Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's new Today?

The news these past few days both here and abroad have been depressing - typhoon in MyanMar and the restrictions imposed by the military junta which made it difficult for aid to reach the typhoon victims; the earthquake in China and the aftershocks which resulted in a big number of casualties, the massacre in RCBC branch in Cabuyao, Laguna; the massacre of several families in Calamba, also in Laguna; the filing of charges by the NBI against Jun Lozada (why give priority to his 'malversation' case, even if true, when government should be running after Abalos, and of course, the big/biggest fish involved in this case); and the fare hike which starts today after flipflopping by Malacanang.

Another bad news (at least for me, and the farmers involved) is an Order issued by the Office of the President which excludes a 127-hectare land in Camarines Sur from agrarian reform coverage and cancels the title to the land already awarded to 57 farmers, ten years ago in 1998. I was then the head of DAR-Camarines Sur and we encountered a lot of difficulties in covering the property and in installing the farmers even after they already held the title to the land. I was sued for P6M damages and the case lasted for seven years from 1998 until its final dismissal by the Court of Appeals in 2005. Aside from the court case, I also had Ombudsman case, and administrative case before DAR and OP resulting from my coverage of this property. A son-in-law of the landowner is the first cousin of Manny Gaete (the Malacanang guy under Sec. Ermita, who was so generous as to have "lent" P500,000 to Jun Lozada). Now DAR says it can not do anything because it was already OP which decided and DAR is under OP. (Almighty talaga ang OP, hindi pwede question-in). I am worried about what would happen to the 57 farmers and their families who will be ejected.


I am posting another contribution from Bing. It's something about philosophy and theology. Medyo, heavy ano? I'll post the rest of the pictures from the Awesome Translations as soon as I have the time. Medyo matagal magpost.


Tomorrow is the birthday of Wilma Quintela-De Belen. I'll greet her on behalf of the Class via cp. I don't think she opens our blogsite.


By the way, today is the FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF OUR BLOGSITE. Although there are posts which are dated earlier than May 21, daya iyon. Those were really the messages which you sent to our egroup at the time that we still didn't have this blogsite. I just transferred them from the egroup to this site. Then I adjusted the dates in the Post Options so the dates that would be reflected are the dates in your messages to the egroup.

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Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hello Toti,

Babaliktarin ko ang format mo. Happiness muna, then sadness and then a little public secret…

CONGRATULATIONS! For being able to maintain our blog almost singlehandedly. It’s a feat in my book. One year is good. The next one will be a challenge and we will all be up to it, hopefully. Many of us are not even lurkers yet as we have no access to internet just as yet (rice versus internet, the choice is clear). I am sure that as soon as our classmates in Daet get better access, our blog will be the first one they’d visit. Sama ko na sa congratulations si Bing for contributing and sharing. And everyone else who has been contributing throughout the year in their own humble ways. They likewise deserve a pat on their shoulder..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wilma Quintela-De Belen, if she can see this message.

And now for the hhmmmmmmmmm

Nakakalungkot talaga ang situation dito. Believe me, our neighbors are making headways on how to adopt to an increasingly difficult economic conditions…I was in Singapore recently and everyone is likewise silently complaining about inflation and rising prices… but you can see that they are trying. Doing something first before complaining. Now in the Philippines, naku bangayan ng bangayan about nothing. Ooopppssss, you have to add Meralco in this long list of events. Mas grabe din yata ito. And we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Sana naman, they discuss issues like “wireless transmissions of electricity” para wala ng cable. Nope, pasahan ng blame, old skeletons are being unearthed, and ang daming strategies on how to milk the poor electricity users. Talaga naman. Look what happened to the environment issues raised last month, it came like a ningas kugon and suddenly it is gone! Balik sa dating gawi… he, he, he. And what about the rise crisis… our solution: subsidize the poor? Why do we have to use old, easy, and politically nice solutions like subsidy? Isa pang hirit, didn’t you notice anything about the weather? Grabe din ang changes. We have now three or four provinces under state of calamity after Cosme’s recent visit. Daming homeless. It is really sad. Mukhang we are all witnessing a parade of events. Interesting, not interesting… some are true, others are pure panggulo lang….all being woven and dished to us by our talkative and media hungry politicians…and we just love to be mere passive spectators. Like watching TV. BUT…life has to move on…….switch to Djesabel!

A little secret..…. early this year, I decided to go back to school and complete my PhD in Systems Dynamics. I need about 40 units more plus the dissertation which I have to finish before mid-next year (else, re-start ulit). I am with a mostly priests and nuns group and am the oldest..…. Mahirap pala to take it when you are experienced. I do not know if I can finish this, pero it helps me avoid the passing of the sad events here. Believe me, it is harder but better than watching Djesabel passively!

Lots of huggggssssss….

Ed Canela

Sor Victorina de la Providencia, Mother Superior of Daet Parochial School

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