a case filed by the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Association of the Philippines asking the court to declare the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the MILK CODE unconstitutional. You see, the Department of Health came out with an IRR which bans all advertisements of infant formula. The Dept of Health's argument is that these advertisements are misleading, and that the government's budget to promote breastfeeding is no match to the milk companie's advertising and promotions budget which goes up to billions of pesos. Infant formula is not banned under the MILK CODE. What the government is banning is its advertisement. Milk companies' argument is that the IRR violates the public's right to free flow of information. I take the DOH's position on this issue. Ituloy ang dibdibang laban. The Unicef and the World Health Organization are supporting the DOH position. What about in the US, is advertising of infant formula allowed? Breast milk is best for babies. I'm sure that Danny would support the cause of breast-feeding, with or without milk!

I searched the web for Montenegro and its capital, Podgorica, where Ed is right now. I got something, and I am posting it here so we can have an appreciation of Ed's location.

Pahabol. Part of our feature on Filipino achievers is the speech of Franklin Barcelona Tan, the Filipino who was chosen to deliver the student's address at the Harvard's Law School's commencement exercises last June 7, 2007.


Dan dela Fuente said...

Regarding your question if I will suppport breast-feeding with or without milk, you are definitely right. I'm very supportive of it. Especially so for those men who are already on their andropausal stage of life. Studies shows(I just can't remember who did the test), that men in their 50's who are still being fed through breast

Fechie said...

Gosh! Never heard of this before. Was this study scientifically based? Or, was this based on those "andros" who liked breast....feeding that is, for as long as they can? Ha-ha-ha! For sure, I know who will be the supporters of this.

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

So Danny, the oldest person on earth is a Chinese guy aged 111 years. Let's see if you will outlive him! On with your breast feeding, besides unlike the milk formula in tin cans, the container of this doesn't get rusty! No danger of getting cancer....

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