Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corruption in Public Works Projects, What Else is New?

There seems to be no stopping to the series of corruption scandals being exposed under the Arroyo Administration. The most recent is World Bank's suspension of seven big contractors, three of whom are Filipinos from participating in World Bank-funded infrastructure projects. Not surprisingly, the House cleared the contractors from any wrongdoing after two hearings chaired by a former contractor Congressman (or is he still a contractor until now). Sen. Joker Arroyo has also turned the tables against the World Bank. (What happened to Joker, I voted for him in the last elections?)

I don't think people perceive these exposes as mere political gimmicks. The problem is people seemed to have been resigned to the fact that nothing happens after all. Not one of the perceived wrongdoers gets penalized, and the whistle-blowers are instead, the ones hit.

If you have the time, you may want to watch the attached video of Winnie Monsood, former NEDA Director-General, a UP Economics professor, and well known columnist. She has an excellent take on the implication of the "WB Report". Just click the link below.

http://www.gmanews. tv/video/ 36153/Analysis- World-Bank- Report

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