Monday, December 17, 2007

Simbang Gabi

Do you also have our traditional "Simbang Gabi" in the US and in Canada?
Today, is the second day of the nine-day early morning mass, which culminates on Christmas Day.
Do you still remember those days when we have to wake up early, and rise from bed although sleepy? Then go to Church, only to sleep, while the priest was giving his sermon. Those were the elementary days.

It was different in high school, when you go to the early morning mass only to stay at the patio, talking with friends - kaibigan at ka-ibigan. Tanong nga noong lokong pari, "Ilan kaya ang magkaka-develop-an na naman ngayong simbang gabi"?

I remembered these when I attended the mass yesterday, the first day of Simbang Gabi. Our parish of Our Lady of Fatima here in Mandaluyong is very small, just bigger than a chapel. But there's a video screen outside where you can see the happenings at the altar and inside the church (you can see this in the picture, sorry, I didn't bring my camera, i just used my cellphone).
A group of teen-agers (mukhang mga high school students) arrived late and walked their way through the crowd and stopped right beside me. Ang i-iingay. I overheard one said, "Sa likod na lang tayo. Ito kasing isa, parang "matandang addict sa misa", gusto pang makipagsiksikan.".....
Sa loob-loob ko, mga gagong bata ito a.

After the mass, I tried to look for puto-bongbong (ni marcos, at p__ng ina ni bongbong!) and bibingka but found none, only suman, ibos and "binot-ong".
This morning, I again attended the mass with my niece. I hope, I can complete the nine days this year which I promise to do but can't each year.
Kayo, meron pa ba niyan sa States?

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