Monday, June 9, 2008

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Today is a holiday in the Philippines in lieu of June 12, which is Independence Day. This is part of Gloria’s holiday economics. (Buti ‘yong Pasko hindi na niya pinakialaman, e kung pumatak na alanganing araw baka i-move ng 23 o kaya naman 27.)

I was thinking of a subject for blog posts which you would find interesting. Pictures and accounts of our social gatherings are certainly awaited as they provide opportunity to see how our classmates look like, or what’s new (or what hasn’t changed!). But social events are not a weekly fare, while the blogsite need to be updated more often. So what topics should we put on this site? Politics doesn’t seem to excite many of us. For a while, food recipes became a hot topic as Ed and Felino shared the recipes of various pili nut delicacies, and my own favorite kare-kare. Filipino achievements such as those of Gian Karlo Dapul, Charice and Ramiele, and including those of our own kin such as Deng and Myrene hopefully caught the interest of many of us. Many of the posts contributed by members were inspirational or humorous. Others were about healthy foods (malunggay and camote tops), medications and health advice, which are becoming increasingly interesting and useful for most of us. It’s probably natural that as we grow older, we become more conscious about our health. So even during social gatherings, questions crop up about sugar level, results of check-up and maintenance medicines. So, health topics would be good subject for blog posts. I found this article from my email which I’d like to share with you. It’s about cancer, a disease which has claimed the lives of some of our classmates. This is not meant to strike fear but to provide us better understanding about the disease.

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