Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ed Canela in Podgorica, Montenegro

Hello Toti,

Here's a set of the Monte Photos that you requested. I have to go to Budva, some 45 minutes from Podgorica to see this place where some (only some) shots were taken for the Casino. I just learned that most of shots, including the palaces were from Czech Republic...I will try and target thisfor my next destination (I wonder how?). Ok lang ang Budva. Beach place in the Med. Plenty of nice ladies from Europe and Russia. As they are just beginning the summer, gee everyone is rushing to the beach to be "seen".

Ganda ditto P're. Today, at 9:00 I will meet the government officials (one deputy Minister) to discuss the job of the Ombudsperson for the Private Sector and how much they will cost....I hope that I can make some convincing statements...Hugsssss muna to you and everyone else who cares...he, he, he. Bakasyon kayo rito...

Ed Canela

Balik ako sa Vienna, Austria bukas ng hapon and then fly to Tel Aviv (Jerusaleem, correct spelling to!) on Monday am for ten days. Here I would need everyone's prayers....shalom!

for more pictures of Ed in Montenegro, visit:

From the web:

Exotic landscapes are not always distant and hidden. In the heart of the Mediterranean, separated from Italy by the Adriatic sea , this small country is waiting for you. This little known country is only an hour flight from Rome or Budapest , one hour and a half from Zurich , and then your Montenegrin adventure can begin.


Come to escape the tempo of the country contemporary lifestyle and enjoy the natural beauty.

Make the most of your time and come to enjoy an abundance of experiences. Feel the adrenaline surge while rafting down the Canyon of the Tara river, the deepest canyon in Europe . Enjoy in the virgin beauty of Biogradska gora, the last virgin forest in Europe. Feel the beat of arcadian life in Kotor Bay, the southernmost fjord in the world, and something wonderful happen to you.

You can choose to explore one of the 117 sandy beaches on the Adriatic sea, renaissance coastal towns or peaceful mountain scenes beside glacial lakes.

Discover a part of the undiscovered, on which the unique seductiveness of Montenegro rests, when conquering the irresistible peaks of Durmitor mountain.

Cruise along the largest lake and the biggest bird reservation in Europe - Skadar Lake. Experience the special dimension found in the particular combination of ethnics and aesthetics which are the soul of Montenegro.

Podgorica, situated on the banks of six rivers, is developing the characteristics of a modern European city. It is the metropolitan and administrative center of Montenegro. After looking at its new buildings, a visitor may think the city has just appeared on the banks of the Moraca, Ribnica, Zeta, Sitnica, Mareza and Cijevna rivers. Behind the modern city you can easily notice the signs of a long tradition. Just walk down any street in the city center, like Hercegovacka Street.

Two thousand years ago, at the mouth of the rivers Ribnica and Moraca, there was the Illyrian and Roman town of Birziminium. Where the Zeta river merges with the Moraca river lies the remains of beautiful Duklja, an attractive archeological excavation site. In 1326 Podgorica was named after the hill Gorica, which was settled in the north part of the city. From 1946 until 1990 it was officially called Titograd. One sees the best picture of old Podgorica while visiting the settlement of Varos. It is dominated by the high stone Sat-kula (Clock-tower), which is like a lighthouse and is another symbol of the city.

Podgorica is located at 44 meters above sea level, and only a hundred kilometers away from the famous coast resorts and the very attractive winter tourist center on Bjelasica. In only a two-hour drive, water skiing can be replaced by skiing on snow! Not far away from the city is Scadar lake, which together with the sunny Zetska valley is a real garden of heaven. The climate provides excellent wines, like Vranac and Procorden, as well as the excellent rakija or grape brandy, called “water of life”.

Comfortable guest accommodations include the hotels "Crna Gora”, “Podgorica”, “Ljubovic” and “Premier Montenegro”, as well as numerous small, private hotels in and near the town. As an open trade center, Podgorica offers a large variety of first-class imported clothes, primarily from Italy. While shopping you can visit some of the restaurants in Podgorica where you can try some of the traditional meals. You can also visit one of the galleries, theaters, museums, and archives. In a city of 169 100 people, a visitor can quickly feel the hospitality of this pro-European metropolis.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi Toti,

Heto am in Mozartsland in Vienna. Pagdating mo pa lang dito tumutunog na yong mga rhapsodies and Viennese waltzes...and ganda. I am here for only five hours and will have two meetings at the airport...and then am off to Podgorica....I am so excited to go there because they really have paid too
much just to bring me there.Grabe! Anyway,am really so excited...building an Ombuds practice there would not be so easy but will try...

