Sunday, March 2, 2008

More about the lies and scandals of the NBN-ZTE Deal

“The Senate has better things to do. Bring it to court. It is only there that the “real” truth can be brought out, not in the Senate which is doing the investigation in aid of grand-standing” – Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye.

Former Senator Jovito Salonga, heading the groups Kilosbayan and Bantay Katarungan accepted the dare and filed plunder and graft charges against Mrs. Arroyo before the Office of the Ombudsman. They know they can’t secure a conviction between now and 2010, when she leaves office (Kung aalis!) and sheds her immunity. But there is nothing in the law that prevents the Ombudsman from investigating their complaint now.

But here’s the reaction of Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelie Fajardo ……. “That’s harassment!. Being a staunch Constitutionalist, Salonga should have waited for the Senate to end its investigation before filing any complaint…. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of reckless judicial action against the president.” …….. (Ano raw? …. Maghilamos ka nga muna para matauhan ka, natutulog ka yata sa pansitan ng magsalita iyong boss mo.)


Latest pulse Asia Survey results showed that three out of four Metro Manilans disapprove of the President’s performance while 76% distrust her. Another Deputy spokesperson Anthony Golez agreed that the survey results reflected the effect of the unraveling NBN ZTE controversy on the President’s popularity. “But we know for a fact that the President has already made some unpopular decisions but with a net beneficial effect that will improve the lives of majority of the Filipinos, particularly the poor.” … Golez said. (Isa pa ang doktor na ito, ano ba ang magandang idudulot sa mahihirap nitong ZTE deal na ito!)

Business as usual, there’s nothing to worry, the President will attend to her official functions (according to Malacanang last Friday). But all entry and exit points to Metro Manila were heavily guarded. Military troops and tanks were on standby at Crame.

Police checkpoints blocked the contingent of protesters coming from Southern Tagalog in Cabuyao, Laguna and students from De la Salle University at Dasmarinas, Cavite and prevented them from proceeding to Makati. Sinisiguro lang naman ng mga pulis ang kaligtasan ng mga demonstrador. May balita daw kasing guguluhin iyong rally. So, kailangan isa-isang icheck ang ID, at mga gamit for possible concealed weapons. E iyong mga jeep na gamit? Kelangan i-check din ang mga registro. E paano eto, wala sa linya ng prankesa nila ang biyahe di bawal yan! pero kahit maayos ang lahat ng iyan, hindi pa rin makaklusot kasi may malalaking bus na nakaharang. Nasiraan daw iyong mga bus, e wala pa iyong mga mag-to-tow sa kanila. Kaya pasensiya na, di pa rin makakadaan. Ang galing talaga!

ABS-CBN’s Sky Patrol (chopper) was already taking aerial shots as the rally was about to start but at past 4 pm, it was ordered out of the area. Biglang naging “no-fly-zone” ang Makati Business District.

Meanwhile, there’s a small group of urban poor camping out at the Welcome Rotonda in support of GMA, mga KASANGGA (Iyan yata ang pangalang nakalagay sa streamer). Kawawa naman, ni hindi alam ng ibang na-interview kung bakit sila nandun.

And what about GMA? She dug herself at Camp Crame. Kahit pa gwardyado na ang Malacanang, nagpasiguro pa rin. Gustong sabihin TAKOT! Nagpa-briefing daw tungkol sa weather condition and calamity situation in Bicol and Eastern Samar. But who were the other officials at Camp Crame? Defense Secretary Teodoro, ES Ermita, Sec Mendoza, Sec Romulo, Gen. Esperon, etc. Itong mga tinamaan ng _______!#@! Na mga taga Malacanang, akala ba nila may naniniwala pa sa kanila?

From Mareng Winnie Monsod:

"Should GMA resign?As far as I am concerned, (weighing the pros and cons), I think that she should stay (as long as she exiles the spoiler). Why? Because the good of her resigning will likely not be permanent; there is no assurance that Vice President Noli de Castro will not make the same mistakes and will not have similar political debts to pay to other people. At the same time, there is no assurance that he will be able to manage the economy as well as she has."

“kung bad ka, lagot ka! That’s the political slogan of Joker Arroyo during the campaign. Sino ba ngayon ang bad? I regret voting for Joker. Arroyo nga pala ito.

I am prepared but not preparing (to take over from GMA) ---- Veep Kabayan Noli
Magkaiba daw ang gustong sabihin nun. Uy, pinapakaba mo naman niyan si GMA!

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