Sunday, February 8, 2009

Senyor Joe's Birthday celebration

Men shared these beautiful pictures of Senyor Joe's very important milestone, his 60th birthday.

I've got a lot of visitors, mga barkada digdi. ReyR and Danny were not able to come due to some reasons. The DPS CA group was with me. I couldn't feel huge changes on myself now that I belong to the senior citizen's club. I'm going to send you some pictures with the group.Regards to all,till next time.


Senyor Joe celebrated his 60th birthday last January 17 with a blast! It was a grand celebration with lots of guests and delicious food which lasted in the wee hours of the night. In fact, some of his guests stayed the night. Present from DPS '67 class were Fechie, Dante, Marybeth, Willy and myself. Rey was there in spirit kuno. Arrived late kasi tatlong bundok pa ang tinawid ko, hehehe. We had a fabulous time. Joe and Norma were fantastic hosts.

We discussed about the 2010 Reunion schedule. We were thinking June/July hoping more classmates can join us (Glen, Lyn, Bing, Ningning, Irms, Danny, Allan, Captain (hindi na Chinese New Year that time), Beth Perez, pardon me if I forgot anybody. Please let us know of your preferred schedule (what month). Thank you and ingat all, Men


Congratz again and mukha talagang engrande ang Lamierda! That was a great Bday ha Joe. Wonderful! Naku sa June or July ang Alumni naming sa Honolulu, 100th year ng East West Center so I will have to go. I might have to stay a bit longer sa States at that time. Hirap din sa January. The Frat that I organized sa Mapua will have a Grand Reunion sa Antipolo. More than a 100 visitors from all over the world.



Hi Ed,

Thanks for your compliment.Ma-ugma kung yaon kita gabus.You have your scheduled trip to the States, saing parti? include CA in your itinerary, let me know.

Talagang hidap ang buhay now.My business got slow due to some import/export problem. Mas malabang uras ang idle time ko than having a trip. If I think it seriously,baka madali ang flight ko.That is why,if we have a chance of being together,recalling our past the better for us.Kaya padi,dai mo lingawan mag aggi ning CA You and your wife.Til next time regards to the group.



Hi Everyone,

I agree with Senyor Joe. If there's anyone much affected by this financial crisis that Ed is talking about, it is my business as a Real Estate Broker here in Florida. However, I don't think that because of this crisis, we have to postpone our reunion in 2010. We can not do anything about it anyway. Kaya tulad ng sabi ni Senyor Joe, let's have a party. My only comment though
is - isn't it that June or July is "bagyo time if not so hot? How about February? Just a thought. Regards to everyone.



Senyor Joe, en grande talaga si celebrasyon mo a! Arog palan ka iyan an pag-welcome sa nagdu-dual citizenship.

Thanks Men for the pictures. I'll post them in our blog on Sunday. I haven't updated the blog for a while now. I"ve been quite busy with work. I just finished the final revisions of my portion of the CARP study. I also went to Bacolod and Hinigaran in Negros. I still have a meeting tomorrow, but on Sunday, I'll be free to finally update the blog. Other non-DPS members who visit our site I'm sure are disappointed not seeing anything new.

Danny, Feb na naman suggestion mo for the Reunion. birthday mo kaya 15 Feb. I'm in favor of a mid-year schedule. Typhoon should not be a consideration because you can have it any time of the year, ever since climate change has exacted its toll. Maski summer, pwede magbagyo, pwede na ngonyan all-year round! Mas okay, if by that time, we already have a new occupant in Malacanang. Malay ta, si Kabayan Noli na o si Lucida Loren na ang presidente o baka si Chiz Whiz kid, mr. palengke mar, o sipag at tiyaga manny.



Sure will come to LA Joe. For now, my flight plan will bring me to Honolulu, LA (my sister Elizabeth livs there, remember her? She was always with us in the Karetela kaito paduman sa Parochial School), NY, Washington DC (a bit business), and Virginia to see my daughter. Ba-ad isang buwan or more. My wife (if she joins) is also planning to go back to Manila via Europe (Germany primarily but may include Switzerland and Italy) from the US.

Mahidap talaga ngunyan Padi. Consulting jobs are rapidly disappearing. Although clients really needed us more these days than in the good times, baku baga? Aram mo, maray na lang dai kita nagtrabaho,otherwise, tanggalan blues siguro ang feeling ko ngunyan. Sana ngani digdi na lang ako sa Pinas nga-consulting. Anyway, I am setting my sights on internet business... Mukhang maganda ang negosyo ng e-learning sa internet Padi but am still in the learning stage. Then am also working on my dissertation for my PhD (don't know for what, but good in beating dementia, he, he, he). I am sure that all these difficult economic conditions is just saying...time to change (ala OBAMA baga, meaning of OBAMA= Originally Born in Africa to Manage America, he, he, he). Sige lang Joe...perhaps, there's a much better opportunity out there somewhere.

Lots of huggggssssss....
Ed Canela

Hi Dan... Tama ka diyan Dan. Postponing is more likely. The worst is yet to come Padi. If I were all of us, I will wait till June or July this year before we decide to spend our hard earned savings...he, he, he. Lots of huggggssssss....

Ed Canela

Hi Men,

Thanks Men for emailing our class about SeƱor Joe's birthday bash. I tried to do the same sooner and send out the few picutres that Dante took but somehow it wouldn't go through. Up to now, I still have my email saved as a draft. I think my new laptop is not set up yet to do this function. Aram mo na, I'm not so computer techno-whiz. I'll have to consult someone knowledgeable.
Anyway, indeed, it was a fun get together for a few of us here. We even had food to go that Norma prepared for all of us. Maray na lang ta we got invited by Joe. We had a reason to make this happen. Thanks to Joe and Norma (she was a great hostess! Lucky Joe.) and wishes of continued success in all.
Ingat and God bless. Fechie


Ayos na ayos ang birthday celebration ni Joe. Ang gaganda ng mga bisita,hindi basta basta ang kanilang beauty. Naku pag nagkita kami ng mga beauting ito sigurado na kikiligin na naman ako sa beso beso. Sabi ng asawa ko walang sinabi ang beauty niya sa mga amiga ko, sabi ko naman, huwag kang magalala dahil puso ko ang nagtulak sa akin para sa iyo, he, he, he kinilig naman siya.


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