Monday, December 3, 2007

What's New Today - December 03, 2007

Once again, Christmas is near. Even before the Church “formally opened” the Christmas season with the first Sunday of Advent, yesterday, the shopping malls have long put up their Christmas displays and ran their Christmas sales.

The weather has added to the Christmas atmosphere, Mornings are now cold, in fact PAG-ASA announced that December 1 was the coldest day of the year so far. Maybe Trillanes and Lim failed to take this into account when they launched their Manila Pen caper. Add to the Christmas atmosphere were the rains last Thursday.

It’s really difficult to figure out what the Magdalo group’s grand plan was. Did they expect a large scale defection of military troops to their side? Were there mass-based civil society groups and political parties that were supporting the mutiny (or whatever term is appropriate)? Mukhang hindi naman sila mga bobo. And why were the other generals (aside from Razon and Barias, and later Esperon) silent during the entire period of the stand-off? So there must really be something we yet don’t know. Abangan.

While I agree with the enumeration of the sins of Gloria in the speech read by Gen. Lim, and his call to finally put an end to these, I wouldn’t want a military junta to take over and to have Trillanes as the head of a new government. (I didn’t even vote for him as a Senator). But I continuously hope that there will come a time when we can finally hold Gloria accountable for her sins.

Meantime, let me give you an update on the preparations for our February Reunion. (Wag lang sanang ma-timing na may coup attempt, if ever another one is in the offing. Mukha kasing successful iyong mga revolt around January and February like EDSA I and EDSA II).

I’ll post the proposed schedule of activities and amount of contributions in our egroup. I’ll also scan and post the photos contributed by Maning, Remo, Emily and Estring. Maning sent the most number of pictures complete with captions (kwela yong captions) from elementary, high school and the more recent family photos. Ang ga-ganda pala ng anak na babae ni Maning! Remo also sent pictures with wife Edna and the children, He also has shots of Calaguas Island. Estring with siblings and friends, and Emily, too.

I’ll try to catch up with the postings in our blogsite. For a starter, here’s something I received from the email. I don’t think there’s really such a contest, but anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy answering the questions.

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