Friday, August 8, 2008

Otso-Otso-otso at Samut-saring balita

Many people believe that today - 08/08/08, is a very lucky day. A lot of couples have scheduled their wedding today, and reportedly some women are fighting it out to be scheduled for caesarean operation at 8 am. Others are opening their business. On the other hand, some Chinese fortune-tellers (there's a better term, I know, but I can't think of it right now) say that instead of being a lucky day, it's actually "malas". Pumatak daw kasi sa ghost month, so the doors of purgatory are open and the souls are out.... anyway, I don't believe in any of these things.

Welcome back to the loop Danny, Irma and Ning-ning and thanks to the regular "e-mailers" and "bloggers" - ed, bert, and fechie. We also read the greetings of Rudy, Joe, Alot, Marynat and Men. We fully understand why Men has become less active and we continue to pray for Rene's full recovery. Si Ate Marynat, mukhang busy pa rin.

Last night, Dra Yoly called, then passed the phone to Rey Rafer. They were having a get-together in Daet. Others present were Maning, Remo, Jebong, Estring, Milet (Adem), and Adonis. Rey will be going to Manila on the 14th, has an appointment on the 15th and is returning to Canada on the 16th - the day when the Manila group is supposed to have a dinner with Glen (Tamayo-Barroquillo). So most likely, we will not be able to see Rey this time. He'll try to call us while he's in Manila. He said he's not used to texting. Di raw yon ginagamit sa Canada because voice call is cheap - iyong $1 daw, Canada-US call, is already good for one hour. He also doesn't know the blog, kaya email ko na lang daw iyong lass directory.

We look forward to meeting Glen after 41 years. Rudy won't be able to join us. He is here, by the way (Welcome, Kap!). According to Alot, he arrived Aug 6 and will be leaving on Aug 12. Rory has already begged off. We hope the others will be able to make it.

What are the major events on this Otso-otso day?

The grand opening of the Olympics in China tonight.
The pull-out of the MILF troops in nine barangays in NOrth Cotabato.
30th Year Anniversary Concert of Ate Swawie! (Mr. DJ, can I make a request......)

In my reply to Danny (in the email), I forgot to mention the admirable work of Robin Padilla in promoting greater understanding among the Christians and Muslims. There's a school in Quezon City ran by his foundation which admits a mix of Christians and Muslim pupils, all of whom are scholars. He has allowed the use of his house as school facilities. Iyong dating bad boy has really done something good.

We hope that today will be a lucky day in the search for peace in Mindanao.

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