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Arroyo orders probe into 'cash gifts'
10/17/2007 03:07 PM

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has ordered an investigation into the alleged bribery attempts inside MalacaƱang Palace, a matter which the administration previously dismissed as a "non-issue." (IS THERE ANYBODY HERE WHO BELIEVES IN THIS MALACANANG PRESS RELEASE?)

Presidential Spokesman Ignacio Bunye on Wednesday said Mrs Arroyo tasked the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC) to look into the controversy mainly to determine two things: the persons responsible for making the offers, and the source of the funds. (YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASSIGN PAGC TO DO THIS. ASSUMING BUT NOT BELIEVING THAT GLORIA DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE BRIBERY INCIDENT, IN A MATTER OF MINUTES SHE'LL KNOW THE TRUTH IF SHE ORDERS ERMITA TO FIND OUT! OF COURSE SHE KNOWS THIS!)

The money that changed hands last week reportedly amounted from P200,000 to P500,000 per recipient.

Interestingly, Bunye said the probe began on Friday or just a day after the alleged bribes were handed out. (THE BUNYE WHO PERJURED HIMSELF IN THE HELLO GARCI TAPES, SAYING THIS? )

Some local officials who had claimed to have received the money had pointed to Palace staff members for giving them paper bags with cash inside.

Interviewed last Sunday, Bunye said that, "There is nothing wrong with receiving a donation, provided it is put to good use." (GANUN NAMAN PALA E, DI WAG NG MAGLOKOHAN NA MAGPAPAIMBESTIGA, UULOLIN NA NAMAN NYO ANG MGA TAO!)

The development comes in the wake of separate statements by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and a senior military official Tuesday expressing concern over the reported bribe offers.

"With this sort of thing happening, our country is not only suffering from economic bankruptcy but also moral bankruptcy, disappointingly being shown by our leaders," said Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, CBCP president. (I HOPE THE CBCP, AND THE AMRSP WILL PURSUE THE ISSUE. WITH SUCH A MORALLY BANKRUPT ADMINISTRATION, TAKE A MORE PRO-ACTIVE STANCE.)

For his part, Major Gen. Ben Dolorfino, Philippine Marine commandant, said the Armed Forces soldiery has been "affected" by the controversy.

Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio, a Catholic priest who first spoke about the matter, said he got P500,000 after President Arroyo's early morning meeting with 200 officers and members of the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP).

After the ULAP meeting, another one was held between President Arroyo and about 190 majority congressmen.

House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr, who was among the 190 representatives, confirmed that the impeachment complaint against Mrs Arroyo was discussed during the lawmakers' meeting in MalacaƱang. - GMANews.TV



Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

I was always consistent in my belief that GMA manipulated her way to Malacanang with the help of those Congressmen, Senators, politicians like Singson, even the Supreme Court and the military officers like Mendoza and Reyes and not to forget the Catholic Church and the so-called civil society, to install her as your President. Then, to add insult to injury, cheated the National Election with the help of the Comelec headed by Abalos and his gang, Garci and Bedol, to legalize an illegal act. All those who helped her initially, have been rewarded. Look at Singson, Mendoza, Reyes and if not for Joey, Abalos will get his reward. Now, even the Sandiganbayan justices who handed Erap a guilty verdict, I'm sure is waiting to be nominated to the Supreme Court. The only sector that did not get the reward is the civil society in general. Of course several outstanding members of the group like Bolante, Gonzales,Gonzales,Yap, Garci, Bedol, Ramos (remember Amari deal?) How about Aquino on their Hacienda Luisita problem? The point is, as the saying goes, what goes around, comes around. That's what have been planted, then that's what you expect to harvest, right? Your problem now is not how to get rid of GMA. With the blatant acts of corruption, who will initiate it? I'm sure not the civil society, remember they are EDSA tired already. And you better be vigilant because I feel that the military is about ready to initiate the move, and that will be the worst thing that could happen to our beloved Philippines. Hindi na talaga makakaahon. Ginagawa na mga alipin ang ating mga manggagawa all over the world and there's nothing being done about it. And all the sacrifices of the OFW's to bring in the mighty dollar, ninanakaw lang ng mga buwaya sa gobyerno.


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

EDSA II did not happen because many people wanted to install Gloria. Majority wanted to oust Erap and wanted Constitutional succession to proceed. since Gloria was the Veep, so okay na. I can speak for myself and for many of my friends and acquaintances who joined EDSA II. We went to EDSA and marched to Malacanang because we wanted to remove a corrupt and immoral President (Erap), not because he was an artista. Gloria was secondary, iyong feeling namin, pwede na yan total Vice President naman, we have to follow the Constitutional provision. We were not privy to her machinations then.

On the Sandigaan Justices who ruled on Erap's plunder case, I believe they did a good job. If anyone of them gets to become a Supreme Court Justice, I would have no objection.

By the way, Danny, would you rather have preferred that Erap was not ousted?

