Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Pictures from LA

Bert finally posted more pictures of the LA Reunion, as well as his and Marie's visit to Hollywood with Bruce and other relatives.

We still haven't met ever since he came back. I guess everyone's busy these days but I'm sure we'll find the time soon to get together to make initial discussions regarding the February 2008 Grand Reunion (maybe bigger than the 40th?. We'll surely use the webcam that the US group sent so we can finally Skype!

I'm writing a report which has a Sept 12 deadline. I'm also going to Cebu on Monday and Tuesday (Sept 10 & 11). Maybe we can meet sometime after Sept 12, and hopefully Ed C. will be here. Would that be okay Alot, Marynat, Rori, Bert, Tess, and Ed?

For the complete set of pictures of the LA Reunion, visit

and for pictures of Bert and Marie's trip to Hollywood, see

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