Monday, March 17, 2008

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!

Congratulations Manny for bringing honor once again to our country.

It is Saturday afternoon here, later tonight, there will be the live bout of Pacquiao and Marquez. I'm having a little party at my place to watch the fight. Na request ulit na magluto ako ng "pospas" and this time I will make tokwa and baboy with my arrozcaldo con pollo. Regards to you.


Hello Classmates,

Katatapos ng fight ni Pacquiao. Off course, Pacquiao won! Pero for me it is still an unfinished business. Pacquiao is an early starter and Marquez (unfortunate for him) is a late bloomer. Malas! Anyway, great fight! I am so happy to watch it free and without all the hussles of the ads and commercials. I watched it infront of my lowly laptop. One of my Brods sa Frat gave me the site. I downloaded the software... then lots of technical issues have to be resolved.... we consulted his son (13 years old lang)... he is great! humble at mahihiyain nga lang sa cell fone... he gave me lots of nggeeks and geeks and more addresses. Oooppssss, crushed my laptop three times.... I came back. I was severely under pressure because the laptop is connected to a projector and the community is here trying to watch the fight coz I told them that we will use technology to bypass all these commercialism. And watched it as if we were paying a US$ 400 seat sa Mandalay in Las Vegas. They were patiently waiting. I was panting and perspiring! Called my Brod again, he said that the fight will start in a few minutes... my laptop started...I went to the site results. I went to Google, almost beg for the channel. Nahihiya na ako but I could not show… Buti na lang me pan-de-sal kami. Got three suggested channels. Tried one by one and then, out of the blackness… whammy. I got Pacquiao and Marquez and the referee. Rooouuunnnddd 3! Truly amazing! We were transported to Las Vegas and on the spot and with a large screen. And we were actually in the comfort of my house here in Novaliches. With a crowd of 15 kapitbahays who are all having sidebets…. One as high as 15K. Sayang hindi ako masyadong interesado as they were but I was truly fascinated by the technology.



I'm sure you're anticipating PGMA's UNITY WALK with Manny! Abangan mo na lang sa TFC when Manny comes home, you'll love it!


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