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Kuya Danny,

Agreed 100% with your ideas regarding the "beware of military and the civil society being tired". The attitude here nowadays is "Who cares, anyway? As long as we eat 3 times a day, in good health and with secured jobs". Nakalimutan na Kuya yong "What about our beloved country?

Sayang and kawawang Pinas . . .. . . . But, I still believe that in His time, things will change, from worse to good, better and best for the Philippines. Sometimes, it is better to dream coz libre naman kaya lang dreaming forever is a taboo coz reality is around us. . Corruption is everywhere from contract . . . to breakfast meeting in Malacanang. Haaaaayyyyyy.

Ingat always,


Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

As to my answer to the question whether I agree in ousting Erap, No I don't. His being a womanizer, gambler, drinker have been an open book to everyone, if these were issues against him, he should not have been elected President in the first place. I know you will say that if the conservatives of the Philippines society and the likes of you and your friends are the majority, he would not have been the President. I agree. But unfortunately, you were not the majority, and democratic system adheres to the voice of the majority not the minority. Now on the graft and corruption allegedly committed by Erap, there was the Impeachment process which was started. I was in agreement then. In fact, I was feeling proud because by impeaching Erap, it showed the political maturity of the Filipino people. But when the Prosecutors who were actually Congressmen (can you now tell me that these people were not acting on orders of others and were not promised rewards after. Apostol, Gonzales, even my cousin Oscar Moreno of Cagayan de Oro? Who are they now in GMA's administration?) walked out of the proceedings because the majority in the Senate rejected to give-in to their demand, the maturity became a big "Immaturity'. Parang mga bata, dahil hindi nakuha ang gusto, nag alsa balutan. Came that EDSA march which you said you and your friends were participants. I don't blame you. If I don't like Erap in the first place but just can't do anything because I was in the minority, I will do the same thing. That's my opportunity to get rid of him. So, let's march to EDSA and oust him. And you did! You achieved the goal (who's has the bigger goal -as you admitted, you were not privy on those things). By the way, did you not get insulted intellectually (referring to those who marched at EDSA to oust Erap), when in the next election, the wife and the son of Erap were elected overwhelmingly as Senators? If I was there, and I thought that what I did was the clamor of the majority of the people and then that election happened,which proved that majority of the people did not believed in all the accusations against Erap, I will hide my head in the sand or just ask for an apology. In 2007, people again showed their trust when they made sure that Singson (no matter what others say that it was not his words that became the rallying point against Erap), was voted down big time. Talk about political maturity of the masa? These people, no matter how much they are belittled and categorized as class D in the Philippine Society, knew that the people in Manila where actually not working on their interests and betterment but ONLY for themselves. Unfortunately for those who sincerely believe the cause (this I refer to people like you and your friends), are also bearing the brunt of the incessant rampage of corruption in the GMA administration, at kibit-balikat na lang. So, to reiterate my answer to your question - my answer is a resounding NO. ( Phil.Constitution provided us a protection against the likes of GMA and if you so believed Erap, as well. That is impeachment. There is no such thing as extra-constitutional thing. Otherwise all that runs against the Constitution can be justified as extra-constitution. And if that's the case, just abrogate the constitution. Pinaglalaruan lang naman ng mga magagaling na "legalese" minds.
Dan dela Fuente

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

After I wrapped up on that long answer to a short question, I came to read an article in one of the local Filipino newspaper, the Manila Mail. In that article entitled "Do you want Arroyo to follow Erap's footsteps?", the brothers Sanidad (Arno and Pablito) said: "They (anti-GMA forces) should get a whistle-blower. If they have no whistle-blower, that's nothing," said Arno. "It has to start with somebodywho will put hislife and limb on the line no matter what. If you don't have a Chavit, forget it, nothing will happen," countered Pablito. MY,MY,MY! Why I'm not surprised. Luckily, I got hold of this newspaper in a local Filipino store here in Orlando when I bought bagoong alamang and sitaw at daing to cook me a ginataang sitaw.
On a serious note, in the same newspaper but a different article, Gen. Esperon in his speech at the MOPC in the celebration of the anniversary of Martial Law last September, he said that Martial Law will be declared if there will be a "rebellion" in the city. So my friends, luhay-luhay lang sa pag martsa sa EDSA. If Esperon consider a mass action like the one you did with Erap as a rebellion in the city, you will bein deep s---- (pardon myFrench). In Erap's case, he never allowed those words spoken, although at that time, as I was looking at the video feedback while Erap was leaving the Malacanang grounds, I can feel that time the loyalty and friendship of people like Mendoza, Reyes, the governor of Palawan then, and also Puno to name a few that I still remember, to Erap. But just as the saying goes - in politics, there is no permanent friend or enemy. So again, mga kaibigan ko at mga kaklase - ingat lang and goodluck to you in this new struggle to at least redeem some sense of decency and morality in your current government officials.


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