Monday, March 3, 2008

Fely Jacob's Request

Holed up here at the outback of Tralala(not necessarily Australia) I chanced upon your message complaining about the skyhigh price of pili nut nowadays. Am coming out from lurking in the dark (hello EdC) for this. Maybe I can offer you a good deal by supplying your pili needs hopefully regularly as a raw material for delicacies you process. But before i go any further I may need a short reintroduction, i'm sure am not familiar to you. Am a bonafide member of Class 67 from the 'bundok' of San Vicente, the quite type in class, a member of the bunch like Bert best described by him as the guys who can't completely turn our heads 180 degrees (forgot the symbol) to our right in the direction of lady classmates. Back to my offer my price for you per kilo will be 350, low enough? That's the lowest I can afford and your minimum order should be 5 kls. to save from transport and delivery cost. Lesser order means higher cost. Will make a small profit from this but this is also to encourage you to continue with your generosity giving away pili candies per Bert’s mention. Another purpose is to help lower your cost of production so you in turn can offer lower price for our classmates who might be interested to buy. If I knew how to make the candies myself I’ll gladly do it. For selling you low priced pili I’ll request for a trade off, please provide me with the formula for making pandecillos and pili tart. I know they are baked nothing more. If you are interested please post your reply here soon so you’ll have all the time to prepare the delicacies some of our classmates particularly those coming from abroad might want to order for them to bring back home. Of course samples must flow freely during the grand reunion. For now I have about 5 to 6 kilos I can send you in 2 days time.

Looks like adrenaline is rising when the grand reunion nears. Per Marybeth’s latest post no more welcome party for Fechie’s early morning arrival? Just asking, who knows my flying ‘walis’ might obey my command and touch down at the doorstep of the coffe shop not at the airport you guys will go to after Fechie’s arrival if the original plan is still go.

Here’s another service I can offer mainly for classmates coming from abroad. If you have jewelries genuine or otherwise needing repairs or plating(tubog) bring them with you and I’ll take care of the job. Will charge you absolutely AT COST, a cup of coffee is good enough compensation for me. Am offering this only for dear classmates who’ve been away for so long para naman may souvenir sa akin. I’ve been doing this for years for some relatives from the US and Canada that’s why I know how expensive it is to get them done in those places.

If Boboy is really good and will find Roberto Manly in two weeks time before the reunion then he really deserves to be given a reward and am sure Fechie will be more than willing to shoulder the cost.

Mayo na, sarong kilometro lang.


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