Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Answers to the Puzzles:
Queena N. Lee-Chua's Puzzle

12 = S of the Z 12 Signs of the Zodiac
1001 = A N 1,001 Arabian Nights
90 = D in a R A 90 Degrees in a Right Angle
24 = H in a D 24 Hours in a Day
88 = P K 88 Piano Keys (90 kung kasama iyong 2 butas ng ilong)

Solution to the Puzzle on the Man Who Lost His Way

Ask one of the men, "if I would ask the man standing next to you: which is the road to the village?, what would he answer?"

If you ask this to the liar, he will point you in the wrong way.If you ask this to the one who speaks the truth, he will also point you in the wrong way.So after asking the question, take the other way. This will bring you in the village

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