Monday, June 2, 2008

A Plug for Storyline

If you’re already at home on Fridays at 6 pm, please watch “Storyline”. It’s a new TV show at the ANC (ABS News Channel) written and produced by Patricia Evangelista, the first Filipino to win the public speaking contest at UK (the same contest recently won by Gian Karlo Dapul) and directed by Paolo Villaluna, an indie film maker. I can assure you, you’re time will not be wasted.

I watched the replay of the premier telecast last Sunday, 3:30 pm and I’d like to congratulate Patricia and Paolo for the very inspiring narratives. I liked all three stories/narratives which all tackled dedication and commitment to one’s job (the fireman), and commitment to serve others without asking for anything in return but the satisfaction that you have helped other people (the fire volunteers and the hopia king). These are stories of truly being a “Man for Others”. Parang Atenista, di ba Bert? I’m raring to see the next episode. Please do watch it.

You can view the short video clip above from the You Tube.

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