Monday, May 12, 2008

What's New Today?

The new posts today should have been posted yesterday - Fechie's Mother's Day Greeting Card and Bing's Bible Study Humor (appropriate for Sunday reading).

I was able to greet Linda a Happy Birthday yesterday morning on behalf of the class. She sends her thanks to everyone for remembering.

Last Saturday, I saw this full page color ad of Senator Loren Legarda in the Phil Daily Inquirer. It's an advertisement for LUCIDA-DS, a skin smoothener, anti-ageing, imune booster detoxifier.... Hmmm. it seems that there are many senators who are product endorsers now. Do you think this is right?

Ping Lacson is endorsing FACIAL CARE (yes, facial care, day!!)
Cheez Escudero and wife have a TV ad for a vitamin supplement (I forgot the brand name).
Pia Cayetano has a TV ad for Downey, fabric conditioner.
Manny Villar also has a billboard ad, for which product, I can not at the moment recall.
Of course, Bong Revilla has his weekly TV show, KAP, AMAZING STORIES.
and Mr. Palengke, Mar Roxas, also has a TV info-mercial (again I can't recall for which campaign).

Let's wait and see if Enrile and Joker Arroyo who are both in their 80s will be endorsing Myra-E, or any anti-ageing product.

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Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi Toti,

He,he, he...everyone is gunnng for their 15 secs of fame in the senate.... A chance to be seen and hopefully, be considered as a presidentiable...if not
senatoriable. If they cannot call the media to come (as in House Inquiry)they go to the media!.... Lots of huggggssssss....

Ed Canela

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