Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jess Sanchez attends DPS Class-67 Mass Offering for Fr. Efren

Jess, Fr. Efren's younger brother (he graduated from high school in 1975) was able to attend the noon time mass offered by the class for Fr. Efren. You'll never mistake him for anybody's brother but Fr. Efren. (Siyang-siya ang mukha). He's based in Manila and is engaged in the real estate business.

It is very difficult to synchronize schedules at this time of the year - either we're very busy catching up with year-end-reports or preparing for or attending social gatherings. Only Alot, Bert and myself were able to make it. Rori couldn't make it because his wife Lina, will be discharged from the Makati Medical Center after long confinement for liver ailment and a fractured leg after coming from Beijing. (Rori did not share with us his family's predicament. Let's pray for the full recovery of her wife, Lina.) Marynat as you've read in her email, would be attending a meeting at the main office of COA.

In spite of Alot's being very busy making pili nut candies (export quality!), she found the time to make the arrangements at the Don Bosco Church. She really made up for her long silence which made us all worry. (Hinuli pala siya ni Bert. He used another cellphone and called her up. Biglang sumagot si Alot, "Who's this pa raw?, e di huli siya.).

Alot also treated us to lunch at Amici, just adjacent to Don Bosco. It's a small restaurant which serves Italian food. Thanks Alot for the delicious pasta and pizza. That's not all. She also has gifts of pili nut candies cooked by her! (sarap!, export quality!)

We talked about Mendy's experience with Fr. Efren's cp, Rudy's friendship with Fr. Efren, Dorset's boxing match with Fr., did you know that?, the past reunion and the plans for February next year, the wake and the concelebrated mass before the internment, where around 60 to 70 priests participated. We disbanded around 2 pm. (Alot texted that Tess came at 2:20 pm! Baka akala niya simbang gabi, napaka-aga pa niya!)

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