Friday, June 1, 2007

Catching Up with the Rest

Greetings to all my classmates!

As I promised Toti I'll join the conversation but reviewing some messages ever since I first came inmay 9 I feel I'm a little late. I'll catch up step by step and maybe I can start with you FeA(Fechie) because I've been to SF where you are based and you mentioned in one of your messages that you are having house repair as of now. Had I come in earlier I could have referred you to my brother who is a reputable contractor in the Bay Area. I know why I say this for sure, I've been involved in some of his projects for 5 months when I was there in 2001-02. He did build and repair houses from San Francisco to Petaluma to Atherton, Hayward and Redwood City. I got involved most of my working months in the Petaluma project where he lost but still completed it. You could have saved a lot and maybe my brother could have rewarded me, just kidding. But if you found a good contractor you'll be fine. He's not yet in the big league but he's trying to win wider base of clients so the next time you plan to buildyour new love nest give him a call. I'll send you his number if you'll ask for it.

Now I'll tell you two shortcomings I made when I went there. One is I forgot that I have a high school classmate - you, who is based in SF. I was present in our 92 reunion and I remember I greeted you and you replied you work in a hospital which is five minutes away from SF airport, not a New yorker which I thought you were. Can't blame you for saying you haven't seen me since graduation age is catching up on our memory .My other shortcoming is also having failed to reach a friend of old in his San Diego lair. His very urgent come on for me to reach his place was "to come again before we fade into the sunset". How can I say no to that when I'm not sure when sunset comes calling. Hoping on or before 2010 I'll be there again and I'll see to it that I'll meet you.

By the way, who among our batchmates are also based in the Bay Area and within CA? From one of this group's message I can guess JoeS could also be there. I've also seen a picture of you with Sylvia Villafuerte, I've seen her house courtesy of a relative of Danny dlF, Chito Moreno who was with me that time. I wish I still get it right - her house is located in Richmond. I enjoyed driving around the Bay Area for five months, drivers are disciplined and courteous compared with what we have here.

Moving on to the nomination for outstanding DPS alumnus within our class my choice would be EdC and Toti. EdC brought prestige to DPS way back in 1964(did I get the year right Ed?) when he won the National Science Contest for his discovery that coconut water(or was it milk?) conducts electricity. He even had a picture appear on Manila Times together with who else but Pres. D. Macapagal. Can any classmate beat that and as far as I know no other prestigious contest was won by a DPS or LaCo student. He moved on to become a member of AdeMU community, I thought he became a professor in chemistry but Toti doubted it. I'm not sure about this because I was just trying to recall a Phil. Daily Inquirer Magazine issue sometime in the 80s (right Ed?) where EdC was featured. I hope EdC saved a copy of this issue and reproduced it so we can present it to whoever will choose the awardee. For subsequent feats he did, you classmates who are in regular touch with him can mention them.

My other choice I presume many among our classmates know his career choice. Starting in a multinational bank where he was supposed to make all the money the world can offer Toti quit to join the government. What a sacrifice but I'm not suprised knowing that like BertP he graduated from a school where students are moulded to become "men for others" unlike Erap an Ateneo dropout who became a man for other women. (This is just a joke Erap pls. don't sue me.)

I envy you all who attended our Reunion 07 when I saw all the pictures posted online by Toti. I had all the intention to attend in fact I gave some amount a proof that I was going there but it's not meant to be. There's always a next time. I just want to remind Daet locals that FAJ(Felino) is always around so please count me in in every gathering you'll have. For Manila based I'm also here most of the time. Is it possible? Basta please include my name everytime you plan to meet.
My tone here in my first message is serious or is it? This is not the way I write. I'm still trying to feelmy way around this egroup. Sana walang pikon ditto because jokes will come out by the dozen kung ok sa lahat. DannydlF, MargB, IrmaA, MyrnV, FeA, EdC, Toti, VioF, JoeS, MaryB and BertP, the egroup Kumusta sa lahat!

One other thing, I teased MarynatD at the hospital when we visited her that I joined the group to see how she looks now because I can't remember seeing her a moment smile in all of our years in high school, she protested loudly. She also laughs her heart out easily now.
This is chapter 1.

