Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's New Today - September 29, 2007

It's been quite a while since our blogsite was last updated. That was after the verdict on Erap's plunder case was handed down. Now the anomalous NBN transaction has overshadowed news on Erap. Although, there were no posts in this blogsite, we had a lot of discussions in our egroup on the NBN and the various anomalies under GMA and Erap and the seeming hopelessness of the Filipino people in effecting change. Danny has been very passionate about his views. Marynat has also joined the discussions and agrees with him for the most part. No one will probably dispute the fact that far from reducing the level of corruption, it has risen to greater proportion under the PGMA administration. How and when can we put a stop to this is a big question. But each one of us has a role to play. We hope that aside from Danny and Marynat, the others can also share their views.

Minsan, masyadong mainit si Danny. O Danny, cool ka lang ha! dai ka mag-arog sa retrato.

Nakasimangot ka na lang palagi.....

Parang ikaw lang ang nagmamay-ari ng lahat ng sama ng loob.

Mukha mo ay hindi maipinta, e sumasayad na ang nguso mo, sa lupa!!!

O, marhay man ta napangirit kamo!

There is also a music video that I am posting. There's not much time to look for pictures, so they may not be the best, but I just wanted you to listen to Gary Granada's song - HOLDAP!
Just to tease your mind and make you laugh again:
Why is 3.70 = 13.20?
Ano ang tawag sa paniking mababa ang lipad?
three seventy = trece bente


Dan dela Fuente said...

Hi Toti,
I've been trying to recall what comments have I wrote that you think I'm angry. Being a firm advocate of an issue and passionate about it does not mean that I will be mad or be angry on those who does not share my views.
Especially if these are political issues like what we are discussing now. I don't think these issues will cause me to have an sleepless night. If in one occassion, I mentioned that I was pretty affected emotionally(when guilty verdict was handed down), that does not mean I broke down or shed a tear. Emotional or perhaps the right word is "disappointed" because considering all the expose'
of big ticketed corruption being hurled against GMA's administration, still the focus is with Erap who have been ousted, humiliated and in essence lost his entire dignity. I have emphazised so many times that these are just a healty exchange of opinions, never personal and should never cause anyone animosity towards those who does not conform. Perhaps you still remember this line, "STICK AND STONES CAN BREAK MY BONE, BUT WORDS .....ano na nga ba ang continuation nito? Anyway, there is really no need to remind me to be cool. I never lost my coolness on our exchanges at all. But thanks anyway for the reminder, I may need it when I'm advocating firmly relevant and important issues that directly affect me and my family. Erap, GMA, Abalos,NBN, Bolante, Garci and the Philippines being considered to be one of the most corrupt government in Asia are issues that I argue for the sake of arguments. Nothing personal to me. Perhaps this is also a signal for me to just let you guys ponder on these issues. You are there, I'm not. You are right, whatever information I gather from the Filipino Channel, no matter whether these are being carried live, might not be the right information. So as not to be miscontrued again, as they say in court, I rest my case. Again, please don't think that "napikon" ako. That was never in my personality. Regards and be safe always.

Dan dela Fuente said...

Correction: miscontrued should read - misconstrued.

Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

not really angry danny, but intense.

I just wanted you to smile or laugh.

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