Sunday, March 30, 2008

MEGA LOTTO: P228M, Biggest Lotto Pot in RP History


I've been thinking of what best to feature in our blog today, on a Sunday morning (Philippine time). Should it be about the earth hour last night? (I did switch off all the lights and appliances, and even "rested" my laptop at 8 to 9 pm. I sweated it out inside my cramped unit but I must have contributed only an insignificant amount to the campaign to arrest global warming. My electrical consumption does not even reach P2,000 per month, and I don't have a car to burn fossil fuels.

A good news to write about is the final resolution of the Sumilao land problem. The farmers and San Miguel Corporation came to an agreement with the assistance of His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales? But.... how many of the members here are really interested in agrarian reform?

All the others seem to be bad news. And when they are unfavorable to the Glorietta Administration, they are branded as "political" and we are admonished to stop "politicking" and to just focus on the work that needs to be done. All questions about anomalies, corruption, etc. are swept under the rug. Besides, aside from Danny and sometimes Ed, nobody seems to react to any of the "political" posts in this blog.

I wanted to post something about the absence of a crisis in the country, but that too, may be negative. But just a quick review of what's been in the news.

Rice prices increased by P10 to P20/kilo. (No, there's no rice shortage; no rice crisis - hindi yan dahil sa law of supply and demand, kundi dahil sa pagtaas ng cost of production, like fertilizer - Sec. of Agriculture Arthur Yap)

Vietnam finally agrees to sell 150 million metric tons of rice to RP. (Earlier, Vietnam could not make a commitment) -

People line up to buy NFA's subsidized rice on Friday at its Central Office warehouse along Visayas Avenue. Only 3 kilos are allowed each person. - Sinabi ng walang krisis sabi ni Glorietta at ni Yap, ang KUKULIT NINYO!

Nilalagyan ng indelible ink ang daliri ng mga bumibili ng bigas sa NFA outlet sa Albay para hindi pabalik-balik. O baka sabihin na naman ninyo may krisis!

Licenses of all NFA rice retailers cancelled. They all have to re-apply. All warehouses closely watched. May mga hoarders kasi, saka iyong nag-re-repack ng NFA rice into commercial rice. Pero walang krisis.

Yap asks fast food chains to serve only half a cup of rice. Ang dami kasing nasasayang. Pero wala itong relasyon sa sinasabing krisis. Ang KUKULIT NINYO!

There's no rice crisis, no rice shortage, but we will experience some price increases in rice. (From GMA. So, that's final, walang krisis! Pero sa totoo lang, natatarando silang lahat sa Malacanang because rice is a very political commodity because that is the most basic food item. It is the staple food. If corruption hasn't brought down Glorietta, the rice crisis might just bring her down!)

Okey, so i won't write about this rice crisis anymore!

As an economist, I know very well that our economy can not grow without transparency and without addressing the problem of graft and corruption. That is why, this Administration is taking the issue of corruption very seriously! - Glorietta speaking before the World Bank, ADB, and other officials of funding institutions at the Philippine Development Forum. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! no comment.

So, I'll just write about how I'm going to be a millionaire tonight. I bought two lotto tickets for tonight's draw. If I win, I'll keep the P28Million and give the rest of the P200 Million to charity - Charity includes my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, grandchildren, and friends. Kayo, gusto rin niyong balato? I may go and visit you in the US and Canada, if I find the time, para maambonan kayo ng grasya!

Seriously, queues at lotto outlets are non-stop. It was reported that ticket sales last Thursday reached P176 million, just for one day. Signs of the times. By the way, this is only the second time I bought lotto tickets. The first was last Thursday. I also bought two tickets..... but none of the eight numbers that I chose (six numbers per ticket, pinalitan ko iyong 2 numbers dun sa isang ticket) came out! So, I came back and became part of the long queue, who will once again try our luck! Magagalit nito si Archbishop Oscar Cruz. Purist iyon. To him, any numbers game is gambling which should be outlawed.

By the way, I learned that another one of us has given up on Pinas and is set to migrate with the entire family to the US this May. Do you all know about this? Baka ako lang iyong huling nakaalam a!


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Hi Toti,

How are you my friend? I can feel a little frustration in the way you wrote this blog. I can't blame you though, na "ningas cogon" na naman ba? Actually, even myself, I'm starting to lose interest in the ongoing there. Wala rin namang mangyayari eh. The Supreme Court is now a puppet of GMA. Lahat na ata nabili na. Ikaw na lang ang hindi pa. Perhaps the best thing to do is, "if you can't lick them, join them". Crisis in rice dahil kulang ang produksyon. Kulang ang mga abono - eh paano ba naman na Jok-Jok ni Arroyo ang pang abono. But I think it is hopeless. When the Filipinos allowed a "cheat" to lead with the blessing of the Church, expect that everyone will, as the song goes - follow the leader,leader, leader...Kaya may friend, just go with the tide.. huwag mo nang inisin ang sarili mo. Ako ngayon, I don't even want to listen to commentaries about the PI anymore. Sayang lang ang oras. Everyone is working for their own agenda. Ingat my friend.
By the way, is Bert and family finally decided to migrate?


Anonymous said...

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