Your classmate relocated by Toti,



Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

May 31, 2007

Hello Fely (Felino),

Kumusta ka na kababayan? Hindi nabanggit ni Chito na pumunta ka o nasa California ka on a certain time. Sana nagkausap man lang tayo. Anyway, I'm glad you decided to join our egroup. At least ngayon, when you plan to visit the US again, you know our e-mail addresses and we might be able to plan a mini reunion just like what they did when Rudy came to SFO. How's our beloved San Vicente? I'm surprised that you have not gone into politics there. Or, am I wrong in saying that? The last time I visited San Vicente was in 1999, when my mother passed away. But we only went to sitio Palale to look at some properties there. Alam mo, we are now in that age that we are thinking of what to do in retirement years. We have a property near the school that I'm thinking to open up for development and since you mentioned that you are into building houses, perhaps we can do some brainstorming
regarding this. How's that FAJ? 'till next time. Regards to you and your loved ones.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Wow! Pero talagang mas masarap magbigay ng award.. believe me...I am really so happy that you were able to follow some of the interesting milestones in my life...Believe ako sa yo! I was just chatting with Danny this am and we both agree that we are all blessed and it's really about time to share what we've gotten... and I really like to continue living my small footprints all over.... touching the lives of as many people as I possibly can...Lots of hugssss from Solo, Central Java in Indonesia....

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hello Fely Jacobs,

This is Myrna "Men" Venida-Abot. Welcome to the egroup. You won't regret joining this. Lahat ng kalokohan ng mga classmates natin lumalabas dito sa egroup. Yong mga serious at tahimik before, ngayon kalog na. Yong mga kalog naman doble/triple ang being kalog. I"m here in Sacramento, California - and you are most welcome anytime you visit the West Coast. Living in California are Joe S., Fechie, Marybeth, Herminia, and Allan Mulligan. Just let us know when you are coming and we promise you good time, di bas guys?

Pls tell us more about yourself.

Ingat and once again welcome!


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Welcome Felino/Ibot/Fely Jacobs,

You more than made up for your long silence with this long letter. From the looks of it, from the way you write, we can all expect a more lively egroup. We will await those less serious things that you'll share with us. Pero ok din yong serious topics. You forgot to
mention in my credentials - best in sipa! it was hilarious when you were relating that to us when we visited Marynat in the hospital.
Maybe Alzheimer has set-in early, such that I already have selective memory. I have really forgotten that thing about sipa!

Ok Ibot. We'll wait for your next sharing. Please check out our blogsite too.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hello Felino(FAJ),

Finally, you decided to be in the loop! Welcome back to our batch and welcome to our egroup. Glad to have heard from you after all this times. And I have finally seen you even on-line.

Maybe I have an early onset of Alzheimers coz I don't remember seeing you in one of our reunions. Was it really me or were you imagining that it was me? Aha! I should have known. Crush pa naman kita noon! He-he-he. Pero, hindi na ngayon.-si Roberto Manly na lang!(Joke only!-where is he?).

Seriously, it is so nice to hear from you. And make sure you don't snooze on us like the others. Gising uli mga kapatid!

It's too bad that we didn't get to see each other the time that you were here in the Bay Area. I thought someone told me that you are staying here in US already but no clear or exact whereabouts. I know your brother Manny Jacobo. In fact he did my bathroom several years ago. I was happy with his work and actually told him then about my plans for renovation but he didn't seem interested. But of course that was many years back. I think he is big time now and does commercial constructions. Any way, give my regards to him if you talk to him. I have not seen nor heard from him for a long time. He's still here in US right?

So now, when you visit the next time, you don't have an excuse not to see us anymore. You have our addresses and email. We'll be happy to see you. Just let us know.

So, how have you been? How many kids? How many wives? OOOOppppsss, excuse me, slip of the mind! ha-ha-ha! Tell us more about yourself and family.

Hope to see you someday soon. Ingat lang.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Greetings to all again!

Hingal Katatapos ko lang mareview lahat ng messages June 4 - 6 including CA reunion pictures posted by Men tambak na pala! Ngayon kayo naman ang humingal sa
message ko.

On Chito- When we first arrived in SF Chito was already working for my brod for several months. He
would also serve as our tour guide from time to time. Later we worked together for maybe about two months in a housing project in Petaluma then he left. Until my
departure for Pinas land we saw each other again only briefly sometime in early 02. You can ask him he can recall this episode. Are you still connected to him
these days if not when was the last time you talked to him?

