Sunday, March 2, 2008


It's Sunday today. Let me quote what Fr. Jerry Orbos wrote in his column in today's issue of the Phil. Daily Inquirer:

"In today's Gospel (Jn. 9, 1-41), Jesus opened the eyes of a man who had been blind since birth. Jesus then went on to declare Himself as the "Light of the World". During these days of darkness, confusion and division in our country, may we all recognize and see the light and the Light Himself as we humbly pray: "Open our eyes, Lord".....

Notice how children on a trip keep asking the question, "Are we there yet? If is stimple, spontaneous question, but it is a very deep question we adults should raise especially during these times of searching. With all the events unfolding around us, if we are not even raising this question, then we are blind and out of touch with the realities of the here and now. It is amazing how some people do not even care, or simply belittle the battle between light and darkness. The battle is real. Which side are you on? At the very least, MAKE A STAND."


Students have awakened from the slumber. In last Friday's interfaith rally, they were one of the organizers and they were the ones who made a stand not to allow the politicos to take center stage. In fact, the brief appearance of Cory and Erap became an issue. (Sa akin okey na iyon, one minute lang naman. Mayor Binay acknowledged their presence and he was the one who asked the two to come up the stage. But they did not deliver speeches.)

Still from Fr. Orbos's column: "Student power is in flower. One very good fruit of all the pruning we all are going through as a nation right now is the involvement of the youth and the students. They are coming out from their comfortable world of malls, computers and gimmicks, and going to the streets to be counted. Yes, they are showing us adults that they have substance, and that they do matter."


And from retired Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban:

"In the meantime, what should the citizens do? I say, RAGE ON! RAGE FOR TRUTH! Press on with the demos. Make them more massive. Intensify the media blitz. Sharpen the Senate investigations. Hasten the Supreme Court decision that, I believe, would unshackle Romulo Neri. Fill our churches during Masses for truth and justice. Pray with our bishops, priests and nuns until "communal action" shall lead us to a new type of people power that would liberate us from corruption and restore integrity."

So, classmates, if you're unable to join the rallies or attend the masses, I hope you'll not be one of the "so-called silent majority (?)" who were angry at the thousands of people who have crowded in Ayala as doing nothing more than just derail traffic.

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