Friday, December 28, 2007


Last December 21 I spent some time scanning old, undigitized pictures. I haven't finished yet, and will continue next year whenever I have the time. I did find some photos with familiar faces which haven't been posted in this blog yet. Here are some of them.

With Marybeth's Mom and Dad, who showed me around Hongkong and brought me to the scenic spots (circa '77) and some of the best hotels with Filipino bands as entertainers. That was a long time ago, but I wish to thank them again for the warmth and graciousness.
With Mommy Beth (am I right, Marybeth's mom is also Beth?), who accompanied me in doing some shopping and also brought me to a Fil-Chinese Restaurant owned or managed by the same Chinese who used to own Victory Restaurant in Daet. Thank you Mommy Beth for having found the time and the energy to be walking around with me!

With Bobbie/Bobby(?) Regalario in Ateneo de Naga when she and my niece went to Naga for the Penafrancia Fiesta.

Sinong lasing?

Hindi pa kami lashing!

Where are we in this graduation photo? (Ateneo de Naga, April 1972)

With Fr. Klintworth (Ateneo de Naga)

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