Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lunch Date with Marybeth and Willy

Marybeth and Willy are going back to the US today. Last Monday, May 26 we had a get together over lunch at the Kamayan Restaurant in Glorietta 3, Makati City. It was supposed to be a despedida treat of the group for the couple, but Marybeth was faster to the draw. She was able to pay for the meal before we did.

Among those present were Alot, Marynat, Baby/Nemia, Lina, Ebot/Manuel, Rori, myself, and Dra. Yoly who happened to be in Manila. Ed was not able to make it. He had to rush home to Daet because his father was brought to the hospital on Sunday evening. Happily he, gave an update yesterday morning that his father, who's already 87 years old, is already okay. He was already discharged from the hospital and is now back to his home. He also said that Mendy already contacted him.

We're also glad that finally, after months of being indisposed, Rori was already able to join the group.

Tess was out of town, while Rudy (who's celebrating his birthday tomorrow) and wife Ineng are still out of the country. We missed Bert and Marie who're now in the US.

You can see the Kamayan band serenading the group. They sang not just once, not just twice, but many times more. Baby and Dra. requested for songs from the Beatles, Dave Clark 5, Hermans Hermits, etc. Before the requests though, the band sang Besame. Pagkahiling sa mga lalawgon mi, ito tulos an kinanta. Grabe man, bako ta mang panahon ito. Sobra namang sa gurang ito. And of course, for finale, ang walang kamatayang, "When Summer is Gone".

Dra. Yoly has a suggestion for a bonggang 2010 Reunion. She asked me to try to get some cost estimates and to sound this off to you to get your reactions. Hold on to your seats or to your laptop......... she's suggesting a cruise......... an Asian cruise ..... with your partners, and children perhaps...... She says that by that time, many would have already retired and would have not much financial burdens. There would be more time to enjoy as a reward for the hard work.

So what say you? We welcome your reactions.

Ako, napa-krus na lang. Akala ko biro lang, seryoso pala. Sagkod Calaguas Island na lang ako. Pwede man sa Krus na Ligas, sa UP.

What is a class reunion but a social gathering of former classmates to renew old ties. How many of our classmates can afford the luxury of a cruise? As Marybeth suggested, don't call it a class reunion, and make it a separate activity after the reunion, for those who really want to go on a tour of Asia.

Have a safe trip Marybeth and Willy and see you in 2010!


Men Venida-Abot said...

Marybeth and Willy - have a safe trip back to the USA.

Rori, glad you're back sa grupo.

Manuel, sana parati ka ng umattend sa mga gatherings para mas masaya.

To everybody, so happy to see your happy faces again!

Ingat all,


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...


So glad to know that your father is doing better now. My prayers goes to you and your father. Take it easy my friend.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Oh Men,

Thank you. It is hard to grow old (it is the process, not the numbers that is really difficult, he, he, he). But it is much harder to take care of older people. Frankly, I have learned to admire the heroic (but silent and almost invisible) feats that our humble Filipino caregivers are providing the world’s rapidly aging population. I am happy that God continues to bless us all. Maraming salamat sa concern and well wishes. Lots of huggggssssss….

Ed Canela

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Naka-kainggit naman kayo diyan! Panay panay yata ang get together. Hanggang balita na lang kami dito. Thank goodness for the cyber news and update provided by our untiring and energetic Toti. Mabalos Toti for all the time and effort.

Marybeth and Willy-hope you had a nice and smooth flight back to the Bay Area. I'm sure your visit was again enjoyable.

Welcome back Rori to the group. Hope to hear more updates from you.

Ed C.- glad to hear that your father is doing better. I'll keep him in my prayers for quality and longer life.

Rudy, our dear Captain- how was your birthday? Sure you had a nice treat from your family and friends. Belated na ito but wish you the best on your birthday!

Bert and Marie-where are you now? San Diego, LA or SF? Do give me a ring when you can. In case you don't have my #: 650-756-9158 or 650-219-3212.

To all the other May and June Birthday celebrants- Happy birthday and Cheers!

Take care all of you and God bless.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes Fe. Lots of huggggssssss….

Ed Canela

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