Saturday, November 8, 2008

Manny Pacquiao's Take

Another contribution from Ed. See how varied the subjects of his postings are: hindi lang pang-economics at politics, pang-Sports pa!

Manny Pacquiao’s Earnings Since June, 2001

$ 40,000 — Versus Lehlo Ledwaba (South Africa), June 21, 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada

$ 120,000 — Versus Agapito Sanchez (Dominican Republic), Nov. 11, 2001, San Francisco, California

P10 million — Versus Fabbrakob Rakkiatgym (Thailand), Oct. 26, 2002, Davao

P1 million — Versus Serikzhan Yeshmangbetov (Kazakhstan), March 15, 2003, Taguig

$ 70,000 — Versus Jorge Julio (Colombia), June 8, 2002, Memphis, Tennessee

$ 500,000 — Versus Marco Antonio Barrera (Mexico), Nov. 15, 2003, San Antonio, Texas

$ 750,000 — Versus Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico), May 8, 2004 Las Vegas

P3 million — Versus Fahsan 3K Battery (Thailand), Dec. 11, 2004, Manila

$ 1.75 million — Versus Erik Morales (Mexico), March 19, 2005, Las Vegas

$ 750,000 — Versus Hector Velazquez (Mexico), Sept. 10, 2005, Los Angeles, California

$ 2 million — Versus Erik Morales, January 21, 2006, Las Vegas

$ 1 million — Versus Oscar Larios (Mexico), July 2, 2006, Quezon City

$ 2.25 million — Versus Erik Morales, Nov. 18, 2006, Las Vegas

$ 2 million — Versus Jorge Solis (Mexico), April 14, 2007, San Antonio

$ 3 million — Versus Marco Antonio Barrera, Oct. 6, 2007, Las Vegas

$ 3 million — Versus Juan Manuel Marquez, March 15, 2008, Las Vegas

$ 3 million — Versus David Diaz (US), June 28, 2008, Las Vegas

When Manny Pacquiao fights the legendary Oscar De La Hoya on December 6 in Las Vegas, the boxing icon will have surpassed a threshold that lives only in the dreams of nearly every Filipino: He becomes the first Filipino athlete to earn more than a billion pesos from his sport.

Other than perhaps the country's taipans and their heirs, no Filipino could possibly earn that much. Even more astonishing, Pacquiao earned it in so short a time – less than eight years.

From a paltry $ 40,000 purse in June 2001 when he made his American debut to the $ 3 million he earned in dismantling David Diaz, Pacquiao has amassed over $ 20,000,000 ($ 950 million at P45 to a dollar) in ring earnings.

Then add the $ 15 million that he is almost guaranteed to earn from the De La Hoya fight and his earnings will surpass the billion-peso threshold.

But hold on, this mind-boggling amount does not include his earnings from his commercial endorsements nearly all of them signed and sealed in strict confidence.

Among his biggest clients are Nike and San Miguel Corporation. He has also endorsed Motolite, No Fear, Alaxan, Philippine Airlines, Smart and Extreme Magic Sing, among others.

Figures earned from the television broadcast of his fights and other TV shows are also not included.

From these extras, add perhaps another P500 million. Needless to say, Pacquiao's income easily surpasses those of other Filipino professionals such as Efren 'Bata' Reyes, golfers Frankie MiƱoza, and Jennifer Rosales and top basketball players, most of whom haven't probably gotten past the P50 million mark.

Pacquiao's bank account is expected to enjoy another wild ride once the fight against De La Hoya is over.

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