Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Maning

Maning was in Manila for his ty-9th birthday. He and his wife arrived on Saturday, the day of the group's dinner with Glen. But they proceeded to Tagaytay, where Maning's daughter treated them to an overnight stay at Sonya's Garden. It was only on Monday afternoon that he contacted us. Unfortunately, since Aug 19 was the first working day after a long weekend, most of the class67 members couldn't make it to a hurriedly organized lunch date with the celebrant. Only Marynat and myself were able to make it. I had no problem since I work in Quezon City and it was still a holiday (Quezon City Day) there yesterday. For Marynat, Megamall is a convenient venue since it's very near her office. Rudy called when we were having our lunch but we must have been engrossed in conversation that Maning failed to notice it. We tried calling him up but Rudy was no longer answering.

Here are a few pictures of our lunch date with Maning.

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Daet Parochial School Class 67 said...

Please extend my birthday wishes to Manuel Abogado. May he have many more milestones to come.
Greetings from SF.

PS-Toti, thank you for keeping us posted always with the local, national and even international events. Kudos to you!

Fechie (Fe) Alarcon

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