Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bert's Day Celebration at the Red Crabs in Makati

Bert treated us to a hearty lunch yesterday, November 15 at the Red Crabs at the second level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati. Present were the celebrant's lovely wife, Marie, slightly thinner than usual (Bert fetched her from the US because instead of having a grand vacation, she seemed to be so stressed there, she got sick, o baka talagang di matagalang malayo sa kanyang mahal. Sweet!)

A pleasant surprise was the presence of the future Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee, ang lulubog-lilitaw, Fely Jacobs (watch out for his coconut sugar, “spicy” coco jam with pili, Fely's VCO, and pili nut candies). Also there were Baby B.T., Alot, and me.

Missed were Ate Marynat (who had a speaking engagement, naks! and teaching sked), Ebo (who's brother was also celebrating his birthday and they went out-of-town), Tess who was in Malolos, Lina (who later texted Alot that she thought the meeting was at 4 pm, oh well, nothing new!), Ed (who must be very busy he did not reply to Bert's and my text messages about the get-together), Rudy and Ineng who are abroad, and Rori who has lately been silent. We do hope Rori will soon be re-connected.

We really enjoyed the food and drinks (dyahe ako, mukhang naparami iyong San Mig) and each others’ company. We therefore, planned to hold a follow-up to this, a post Christmas celebration (between Christmas and New Year) of the Manila group and those who can make it from Daet. How about it, Maning? This time, we will not hold it in a restaurant but in some private place (how about Rudy and Ineng’s farm?) and we’ll be bringing our own specialties. It will be a pot luck galore with Alot’s laing (and kakanin?), Fely Jacob’s ginataang tilapia wrapped in Prospero’s pechay, Toti’s bicol express, Bert and Marie’s pata tim, Baby’s adobo (specially cooked by her maid). Wonder what Tess, Ate Marynat, Lina, Ed, Rori, Ebo, and Rudy and Ineng’s specialties are. Wow! Hope this will become a reality. It sure would be a fun event.

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