Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's New Today - December 06, 2007

On the Spot Today is Manuel, THE LAWYER. Yes, he was a lawyer from the day he was born - that's because his father was an ABOGADO. Kidding aside, I'm posting pictures of Maning as an elementary pupil, and now with his wife, children, and grand daughter.

Tomorrow, you'll be seeing Remo with wife Edna and their kids. Also, Amelita (Adem) with her husband. Kung si Fr. Efren ay pari at si Sister Teresita ay madre, si Amelita naman ay isang tunay na BANAL. Yes, her husband is Mr. Banal.

Christmas is just a few days away. Soon, it will be February and we'll be having our reunion. But the reunion is not always an opportunity to share some thoughts and experiences. It's usually just an exchange of pleasantries and exchange of information - what are you doing now, how many spouses/children do you have, where are they now, how long will you be staying in Daet, etc.

In the last Reunion, Tess didn't want individual speeches lest they become melo-dramatic and reduce the speaker and the listeners to tears. Nakalusot lang si Elmer (Auro) who related his initial insecurities, then his successes in Mabini Colleges, and his career as teacher and now as principal.

Maybe, it's not really the right venue - aside from the time constraint, I think there's the danger "na maging payabangan", or inadvertently highlight the disparities in what we have become.

So, why not use this site to share our thoughts this Christmas? Wouldn't it be interesting to know what advice Ed, who is immersed in development work in numerous countries all over the world, can give to our leaders in government and in civil society? .... or for the US and Canada-based classmates to share how it's like to raise a family or to work in a foreign country? ... or life at home with a newly retired husband, or life with the spouse when all the children have left their home to live their own lives? what about corruption in government (without naming names, based on the experiences of a government auditor)? ..... or senior moments? .... or favorite sports or workout ..... or some health advice?

I hope you'll find some time to write your piece.... in English, Bicol, Filipino, Spanish or Chinese!

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