CEFE is in Manila since sometime kaya lang mahal. We even have CEFENet Philippines there where I served as one of the first BOT... Trustee pa rin pero am really more active sa labas and my colleagues there are looking after the Philippine markets...We are doing a lot of work on poverty, environment, energy, etc. Yes, we have worked with Tita Cory but when I brought this here, I worked with the DTI, kasama si GMA (she was still an Undersectary then) and Mai Jimenez. CEFE is now in 130 countries all over so I get to enjoy the perks once in a while. I help invent the course with the German Government and since then GTZ has been known for this product called CEFE. Ok lang...alam mo naman ako...hanggang invento lang! The German NGO, CEFE International now owns the rights and we are still actively propagating the process and methodology. Marami pa akong ginangawa nagyon...ngayon pang malapit na akong tumigil....Paradox, di ba? Hugssss to all our classmates.... from the wonderful and rhapsodic Vienna.

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi Ed,

Wow! I would have loved to sit in one of your lectures kahit hindi ako enterpreneur. I am so proud of you! A real international figure.

With all the travels you make, are you ever jet-lag? Eto ako just in one place but hilong-hilo na ako sa traveling mo!

Hope your giving yourself some time to relax and sleep. Take care and more power to you.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Yup Danny...Podgorica (pronounced as Pod-go-ri-cha) is Montenegro's capital.
Great place...tamad ng kunti ang mga tao pero ang babae nila are incredible.
First very beautiful. Quick thinker and you can trust them. Very
Mediterranean ang dating...etc. Mainit ditto, 36 when I arrived. The black
mountains surrounds this place but I was told na maganda ang coast. I am not
living in a hotel right now, am on an apartment na merong amenities...Don't
ask me kong merong special services...Maraming nakakabasa nito he, he, he,
he....Oppsss, walang internet sa apartment ko. Yong my GTZ, CEFE,TOT bayaan
mo yon, sa Jericho ko pa gagawin yon. Dito am more interested in creating a
new legal practice...Ombudsperson for Private Sector. Ombuds ay para sa mga
abogado...hindi electrical engineers na tulad ko...pero magaling akong
private sector person so am here....Galing noong musueum na paandar
mo....Now am still suffering from a massive dose of jet-lag. Kulang pa sa
tulog but life has to go on....Will see if I am awake all day today.

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said... is the blank lines that are of interest to Dan not the musueums, which was at the bottom of his list and he knows I would not even go!

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Toti and Ed,

Magtatampo na ako sa inyong dalawa. Hindi ninyo pinaniniwalaan na intesado
ako sa mga ....................................museums. OK papalitan ko na
lang ang request ko, Ed pag nag Skype tayo, doon ka sa makikita ang
naggagandahan daw

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Yes...that is also true get the Orthodox Christians here...Grabe
ang dami nila....anyway, I will visit the cathedral there in Tel
Aviv.....Pero tama ka Dan...talagang magaganda ang babae ditto....

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

June 24

Hi Toti,

I am now back in Austria and will try to fly tonight..I thought of going direct as I am in no way doing any other stuff in Austria this time. Everyone wants their weekend, even my friends here... overnance is easy and ransparency. I even know Peter Eigen, President of Transparency International in Germany. He was a former colleague in GTZ in Nairobi, Kenya. My problem is how to share with you...will only be back on July or 9 depending on my task in Jerusaleem. By the way, I sold the Ombuds to the Montenegrins...there will be a provision for Ombuds in their new constitution coming out mid-2008. Only problem is that am a poor consultant and no mention of my name will be made....ok lang. Another success after another. Tingnan natin sa Jerusaleem, Jericho at Ramallah. Huggggsssss

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi Toti,

Now in Jerusaleem (correct spelling, pero Israeli)...arrived this 12:30 am and proceeded to the Ambassador Hotel, my favourite in East Jerusalem (correct spelling kasi sa Arab side na ito)....Trip was great. Austrian Airlines is not so bad but would not recommend compared to Lufthansa or Thai r Singapre Airlines ... I am not so optimistic about this mission. Actually gusto kung mapostpone itu kaya lang talagang mahirap ang next dates. Am still so busy....after this. If you have counted the countries that I have already visited (and done some work) aabot na ako ng eight malayo pa ang
December and more coming up. Grabe talaga...Heto, it looks like I will train the Trade Negotiators of Peoples democratic republic of Laos, where I also have a small consulting company managed by 8 women..called Enterprise Development Consultants (EDC) Ed Canela talaga ang ibig sabihin noon.

almost 3:00 am here now huggssssssss.
Ed Canela

Hi Toti,
Here's a foto of the entrance to Tel Aviv's airport. Ang ganda ng bagong
airport nila...pero napakainit ditto, 40 degrees...I left Montenegro at 39
degrees only to arrive here at 40 D, and at 12:30 am...I was already warned
na mas grabe bukas...45 degrees and you can know that. Hugssssss
Ed Canela

Your schedule is really very hectic, but for somebody like me who now
seldom travels and has not visited the places you've been going to,

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