Friday, August 22, 2008

The Next American President

This one is Danny's contribution:

Why NUT? Pili Nut!

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Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

How are you Kuya Dannie? Grabe, I kept on laughing after realizing
that the "Why Nut, pili nut"is no other than our own MP. At first, I
thought its really the ORIGINAL. However, parang familiar especially
from the nose to the lips. ... so BINGO!

Mr. Pili nut, hehehe. .. . is also kayumanggi and popular. In
fairness, he has similarities with the US man. Cute pa nga yong sa
atin when he smiles. But, he was a candidate last election vying for
a position in his hometown but he lost. You know popularity is not
the only factor in winning for an electoral position. And who knows,
probably, if he will run for a highest post in 2010 and WIN. .. . ..
will write an article entitled "The Pili Nut Choked them ALL". Its
now, Why Nut? Pili Nut is now Choc Nut?

More to follow. . .. Experiment lang.


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