San Vicente report:
Kabayan i'm glad and you are the first one to reveal about your retirement plan in Pinas land more so your investment plan on your lot in our beloved , my little
paradise called San Vicente. I know very well the said lot, it's a prime property by San Vicente
standard perfectly suited for a housing project because its terrain is flat. Unlike ours at your front, yes we are neighbors including Joe Zano(Jebong)whose property is located beside you, I have second thought developing it into a subdivision due to some
sloping portion and the investment involved. I'm a step ahead of you on this plan sana, a masterplan have already been prepared for us by a surveyor two years ago but with my and my brothers' doubt I'm thinking of other options. Come for a brief visit first
before coming home for good so you will see what's happening on the ground. Be my guest in San Vicente
accommodation will be absolutely free but only for you! Baka kasi magdala ka ng isang platoon dahil sa offer ko na ito. You have to consult first with your Kuya Cesar as I presume he is the one in charge of it then we can brainstorm. Generally the steps you have to do are: fix some kinks about the lot, buyout the others, complete the government equisites, do the initial phase of work, advertise then wait for buyers
to come. Also ask your Kuya Cesar about the status of the road right of way that cut thru almost the center of it obtained by the previous municipal administration that was already started but lately
appear to be abandoned. I'm not sure what the new officers are going to do with it. There's one negative detail about that property I learned but I treat it
confidentially, you have to tell me if it's ok to discuss it here. On local politics, nowadays I am
wiser after all the frustrations suffered by my elders thru the years. My motto now is to be a winner whoever wins and I did it in the last elections. Kabayan I
thought it was you not me who had an eye for the mayoral post until you changed course. You campaigned
vigorously for your brother when he ran. In fact you were more eloquent as a public speaker(bolero) than your brother. See for yourself if you still have the
desire to join the fray. If you do it the right way ala Don Quixote, to bring back sanity in the small
world of politics in our beloved San Vicente I'll be with you. If not we might as well stay on the
sidelines and serve the people in many other ways.
One last item an unsolicited advice, being a golf addict now please wear a cap everytime you do the rounds too much exposure to the sun is bad for your skin(Ops).
Men na nga instead of MyrV
Congratulations muna for topping that exam, I get it now you are employed in a court. You assured me all are now kalog so walang pikon. Please pacify Dannyd if
he is about to blow his top(Ops). From the new messages that came in it appears he is game naman si
Kabayan. More are coming. Where exactly are JoeS, Herminia, and Allan Mulligan located around the Bay Area? Upon review of previous messages I saw MarybR lives in Beneccia, this city is familiar as I stayed for six months in nearby Vallejo. Sayang talaga I've reached as far north as Reno and farther north as Lake Tahoe, pwede na akong nakadaan sa lugar mo. By the way Toti, Have you posted a picture of Herminia is she dela Cruz? I saw her already from the pictures posted by Men.

I know you are here in Pinas land right now. Get serious with your joke that you might fall for Toti, I was able to read that message, because of his skill in doing many things with the computer. I'll say it again get serious with him, pls. stop dreaming about Roberto
Manly, he is MIA(missing in action). Toti is flesh and blood and he looks more macho now than the wimpy boy he used to be in high school. With all his work load
he needs to slow down and a nurse is the one he needs to slow him down. If he can't sweep you off your feet then do it yourself. For us midlifers wala nang maraming usapan! The origin of this idea is would you believe MarynatD. Yes when we visited her she matched
Toti to you because you are eligible again, and his reaction was an enigmatic smile not a violent one. Can anyone please inform Fr. Efren of the possibility. I remember in our 92 reunion someone from the guys
tossed the question why no wedding ever took place among us 67 classmates, SusanK replied that's for you guys to answer. This could be the dream answer. On our silly debate about my presence in our 92
reunion let's close it here with my clincher and please dig into the deepest corner of your memory:
During our lunch at St. Louis you announced to the class that Danny is doing good as a real estate broker in Florida, he was driving around in a Jaguar that time. You showed us the check he sent thru you, I still remember the amount except the bank name kaya nga sabi ko "doing good nga kuripot naman".(Ops) Men I hope the naughty words that follow will not apply to FeA in case she falls for the lawyer you are matching to her?
Wife A: I hate my engineer husband, erect ng erect
Wife B: Mine too a doctor, inject ng inject
Wife C: You're both lucky, mine is a lawyer,postpone ng postpone.

Danny uli- Akala ko ang dahilan kaya wala sa ating mga lalaki ang makalapit kay Tess ay dahil maganda nga siya pero matapang ang ganda at tunay na matapang nga.
Do I recall it right Tess that you almost had a fistfight with Ed Rios? Kung tama ako e di natakot nga tayong lahat.

Men uli-If you address me here as Monsignor FAJ I'll have no objection. Sa mga susunod na messages uumpisahan ko ng A Short Message from. Meron nga ako tsismis tungkol kay Msgr. Reganit pero baka hindi safe dito.

Bert-One thing good for me about these exchanges is I'm beginning to recall words that slipped off my mind already. Also I began to open the dictionary more often again in short I'm learning again. Di ba maganda?

Toti and others next time naman kayo.

Sign out muna marami pang darating.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi Fely,

You are made for the Blogsites...ang galling mo! Surely, Toti will be so happy to have you as one of the main pillars of our Blogsite....lovely FAJ....Hugssssss

Ed Canela

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