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More on Calaguas Islands

To get to Calaguas Islands, one can hire a banca from either Sabang, Vinzons or from Bagasbas in Daet, both in Camarines Norte. Motorized bancas in Sabang have the capacity of between 20 to 25 persons and would cost around P6,000 round-trip.

There are some organized trips to Calaguas Islands now. There was one that was organized last April 25-27, 2008 at P4,000 per person for a group of 20. (I got this from the website

The package included wakeboarding at the Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex, an overnight stay in Calaguas Islands, and surfing at Bagasbas beach.

The group took the aircon bus to Naga City/Pili, Camarines Sur at the Ali Mall, Cubao on Thursday evening. Friday was spent in Naga and Pili. Saturday morning was the trip to Calaguas Islands via Bagasbas beach in Daet. There was an overnight camping in Calaguas, then Sunday morning was the return trip to Bagasbas, where the group spent the rest of the afternoon surfing. Sunday evening was the trip back to Manila.

I sent an inquiry regarding future trips to Calaguas. They are preparing for the June trip to Coron in Palawan. This is also a very beautiful place.

There is a website I found (, which is selling a piece of property (111 acres or around 45 hectares for US$350,000). That's around P14.7 million or around P327,000/hectare. The island being sold is Sword Island, which is part of the Calaguas group of islands. Below is the entire article.

Sword Island

Going to this island by boat is a trip you'll find fascinating. Going to this island from Vinzons, Daet, you’ll have a chance to see other fantastic islands in the area. You can’t help but imagine what lies beneath those islands.

Although history tells that the province of Camarines Norte is rich in gold, what you’ll hear is that, “those who found it became rich and those who don’t became poorer”. Nevertheless, just the island itself is already gold itself.

Sword island is an hour and a half travel by boat more or less from the town of Bagasbas, a small town in the area becoming known as a surfer’s haven next to Siargao of Surigao. The best time to go to the island is during the months of February to October (long dry season). Rainy season here arrives later; usually the heaviest is from the months of November – January, compared with other areas in the Philippines where the rainy period starts in the months of June - September.

Sword island is the gate to discover other fantastic islands in the area and the ultra-hospitable people in a small town in the middle of the ocean. About 30 minutes from this island is the town of Banocboc, where fishermen delivering seafood to the maintown of Daet live. Also, not far from this island is a small island called Castle Island that is currently planning to become a first-class resort. If this happens, it will be the first island in Camarines that will become a small version of Elephant Fantasy Island (no longer in operation) in Marinduque. Definitely, the price of islands around the area will jump up.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the waters surrounding the island are definitely incomparable. You will be welcomed by a powdery white sand beach and coconut trees on the island. What differentiates this island from other similar sized island is that it has perfectly flat to hilly elevations that are best for any type of resort development.

Living on this island is not impossible. Two strong mobile groups, GLOBE and SMART Telecommunications are accessible on the island. Generator Power and Solar (which is usually used by resort owners, although not yet very popular in Daet, can be put up on the island). Cable Satellite is being used in the town of Banocboc and can also be put up on the island. Food is not also difficult on the island because you can have an arrangement with the local fishermen from the town of Banocboc to deliver seafood on a schedule (guaranteed 70% off the market). Construction materials are not difficult to bring to the island because the nearby town Banocboc can provide the gravel and sand while cement and other light materials will be bought from the town of Daet. Nevertheless, it won’t be difficult for you to plan on building on the island. The labourers will also be coming from the nearby town. They charge a minimum of P200.00 per day. Still, very affordable compared with constructing island residential houses or resorts in other countries.

From the island back to the mainland, during monsoon season or unexpected weather conditions, the boat can choose to dock at Paracale Port instead of Bagasbas or Vinzons, Daet. Aside from smooth trip, you will be fascinated by the people on rafts along the waters of the port area, from their small nets tucked in four-sided wood about a foot in size, they sift gold down the waters. People here no longer go far from the port to find their gold, they believe their gold is just along the waters of Paracale. But for the islander, experiencing swimming along the beach of Sword Island, snorkelling and soaking under the sun, and finally getting your dream island, you will surely say, Daet helped you find your pot of gold in this tropical country.

Travel time from Sword Island to Paracale Town is definitely less (only about 1 ½ hour). There are no scheduled trips going to the islands and mostly, islands are privately owned. Boats are hired from Bagasbas or Vinzons. Boatmen take the route to Paracale as an alternative route during times of unexpected strong waves. Buses are available in Paracale going to Manila (6-7 hours, P580.00 more or less). Paracale is about a 50 minute to 1 hour bus ride to Vinzon, Daet.

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Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...


If weather is still o.k. in Aug-Sept, ‘yun siguro and good timing pag punta sa Calaguas,

(at siempre Im back by then, sama ako !).

Really looks like an exciting island where one could snorkel, swim, even go fishing

with the local folks.!

And at nights, ‘the roof is the sky, the lights are the stars’ kind of scene.

As for Sword Is. maybe DPS Class 67 could chip in and bid for it (he..he.. !)

Tess will fill it with pili trees!



Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...



Anonymous said...

wow,parang gusto mong gawing susunod na boracay ah. huwag naman, nakakawawa ang lugar. hayaan na lang natin syang ganyan

Boracay Hotels said...

San yung calaguas??? well for me, ok lang saken kung gagawan din niya ng article ang boracay.

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