Saturday, March 15, 2008

vote for RAMIELLE MALUBAY in American Idol

We're posting some pictures of Ramielle. I would have wanted to post her studio-recorded version of the song "In My Life", which she sang last week, unfortunately, I don't know how. From the internet, I learned that she's only 4' 11" ...... just like our "luckiest bitch" (who else but the glorietta).

Hi everyone,

I'm forwarding you a recording by Ramiele Malubay, an American Idol finalist who happens to be my daughter's childhood friend. They belong to a Hula group composed of Fil-Am girls here in Orlando. For the US based classmates, American Idol is being aired every Tuesday at 8 pm EST just in case you don't watch the show which I doubt. She needs your vote as well. The song In My Life is very popular during our HS days. Regards to everyone!


Will campaign for her, my friend. I guess she deserves to win…pero talagang bitin pa ang performance niya! Lots of huggggssssss….

Ed Canela


Well done, ang ganda! That song is one of my favorites - very memorable. Been watching American Idol religiously every Tuesday and Ramiele is really good, maipagmamalaki. Haven't voted though pero para sa iyo, boboto na po, Hahaha!

Ingat and talk to you soon.


Hi Dan,

I think I have reached 135 Filipino friends and Fraternity Brods and Sorority Sisters today and they are all in full support. They will likewise tell their sons and daughters to call…so she can get at least 300 or so… Tsk, mahina sa pag pili ng kanta and I need her to give much more passion as if making love sa stage no? (pilyo ka talaga Ed no?) Well, I hope she delivers more next time. My warmest regards to your daughter whom we briefly met sa banahy ninyo. Please lots of huggggssssss din ke Beth….

Ed Canela


i do watch American idol because my niece watches it. She also loves to sing. Yes, we've been rooting for Ramiele.

In my Life, a beatles song is one of my favorites. If you recall, I used it as a background music in the CD of our high school solo graduation pictures.

the judges thought that ramiele didn't maximize the potentials of her voice when she sang the song. they felt that she stayed on the safe side, so they thought it wasn't exciting.

how do we vote? the host rattles off the number so fast, I don't really get to understand.


yes danny, i agree with your daughter. Mas magaling sya dito sa recording. Kinabahan sya siguro doon sa actual performance. Ang galing!


Hi Toti,

Is American Idol being aired there Live? If it is, then regular number is 866-436-57.. and whatever number the singer is. If she is the 3rd singer, then it is 5703.

I know that In my life is practically a favorite among our age group. Anyway, you are right in your observation, Ramiele is lacking a little bit in confidence. Hopefully, she can stay in the contest longer, para naman sumikat din tulad ni Jasmine Trias.


Hi Ed,

I will tell Beth and my daughter that you said hi to them. As I mentioned to Toti, you were right on your observation. Ramiele lacks the confidence yet but that's the way she is. She is a shy girl. But no doubt, she sings great. A lot of her friends here are trying to communicate to her these observations. Thanks for your support. Her winning will put the Filipinos and the Philippines in the limelight again, in a good light that is. Regards to you and your family especially Glo.


We are all in full support for Ramiele from NJ to LA… he, he, he.


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