Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 28 Celebrations

It's still several days from Oct 28 but let me now greet the celebrants lest I forget about it. I'm leaving for Cagayan de Oro tomorrow and will be busy when I get back on Saturday, which is the debut party in Calamba of my niece, who's staying with me.

So, to our youngest classmate, Men, happy, happy birthday. And to Alot and her husband Ric - Happy Wedding Anniversary.

I also read from Maryna'ts email that Oct 26 is Alan's birthday, so please greet him for me since I believe Alan doesn't read the emails and the blogsite.

Welcome too, to Vivian (why is it bchisano not vchisano?)! We hope that you'll share your thoughts, updates and chikas with us.

I'll post the discussions re: february reunion preparations on sunday, i still have to prepare my powerpoint presentation for tomorrow.

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Men Venida-Abot said...

My dear Toti, Thank you for remembering, one year older na naman, hay! Ang sarap ng niluto mo, inihaw na isda, ginataang gulay na hopefully may labuyo, sariwang prutas, kanin, yummy! Bakit yong bao, may chopsticks?

Will relay your message to Allan.
spoke to him yesterday about the LA and San Diego fire. He has a sheriff daughter stationed at San Diego - she's ok.

Please take care on your trips.

Alot and Ric, Happy Anniversary. Many you have many, many, many more to come.

Awing's (Tony de Belen) birthday was on October 13. Offered prayers for him.

Vivian/Bing Welcome to the DPS '67 batch website/blogsite! Thank you for joining the group. Hope to hear more from you. Please do tell more about yourself. Now that you've join us, makukumpleto na ang grupo.



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